Ep. 7: Marina Martini Tomagnini – I like to help people that are already beautiful inside

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Marina Martini Tomagnini, 29 years old, works in marketing and communication and in her spare time is successful as a model (recently in Vogue) and YouTuber, having more than 1.4 million views on her channel. Marina lived her entire life in São Paulo (Brazil) and lives today married in Perth (Australia).

She speaks with authority about what she knows well, to work with clients and organisations to frame and overcome their business challenges, design beautiful user-centred experiences and deliver modern technical solutions. But also about what she is passionate about, makeup, lifestyle or beauty advice.

During her free time she produces content for her Instagram account and Youtube channel, usually related to lifestyle, makeup and beauty tips. The latest video she produced was a VLOG to show her viewers from Brazil (and all around the world) what life in Perth looks like!

Lovely to meet her again. Here you are some of her tips.

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Is talent like beauty born or made?

In my perception talent is something you are born with. And EVERYONE is born with it. Everyone is good at SOMETHING. Unfortunately what happens is that most of us ignore our true talent because we are too busy trying to be like someone else or following a convention, doing simply what we are expected to do.

I don’t think external beauty is a talent. It’s a shame that our ‘influencers’ and idols nowadays are those that post the most beautiful selfie on social media. Or those ones that wear the nicest outfit.

We are all guilty of that, I am guilty of that. I’ve been trying to show my ‘human’ side more and more through my social profiles. No one is perfect, no life is perfect. I always tell my followers: my makeup tips are to help externalise a beauty that comes from within. I like to help people that are already beautiful inside.

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How did you get into the makeup world?

As a teenager I wasn’t vain at all. It was only when I got my first job that I started wearing makeup to look more professional. And from there I’ve started practicing and practicing until one day it just became my routine and then my friends asked me to teach them as well. They were the ones that suggested I should start my own youtube channel with makeup tips. That’s how everything started 🙂

Some of your makeup videos have millions of views. Any secret?

Yes! I always follow these 3 tips:

  1. Find out from your viewers what they want to know. Not what you want to say.

Before I create a video I try to research what are the most common questions that my viewers have. I’ve realised, for example, that ALL girls all around the globe find it very hard to apply eyeliner. So I’ve made a video with some tricks to apply eyeliner and that video got 1 million views!

  1. Produce quality content.

It doesn’t matter how great you are, if the video quality or edition is poor, you’ll loose the viewers interest. The content needs to be dynamic, engaging.


People appreciate when you are not acting or trying to be someone else. Be natural! They want to feel close to you, like they could be your friend. The more HUMAN, the better.

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Do social networks help?

They help me get in touch and share cool content with interesting people all around the world!

But they don’t help my personal life at all, sometimes I get too addicted to the DIGITAL world and forget about the REAL world. That’s not good! haha

And you’ll notice that I try not to expose my family, friends or my work on my social media profiles.

Is everything in life content or is there marketing?

There is marketing, for sure. But not only in the online space. It’s human nature. You are always trying to sell your better version, no matter where. You are always trying to build your personal brand. On social media that gets distorted, because it’s very easy to ‘edit’ and hide your weaknesses. So the result is people selling perfect faces, perfect bodies, perfect lives all the times.

But I have to say that I have been noticing that, although ‘perfection’ still reins the social space and still attracts a lot of followers, there is a ‘natural movement’ growing amongst the people that are tired of that. Women posting pictures of their imperfections and being empowered by other women, etc. That’s BEAUTY.

In many parts of the world what makes impossible for women to «fly»?

Being afraid of following our hearts and our true talent, because we fear that we might be judged if we don’t do what we are ‘supposed to do’.

Machism, insecurities, lack of empowerement… There are so many things!

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What three challenges must be started today to lead a successful life?

  1. Say NO to things you don’t really want to do.
  2. Write in a piece of paper 3 things that make you afraid. Now you have 3 weeks to confront them. One per week. Go!
  3. Remove toxic people from your life.

Your recommended book, video or podcast…

I’ve watched a documentary called ‘Valley Uprise’ the other day and it truly inspired me.

It’s about mountain climbers and how they defy nature, and most important, their minds.

They were an amazing bunch, they lived amazing lives, in touch with what really matters, always pushing their limits and not attached to material things at all.

I wish I can be strong (in every sense of the word) like them one day.

We all have our mountains to climb.


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