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  1. Jasna Rovčanin dice: Responder

    I am studying pre-school education at the Faculty of Education in Koper (Slovenia). It is a small faculty, so teachers has always time for students and their questions. Professors are doing great job and lectures and activities are mostly carefully and accurately prepared. Equipment and facilities are not bad, but we have a problem with space in classrooms, sometimes if you are late, it happens that there is no chair for you…so you need to go to another classroom to take a chair?! But ok, we can do this 😉

  2. I study social pedagogy in Slovenia (University of Ljubljana). I think my University is quite highly ranked. My personal opinion about my degree is rather good (3/4). In five years I was learning a lot about my professional (future) career. But I think sometimes could be better. The problem is that we did not have a lot of practical training. Just every year two weeks, and the last year one month. But this was nothing for me. As future social worker you should have a lot of experiences in the real world. Fortunately, I was volunteer every year, so I think I have a lot of experiences, but I want more. The relationship on the faculty with some professors was really friendly, but with others no. But I think I gained a lot during this five years (now I am studying master of social pedagogy).

  3. I study Social Ciences and it’s a quite unique career in Germany because it focuses on intercultural relations. Overall I’m content with my studies, the learning evironment is very good as we are usually not many students in one course. Also a positive aspect is the building and the facilities, our library is big and has group rooms, as well as single rooms for studying. However, there are quite a few points I would criticize and like to point out. The teaching method sometimes consists only in group lectures of the students, which I do not consider as sufficient to really comprehend the topic. There are also some classes which I do not consider as necesary for the career at all as they have no relations to a future job.

  4. Agnieszka Mączka dice: Responder

    My university is the biggest one in my region, but buildings & facilities should be renovate. What is more professors should more pay attention to do more practise during study and enable to achieve more practical skills.The good thing is that the second part of classes are given in small groups, so we have possibility to ask if we don’t understand the theory. But for me there is one big problem there is to much theory… In my opinion after finishing my master degree I will need to achieve more experience in other institutions to be well prepared to my future career.

  5. I study at private University in Budapest, and I have got 2 scholarship by the university support. We have many conference with the most famous politican or economist nowadays is Hungary. Every lesson we have we always do exercise out of school. Im really proud of our education and teachers because they are always motivating us and led us to improve our dreams.

  6. as i said in the questionnaire – i really like my university but sometimes i think that the system we have at the university is a little bit confusing. every student has to to his own timetable and if he doesn’t get a place in the course he wants to go – he can’t go. And that’s what i really don’t like. We have in Austria «Fachhochschulen» (i don’t know the word in english) and i really like them. They have their fix plan how many students they have and they have theoretic an practical lessons. I like this system a little bit more.

  7. I am very glad that I have chosen Silesian University to study in. The level of education is there very high and I feel that after a graduation from this university I will be well prepared to became a teacher. It will give me an opportunity to get a very good job in the future. I can’t complain about the teachers and their teaching methods. They are still trying to add some new information, spending a lot of time preparing interesting activities, etc. We also have many practical subjects which give us an oppartunity to see how the teaching job really looks like.

  8. Lisa Hammaräng dice: Responder

    In Sweden we usually have a very good education, but unfortunately my experience of my university isn’t the best. Sometimes I feel like we don’t learn things that are relevant for teachers and things that won’t help us learn and educate children. There are too many teachers in my university who haven’t been out in the schools and teaching for over 10 years & think it looks the same, there are peofferssors who just want’s to do reaserch & dosen’t want to lecture. We need better «real» education for teachers. Our buildings are nice & we have the possibility to get a good education for teachers. I wan’t to see Sweden in the top results of education in a few years again, and we have to start with educate the new teachers well.

