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La innovación o la creatividad que pueda expresarse en un aula son directamente proporcionales al tipo de docente que dirige el aula en cuestión.

No hay dos docentes iguales. Simplificando mucho podemos contemplar dos tipos de profesores: aquellos con los que la innovación y la creatividad fluyen con naturalidad y aquellos con los que sólo encuentran barreras, dificultando la libre expresión  de las mismas.

Hace unos días intenté persuadir a un profesor sobre la importancia de introducir en el aula para fomentar el emprendimiento elementos cómo éstos. No estamos ante una cuestión baladí, se trata de una respuesta directa y segura a una de las competencias que la Educación Secundaria debe conseguir al finalizar la misma: sentido de iniciativa y espíritu emprendedor. Este profesor, luego de escucharme, me dijo:

―Eso es una tontería, los alumnos terminarán creando una empresa de chucherías.

Desde hace mucho tiempo sabemos que la innovación se frena por barreras de todo tipo, una de ellas es la barrera de las personas. La historia que acabo de contar es un buen ejemplo de ello. Dime lo que hablas y te diré cómo eres.

Ni siquiera porque existe un mandato legal sobre el logro de competencias como éstas, determinados profesores hacen por incorporar acciones conducentes a la consecución de las mismas. ¿Pensarán que competencias cómo éstas se logran simplemente por estar 10 años escolarizados obligatoriamente?

Falta de conocimiento, seguridad en la zona de confort, cambio de mentalidad… lo cierto es que aprender a emprender desde la escuela sólo será posible si contamos con profesores que, como mínimo, no obstaculicen uno de los grandes objetivos que todo joven debería tener: emprender.

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3 respuestas a “Emprende pronto… en la escuela”

  1. Jérémie Gauthier dice: Responder

    Sorry for my few mistakes, I typed too quickly !

  2. Jérémie Gauthier dice: Responder

    Hello Jose Manuel !

    This is me reacting to your article, just like old times…

    I’m not trying to launch a debate as I couldn’t agree more with you. However, it stirs up some questions you may have the answers to. I guess the difference between you and the other teacher you mentioned is that you would be willing to be an entrepreneur yourself in order to inspire young spirits and encourage them to be creative, whereas your colleague wouldn’t (by laziness or fatalism).

    I wrote «entrepreneur» when it comes to you, as this word implies creativity but also loneliness: indeed, considering that the Spanish educational system doesn’t promote creative teaching and entreprenorship from pupils, these ideas only rely on innovative teachers like you. But what’s worse is that the Spanish teaching community doesn’t even stick together, your example showed it.

    I remember writing an essay about design thinking in secondary schools. I handed over to you last year. In my conclusion, I wrote something like «in the end, design thinking seems to create entrepreneurs as well as it needs entrepreneurs to exist», as in my research, I had found out that the educational systems and states in Europe didn’t give a damn: these educaition innovations represent long-term investments, which is a risk that states are not keen an taking. Yet a public help, from your governement (reforms, investments) is for me the only way for creative teaching & learning to emerge. Only then will you change mentalities.

    I know I’m being optimistic but do you think it is possible to form a group or a coalition in order reach your governement about those issues? Or do you believe there are other ways to convince your peers one by one that entrepreneuship isn’t a hollow skill, in a social and economic context in Spain that needs new impulses and a dynamic youth (to sparkle your economy, reduce unemployment etc…)

    Thanks, hope to see you soon.

    P:S: Raphaëlle and I keep inquiring in markets that might be able to welcome your delicious oranges. It was a little bit tight at the end of last year, as we didn’t have much time but now that we do, we will try to find something for you by the end of the summer (hopefully). So far, every people I have contacted wouldn’t give me a «yes», but don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten you !

    Un abrazo,


    1. Dear Jérémie:
      Thank you very much for your comment. You gave entirely in the target. I believe in change, just look at the history to realize how things are possible, but it is certain to do things right now for transforming the situation, changes that consists in introducing in the ecosystem that surrounds young people to leave a completely different now footprint. There are very enriching experiences everywhere, but they are still little so that the impact is small. As I say in the article, there are very negative experiences for students in many places, there are certain teachers who are real barriers to innovation and creativity, even young teachers. Okey I believe in change, but this will require more effort from everyone.
      Thank you very much and best wishes!

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