El fracaso escolar #5 – ¿Harto de que evalúen a tu hijo? Los instrumentos y la vida después de la evaluación (1 de 2)

International students Ireland Finland 2016-2017 Huelva University José Manuel Bautista

Hemos comentado muchos aspectos interesantes sobre el fracaso escolar, sin duda a tener en cuenta desde el primer momento. El tema es serio, ya vemos. Pero hemos de enfocar bien desde el principio, si no queremos desenfocar el problema y desde ese momento ir hacia una pobre o nula solución del mismo. Eso sí, muchas […]

Essential components when writing Lesson Plans – A Tiny Guide

Lesson Plan José Manuel Bautista

Janelle Cox considers that a Lesson Plan or Teaching Unit is: «a detailed guide for teaching a lesson. It’s a step-by-step guide that outlines the teacher’s objectives for what the students will accomplish that day». Creating a Lesson Plan involves setting goals, developing activities, and determining the materials that will be used. For Lily Jones […]

Teaching Unit: concept and elements

A Teaching Unit is a cluster of several lessons that fit together closely. The lessons of the unit will address the same essential questions and will help the students learn the same enduring understandings. With other words, a Teaching Unit is a well-defined thematic body of instruction. It has a single instructional goal with several […]

Knowledge and education as problematic values

The new epoch, which has ripened before us, possesses, in a qualitative and quantitative consideration, a series of singularities which are worth mentioning. On the one hand, the frame of present-day episthemological considerations, which, in post-modern times, are based on a radical pessimism. J.F. Lyotard (1981) considers that there is no possible theory because nothing […]