  9. Aleksandra Jaszcz dice: Responder

    My university – Maria Curie-Sklodowka University In Lublin, Poland – is I think the best one in the eastern Poland. In my university, as well as in the others, there are good professors whose classes are interesting and they want to give us as many useful knowledge as possible. But of course there are also other professors who just read text from powerpoint presentations and whose classes are really boring. There are some student organizations, nut in fact I don’t find their work interesting.. What I like about my University is that it’s good located, my faculty is in the city centre, there are green areas with branches near. When I left for Erasmus the building of my faculty was renovating so I am pretty curious how it looks now.

  10. Mitchell ter Haar dice: Responder

    Im very positive about my university and the way of the education they give. The teachers are all very skilled and provide high-quality teaching. The atmosphere within the school is perfect and really feels like a good learning environment. You get all the space to develop and there is a lot of personal attention. especially since you’re on a specific study, there is much attention to the quality of education and the needs of the student. This is almost always responded to. A disadvantage is that the school has changed enterprise and that many changes have thus found. Within the school This does not always benefit from education.

  11. Krisztina Szeman dice: Responder

    Im study in Budapest, at King Sigismund College, and im satisfied with it. When i had to choose, i choosed this because they had that what i wanted to be. But now i see that its not really the same what i wanted. But i still think it will be good for me because i heard good oponions about this school, and peolpe from here can find a job faster. Maybe after when im gratuated here i will make an other school also, but not because this wasnt good or somethink, because i want to have many experience. I want know a lot about everything. Now i learning about life long learning, and i think i kind of feel this, I really want to learn until i can.

  12. I study in Gdansk University of Technology. In general I’m content that I choosed this place to study. The learning envoronment is on the quite high level and there are some great proffesors. What is more some of the proffesors are really helpful. If students have their own ideas to for examle create a new product or set up a bussines they will get a support from the university. However what I’m not satisfied with is that at some subjects there is still to much emphasis put on theory instead on practice. In my opinion it cause the problem that students don’t know how use the knowledge they have in work.

  13. I attend the University of Central Lancashire, I choose my university because of the excellence within language teaching, I really enjoy my university as there is a lot of support and extra-curriculum activities. There is also a lot of support during and after you leave university, in terms of employability. My university is world renowned for its research, a lot of lectures are also researchers. We also have a world famous new sports facility where teams from all over the world come to train. My degree is Spanish for international business, we have small class sizes which makes the teaching experience more personal.

  14. My university name is Afyon Kocatepe in Turkey.It was founded in 1992, and started the educational activities at 1992-1993 academic year. Now, the university has educational activities with 12 faculties and 4 schools at Bachelor of Science degree level, 15 vocational colleges at Associate Degree level, 3 institutes for graduate education.Our university supports social, cultural and sports events which are formed by student clubs. Every year in May, university’s traditional spring festival is organized. A big excitement is experienced during the fair, sport tournaments, fashion shows and the other shows.Our students can make sports such as football, basketball, voleyball, tennis, table tennis, athletism gymnastics, step, mountain climbing, boxing, wrestling, taekwondo and karete. They can join the teams and tournaments.

  15. I am an undergraduate student currently studying at Mary Immaculate College, Limerick. Mary Immaculate College is a university-level College of Education and the Liberal Arts. It is a dynamic institution which has built on a long contribution to Irish education stretching back to its foundation as a College of teacher education in 1898. It is now the largest university-level Catholic college in the State. The College is located on a prime site with attractive mature parkland. The College community promotes excellence in teaching, learning and research at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. It seeks to foster the intellectual, spiritual, personal and professional development of students within a supportive and challenging environment that guarantees the intellectual freedom of staff and students. The staff on campus are very friendly and helpful. If you need any help or assistance the lectures are always there to give you guidance. I really like this college as there is always a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. The campus is spread out and the layout is well planned. The college offers many events and activities offered by the students union who acts as a helping hand to students. Mary Immaculate College has a vibrant international student exchange programme which involves collaboration with more than 50 partner universities & colleges in Europe, North America, Australia and hosts over 70 international exchange students annually. Overall, I would recommend Mary Immaculate College, to any Irish student or international students to come to study at Mary Immaculate College as it offers a great cultural, academic and social experience.

