El carácter balsámico de la evaluación

La evaluación, esa importante, necesaria y obligatoria herramienta de la educación. ¿Quién no ha sido evaluado alguna vez? ¡Nadie! ¿Quién no ha tenido la experiencia de haber sido evaluado justa o injustamente? ¡Todos! La evaluación en educación aporta información que se convierte en conocimiento para adquirir suficiente capacidad de juicio sobre un hecho o persona, […]

Teaching Unit: concept and elements

A Teaching Unit is a cluster of several lessons that fit together closely. The lessons of the unit will address the same essential questions and will help the students learn the same enduring understandings. With other words, a Teaching Unit is a well-defined thematic body of instruction. It has a single instructional goal with several […]

COURSE: General Didactics

  ECTS: 6 Semester Description This module includes contents about teaching methodology and educational organisation, which cover the following curricula elements: objectives, contents, methodology, and evaluation for quality assurance. Aims The aim of this module is to provide the student with a critical understanding of the theoretical, conceptual and methodological options available for the methodology […]