  16. I am a student at Afyon Kocatepe University in Turkey. I like the quality of teaching we have in our faculty, the professors are motivated and well educated. Also the facilities we have in campus are quite good but the only thing si,nce its an old university the buildings are a bit old and they are not being renewed. In general i can say that we have a university with good facilities compared to the city itself..

  17. I am studying at Mary Immaculate College in Limerick. It is a teaching college and is very closely linked with the University of Limerick. A new building has just been built so the facilities have improved greatly. It has a hurling and football pitch and a gym with a basketball court. It’s study materials are very easy to access and it has numerous books and e-books that can be used. The lecturers are very nice and helpful and are available to chat when you need it. They will try their best to accommodate everyone and they explain everything very efficiently. The assignments are well spaced out and you have a lot of time to do them. There are many activities organised in the college on a weekly basis which is very handy for Erasmus and new students. Mary Immaculate College has a very high reputation in Ireland and is very helpful when you are looking for a job.

  18. The institution I am attending is St Mary’s University College, located in Belfast, United Kingdom. This institution is one of the best institutions within Belfast and has one of the highest student satisfaction rates competed to any university within the United Kingdom. A relatively small university compared to others within Northern Ireland I feel this allows the lectures and staff as will as the students to get to know each other on a personal basis. This means that with staff and students working together good results are easy to achieve. I would recommend to anyone within Northern Ireland searching for a university place to seriously consider studying at St Mary’s.

  19. My home university is based in Belfast, the capital city of Northern Ireland. My institution has a great reputation for providing a high class university education. Across my country, it is known by many as a specialist «teaching college». With such a high demand from students it’s very difficult to gain a space with St. Mary’s. The institution itself is relatively small, teaching seems to be on a much more individual level, smaller classes allows lectures more time to cater to the needs of each student on a personal level. The sense of community within the university is one that I have never experienced whilst visiting other universities, it’s unique. With ever ongoing research, development and publishing the teaching staff are always ‘ahead of their game’. The staff from administration level through to principe level are always motivational and inspiring towards everyone. St. Mary’s achieved an award for the highest percentage of Student Satisfaction within the entire UK for the 2013 academic year. My university is most definitely unique and one of a kind.

  20. Egemen Tuncer YILDIZ dice: Responder

    I study in Turkey at Suleyman Demirel University that Founded in 1992,Süleyman Demirel University is the result of efforts started many years ago in Isparta.With a legislation numbered 3837 approving the foundations of 22 universities in different parts of Turkey, Isparta finally had its own university on July 11th, 1992. It’s one of the new university so there are new and good buildings and facilities. There are a lot of projects also Erasmus Exchange.Even the exchange of ideas and brainstorming with project assignments are doing . I study business in Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences

  21. My University name is Riga Stradins University (RSU). I think is one of the best Universities in Latvia. RSU is a modern, prestigious university acknowledged in Europe and the world in the fields of healthcare and social sciences, with the human being at its centre of attention.RSU’s teaching staff are professionals in their areas of expertise and are opinion leaders in society.RSU is committed to providing domestic as well as exchange students with the most inspirational educational experience possible. Therefore, RSU offer a rigorous programme in Social Sciences with locally and internationally acknowledged academic staff. At the Faculty of European Studies and Faculty of Communications, courses are taught by a modular system, meaning an intensive and rigorous work for 4 weeks (usually amounting to 10 classes of 6 lectures and 4 seminars), at the end of which students have to pass an exam. Most modules occupy only one month, others occupy the entire semester. This makes studies at these faculties ideal for ERASMUS exchange. I wouldnt change anythink in my University because students can take part in every education activities what they want and can make changes in our system.

  22. I studies in France in st-omer it’s a city near to Lille in the north of France the name of my university is Iscid-co. I think it’s a really good university for the student who want to travel in France we have a lot of interesting subject and the students of my university are very helfull for the Erasmus students. The university it’s really calm and it’s a perfect place for study and we have every month a big conference with specialist so it’s really interesting. Most of the teacher in my university are profesional so they can teach usefull things that we can use in our future job.

  23. I study at Kocaeli University in Turkey. My university has lots of opportunities for those who want to study abroad as I do now via Erasmus Exchange program. My university follows the technology and offers us opportunities to keep up with the developments around the world. My university hosts many good, informative and useful conferences and seminars. It is a good chance for those interested in their fields.

    I have many specialist professors in their fields. We have not only good education but also social and leisure clubs and faciliates such as table tennis, billiards, backgammon, taboo, theatre club, dance club, volleyball, swimming, football, philosophy club and cinema club.

    We do also have a big campus, Umuttepe Campus . It has a beautiful mountain view, green and environment. It is so nice during this time of the year, Spring.

    I feel lucky to have education at Kocaeli University.

  24. Faculty of Education in Slovenia is smaller, so you can really feel more domestic and relaxed atmosphere, which I personally like very much, because teachers often take a lot of time for students and their questions. Professors are doing great job and lectures and activities are mostly carefully and accurately prepared. Equipment and facilities would require concrete renovation. I really do not understand that the Faculty that I attend was the first in my country, which began with the implementation of postgraduate studies of Inclusive pedagogy, which deals with children with special needs, but spaces in faculty are not even remotely acceptable for students with special needs, for example, in a wheelchair. I hope that this will change in the short term.

  25. I’m studying at University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn, Poland. It’s good university although I would like to change few things. For example we have a lot of old buildings not very modern one. My faculty building – Faculty of Social Sciences is very old and for my this is big problem. But other than that I like my university I think it’s good school. We have very good faculty od medicine so this is good. The one thing that I don’t like in my university is that we don’t have psychology so we can’t study it.

  26. HoGent is a very good college, I like it a lot. It’s big, modern, a lot of restaurants, it’s a nice environment with gardens were you can relax and rest. The good thing is that the classes are given in small groups of +/- 25 students, so this gives the opportunity to the students to ask extra information if you don’t understand the theory. For me there is one big problem they could easily fix, WIFI. In most of the faculties the internet works bad, this is something they could fix. In the library the WIFI works good. All the faculties are located very close to the city center, Ghent is a very nice medieval town with a lot of students (50.000) and many channels through the streets. It’s the second biggest student town of Belgium, I would really recommend this city.

  27. I totally agree with my colleague Anja Cvek, we are both at the same University of Ljubljana, but different faculty. Anyway, yes our faculties are highly ranked but there are still difference at which faculty you study. As mentioned there are really good theorethical part of study and not that much in practical. That can be really bad for us students, because in real life they asks us about our experiences and because nobody takes you to do some job just because of not having experience – Soo how can we get then the experience?! I think faculty should offer more practical study to get experience. Even some professors trying to put much more time to lead students, it is hard to orient just on one student. In general we have really good professors highly educated for their job.

  28. My university, Afyon Kocatepe University is in Afyonkarahisar, Turkey. It is believed in our university that a modern university consists of not only a good education, but also social events and our university is leading in this direction. During the academic year seminars, symposiums, conferences, panels and informal essays are organised. Our university supports social, cultural and sports events which are formed by student clubs. Every year in May, university’s traditional spring festival is organized. A big excitement is experienced during the fair, sport tournaments, fashion shows and the other shows. The salons have enough capacity and equipments for the students’s and the lecturers’s all kind of cultural and artistic activities. In all our campuses , there are sports facilities and our students can make sports there…

  29. nuray yalçınkaya dice: Responder

    I ‘m studying at the University of Afyonkocatepe in Turkey.First of all I want to introduce my university. Afyon Kocatepe University is a state university in Afyonkarahisar, Turkey. It was established , 1992 Afyon Kocatepe University was founded in 1992, and started the educational activities at 1992-1993 academic year. However, the history of university goes back to 1974 with Afyonkarahisar Finance and Accounting High School, a branch of Eskişehir Economics and Trading Sciences Academy.
    Now, the university has educational activities with 12 faculties and 4 schools at Bachelor of Science degree level, 15 vocational colleges at Associate Degree level, 3 institutes for graduate education. My university does not have a very high quality education, but according to the Department of Economics is more advanced than my other parts , because .This university opened the first departman of the economy. Afyon Kocatepe University is constantly developing itself.The purpose and university, pacing fast on the way to take its place among the elite educational institutions , Afyon Kocatepe University is a highly respected and well-established university that closely monitors the scientific and technological developments of 21st century along with conducting quality research at the international level.
    I love my university but I do not like my university city because the city very small and not activity

  30. Mary Immaculate College has two academic faculties, the Faculty of Arts and the Faculty of Education. The role of the College was expanded in 1992 to offer a Liberal Arts programme, while continuing to run both undergraduate and, more recently, postgraduate courses leading to primary education practice. The college also offers an Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) degree. The College’s flagship programme is the Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) The College’s flagship program is the Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) with an intake of approximately 400 per year. Students may also pursue a Bachelor of Education and Psychology. The lecturers in Mary Immaculate college are very helpful especially in the subjects that I am studying as they provide us with a lot of interesting information and notes and resources. About 15% of students on campus are mature students, a relatively high figure when compared to other third level institutions. The College, in addition to catering for mature students, also offers special entry to disadvantaged students, students with disabilities, refugees, members of ethnic minorities and Travellers. The college has an especially high percentage of female students in attendance. The college offers a number of non academic activities such as a number of sports and committees, a gymnasium, and a students union which organizes a lot of social events.

  31. I ‘m studying at the University of Suleyman Demirel in Turkey.Turkey has not improved much in the field of education Better equipped universities in major cities.In particular, Ankara, Istanbul, Izmir , such as.I do not think that having adequate training of the university.Very easy and simple ‘re getting an education.There are quite a lot of my students in my school.Of course they are trying to spend more.More robust in other faculties at my university education.For example, our faculty of engineering degree in international giving.Professors educators , and students and encouraging some developers are training.Contact us to read many books they recommend.And they are organizing various conferences and seminars. Even the exchange of ideas and brainstorming with project assignments are doing.We’re not bad in this regard.I think our academic education but at a moderate level.Choose learned about the environment and highly successful.We have on the environment of the university student community.To protect green projects are being realized every year.Non-academic areas also are fine.Each year a variety of university events, festivals and charity projects are carried out.

  32. Karolina Brodowska dice: Responder

    I study at University of Physical Education in Poznan, Poland. I like my university and if i had to make a choice again, i would probably choose the same. We have rather good level of teaching, new, very well – equipped building with good sports facilities, generally great atmosphere between students and teachers and a lot of events, which allow students to get to know each other very well and create an academic family. Of course, there are also some things, which i would change. For example i think, they should pay more attention to items regarding to specialization (which we have the opportunity to choose) instead of focusing on many, but too varied subjects. Another thing is that we ought to have more opportunities from our university to make courses, after which we receive an instructor permission (in the end we are sport’s college). In general i think my university is good and i would certainly recommend it.

  33. Lukas Schaunitzer dice: Responder

    I’m studing at 2 Unis. Technical Univeristy of Graz for Informatik and Karl-Franzens University Graz for paedagogic and sports.
    In my opinion, these are two very good institutes. All teachers try hard to support and help you. Somtimes i can see, that there are some differentes between the teachers of these universities. TU has a very high level of knowledge. KFU is more specialiced of having a good enviroment for learning. If i had to choose one of these institutes, i would choose KFU

  34. I study in Mary Immaculate College, University of Limerick, Ireland.
    My college is a sub, teaching training college from the main university in Limerick. The focus of teaching within the college is toward primary school teaching with other degrees including Liberal Arts which includes various humanitarian subject, along with Early Childhood Education.
    The college, as it is specialised, is an excellent college to consider going to if primary education is your aim. However, as it is so focused on one particular area, other areas can fall short of facilities offered to them.
    As the college is small, as it is a sub college from the university, the atmosphere is very friendly, relaxed and homely. There is rarely an occasion that you walk through the campus and not meet at least one person you know.
    The lecturers within the college are beyond helpful in whatever you need, no matter how big or small your problem may be. They are all have excellences within their fields, achieving high status elsewhere, including within various Departments in the EU, often advising on matters. Through their studies, they have written academic journals, books etc. Majority are continuously engaging in research and bring this to their lectures, making them interesting and much more engaging.
    In all, where I study has brought me on, not only academically but socially and it is an experience that I will always be grateful for.

  35. I study in Poland at the University of Physical Education but department which I’m studying in is called ‘Tourism and Recreation’, so it’s a bit different than other departments at my University. In my opinion my department is too multidisciplinary we have so many different courses which are not really important and doesn’t have any connection with my specialization. For example we can have one course for only 1 month… What can I say about the level of education, like everywhere we have some really good professors who likes their job and they trying to pass their knowledge in the best possible way. Unfortunately in my opinion we have also some professors who shouldn’t teach at all, they just don’t have a gift for that. Definitely I can say that one of the biggest advantage that we have is ‘student council’. They can arrange everything. If students are having any problem they always trying to help us in every case. Thanks to them we have a lot of well-organized events in which we can take part in our free time. In general my University is quite good, we have brand new buildings, well-equipped library and very good sports facilities (indoor and outdoor).

  36. Cathérine Jové Skoluda dice: Responder

    My course of studies (social sciences and intercultural relations) in my university in Germany is very special and multidisciplinary and exists in this way just in my hometown. So it´s difficult to compare it with other universities in Germany. In my opinion there are some subjects that seem a bit unnecessary and it´s a bit too diversified so that it is really important for you to finish study period with the master, because without it seems that you have quite nothing. But on the whole I can say that I am quite content with my home university in general. It´s quite modern and progressive, we have a big well-equipped library and canteen and also well-equipped and modern classrooms. The employees are quite committed and cooperative and because of the small size of my university (only 7000 students) exists a familiar and personal atmosphere which supports your academic success a lot. Furthermore there are lots of possibilities to learn in a practical way and to stabilize the things you have learned with study trips.

  37. I really like my university. It’s a nice place to study. There are a lot of good possibilities to eat there, study, books, papers or articles in the library, places to sit, green, … There is a nice atmosphere. I also like the way teachers approach you. It is in a friendly way. You can always mail or ask them everything. Only the office of internation education could co-operate and communicate better with the students… But the head of my carreer is great and she is really involved with all the students of the carreer!

  38. My university ‘Yıldız Technical University’ in Istanbul, is one of the best universities in its major field which is ‘technical’. For this reason my faculty ‘education’ is not so developed and doesn’t have leading experts in their fields like professors. And i think the associates who teach us are not motivated and doesnt care if we learn something or not. It seems like they are only there cause they have to. Of course we also have some sufficient and well educated teachers but they are not enough for the whole faculty. To speak about good ways i must say we have a very big and beautiful campus with almost all the facilities you need. And a good background when you graduate..

  39. I really like my university and if you want to be a teacher it’s definitely the right decision to study there. But there are some things that could be better and are in need of improving to prepare you for your job as a teacher after your education.
    What I really don’t like that much is, that we have so many different courses which are not really that important because I know the knowledge we get from them is no something I will have to use as a teacher in my future. And there are some other courses that really are so much more interesting and what you there is so much more important for your role as a teacher.
    For example, courses about classroom management, lesson planning, materials for lessons etc.
    I would really love to have more of that in my university, but other than that I thiink it’s a great education you get there. Especially because you have practice in school from the very first month in the first semester until the end for once a week, where you have to hold lessons, prepare the material and iteract with the pupils.
    So, you really know right from the beginning if that job is something you could do and enjoy or not.

  40. Faculty of Economics, University in Ljubljana in Slovenia is quite highly ranked. The Faculty has few accreditation and some really good professors. Anyway I need to say that I don’t appreciate the whole education system in Slovenia. Is not just my faculty, but whole system. Like it was told so many times before, we do not have an opportunity to do the practical part of education. About my university, I can say that expectations are high, but because of a big number of students, there is not a lot of individual interaction between student and professor. Still, there are some really good professors, that put everything on higher level.

  41. Ashling O Neill dice: Responder

    My University in Waterford, Ireland is very good college. It is easy to get in to if you reach your desired points in the leaving cert. It is a very welcoming home environment, everyone is friendly and willing to help. We have an excellent students union and some of the workers have now moved on to represent students in the students union of Ireland. The lecturers have much more experience than just teaching, they are involved in the EU an write journals and are the head of their departments and very involved in the subject that they teach unlike some colleges. There is an attitude of work and play between the students, when they have to put there head down and study they will but we always love a good party that the students union organise. We run many charity weeks to raise money and have easily raised over 10,000 for charities within each year.

  42. Barbora Beňová dice: Responder

    As a matter of fact I am not a big fan of universities in general therefor it seems more difficult for me to value «my» university. I would say it is not the worst neither the best option you could choose if you long for a degree. As it is not really my case I did not investigate it that deeply, more or less I am just «using» it while trying to figure out in which way I want to really educate myself. But in general I think my university is quite good, modern, well equipped with a lot of non-academic activities, even the lectures aint that bad if you fancy the traditional way of teaching. 😉

  43. Christina Burgholzer dice: Responder

    My university in Austria is quite highly ranked and offers as a Fachhochschule a very practical education, that aims to prepare its students for the later working environment.
    One of the biggest advantages in my point of view is that all professors have a top professional working expereince in their specialization and are therefore able to share important information regarding persoanl experiences. The institution is very modern and technically well equipped.
    Education and grades are not nice presents but need to be worked for really hard. Such high expectations create a good motivation among the students.

  44. Sevde Sena Kuzucuk dice: Responder

    My university, Yıldız Technical University is in Istanbul, Turkey since 1911. It has three different faculties in Istanbul and large campuses. The university has significantly importance in Turkey and in Technical University. My department, Education Faculty established in 2003 so I can’t claim that academics, facilities, learning environment and etc are sttable, rooted and very successful. Because it is a technical university, engineering faculties are in the foreground. Generally I love my university. We have some general problems to solve about academics and their methods but beside, we also have qualified educationists who are trying to build up an effective and good education.

  45. Alexandra Mc Gurran dice: Responder

    My university in Northern Ireland is highly rated. It is quite difficult to actually get a place to study in it therefore when I was accepted I wished to embrace everything it has to offer. Because it is a small institution I believe a lot more time is given to each individual student. The lecturers are not just teachers but authors and academics in other fields making their lessons a lot more interesting as their passion shines through.

  46. If i would comment my experiences here as an Erasmus student i would be very kind. The teachers are really helpful and they try to make it a lot easier for the Erasmus students. But i think that for Spanish students is a lot more difficult. They are always very busy by doing extra homework, writing essays or studying for an exam. I think that there are many problems in education in general. If i should point out one concrete problem it would be the teaching of English. The students know the grammar and can understand more less. But if they should express something they don’t know how. How is that make a sense to teach a foreign language without practicing? The students than have to search for some practical lessons apart from the university. I think this is one of the most important problems which with i have met.

  47. Danique van 't Spijker dice: Responder

    Dutch schools have a very good quality. Expectations are high, but it also creates a good motivation. There is a lot of variable range of subject and different disciplines. The teachers are well trained and know what they are talking about.

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