To control and win with ICT from education

My new article published in the digital magazine ‘Windows 8 Educational Apps’.


The quick development of ICT, together with the globalization processes coming with it, are lighting a world with unbelievable shapes in this new century. Without shadow of a doubt one of the elements that will configure the next decades will be the progressive, massive and interconnected establishment of ICT in every sector of the society, coming up with a non-stop development of the web engineering.


I dare to say that the impact will be so strong that the training in this kind of tools will be determining for the transformation of our way of living, and at the same time source of discrimination.


Technology is transforming our lives and the society and the education system must adapt to fulfil an important challenge: Make our society a real “knowledge society”. But the step ahead between one and the other is not easy and automatic like some people believe.


In the current society surfing across the information has become in a principal activity in the beginning of the century and the cyberspace is the new scenario of communication driven by the expansion and development of the newest technologies. It is true that they are trendsetter, but I would like to say that we are still in the prehistory of the most amazing world coming in the next 20 years. Can you imagine it?


We are, undoubtedly, in a new era of information processing and of the knowledge production which have been based on IT and telematics. But this to idea we must oppose another one: the growing prominence of the information society should not let us fall into the universal optimism of the interactive and digital communication savior power.


Those who learn need information and knowledge to take decisions and act, and also need the wisdom to decide and assume the consequences. Our role in the society we are immerse is to try that our education and training make possible the construction of a knowledge society coming from the information society.


Teachers nowadays are headed for developing certain competences related with the role that the technological resources and the mass media are playing in education. This competences are supplementary and they could be:


– To promote the learning of the students as its main objective.

– To use the psychological learning resources.

– To be predisposed to innovation and educational change.

– To possess an attitude positive to the pedagogical possibilities of the new multimedia and telematics environments.

– To integrate the technological media as one more element of the curriculum design.

– To apply with didactic sense media and technological resources in the processes of teaching and learning.

– To take advantage of the value of media communication to facilitate the transmission of information.

– To learn and use languages and semantic codes (iconic, chromatic, verbal, etc.).

– To adopt a critical stance, adaptation to the media masses and ICT school context and analysis.

– To rate technology over technique.

– To have the necessary technical skills and sufficient as users of media and technological resources.

– To design and produce technological means.

– To select and assess technological resources.

– To organize media.

– To research with media and to do media research.


ICT has also some cons, so the evaluation of the materials used is essential. The technical quality (compatibility, length, design, hardware requirements, the associated technologies, easy to understand and to use) is as important as its potential and educational quality (contents, adaptation to the curriculum, motivation, interaction, student assessment, learning objectives, interface, possibility of teacher intervention, …) The most important thing is to control the ICT use in education to increase their effectiveness and drive their effects to the desirable sense.


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  1. I do not doubt that this new «era of information processing» that we will be entering will be amazing and fascinating. However, I personally don’t believe in teaching through the use of technology. Granted, this is a more likely effective way to connect with our youngest generation, but I still believe that the old fashion way of teaching can be just as effective. There are both pros and cons with the use of technology. We are constantly bombarded with new gadgets, toys, social media etc, and to an extent, this is great. We can explore and search information or things we need online but there’s a line in which we have to question ourselves; is this taking over our lives? Personally, yes it is. Most people in our society cannot go five minutes without checking their facebook, their twitter account or whatever social media sites there are. I find it abhorrently crazy that we rely so much on these gadgets and how much it affects people. I think in schools, children should have a regulation in when to use these technologies. I don’t condone it as some programs and computers in school can portray a more visualised learning that can help captivate children, but it should be used at certain times when necessary.

  2. Laura van Lankeren dice: Responder

    I personally think that it’s really important to educate children well about the still upcoming cyber revolution. There some benefits with the technological developments but at the same time there are also a lot of negative things.
    Children learn to »communicate» true social media. This is not real communication. In the past you could have the real experience of a post card falling on your doormat. Nowadays this all goes true E-mail. I really feel this is a negative development. People are experiencing everything as real because technology wants to make everything as real as possible, but the thing is… this will never come close to real life. Children need to be more than aware of this.

  3. Emilia Michalska dice: Responder

    The fact is that the young generation is already using technology in learning – virtually everywhere but in school! They play, they write text messages, place comments on the Internet, use of instructional videos on Youtube. The only thing you need is the possibility to use their ability to use technology in the compulsory teaching process.
    With technology, students can learn in their own way and in your own pace. Interactive technology in seconds adjusts to the speed and certainty of response and adjusts the level of difficulty of tasks until the student has mastered the material. Once you have established knowledge on the subject, the material becomes more and more difficult. This teaching can be called teaching driven by competence and mastery of the material. But… we have to remember that computer never will be like eduaction face to face.

  4. I am totally agreeing to this article because it’s the technological age. Everyday there is something new and it’s like you can’t even keep up with the information. I have studied programming and also I am daily participating in new technological articles about the developments. I myself am using programs, smartphones and tablets to make the homework or during the class and I think that it’s really good that the teachers also have some information about the capabilities because that way they will be able to adjust their classes to match to the new era.
    There are also the negative uses of the advancement because now the students can’t even do simple math and therefor use their mobile phone or they even cheat by making the summary’s. Because of this there should be regulations on how to use the technologically advanced devices.

  5. Katarzyna Grabska dice: Responder

    I totally agree with the article. New technology is everywhere. Each of us is using it every day, the Internet, computers, smart phones with various applications – a lot of people can’t imagine the life without them now. New technologies are expanding so fast, that I think that in the future we will use them in almost every sphere of our lives. So why not use them in teaching and learning? Already the Internet is such a huge source of knowledge, which is used both by students and teachers. Even you can study online, what gives you possibility studying in different country without leaving your home country.
    Computers, special programs or applications could be really useful in schools and universities. It will make the education system more varied and interesting. New technologies applied in education will create new type of education and give new possibilities of studying and teaching. I am really curious how it will look in the future, but also a bit afraid that new technologies will ‘take control’ of our lives. In everything we should find moderation and use new technologies with head.

  6. I absolutely agree that computer systems and new technologies are starting to help teachers achieve the dream of providing individualized education for every student. As I have noticed, the new systems can tailor classroom experience and lesson plans to individuals. Even in the largest schools, they can help make each student’s educational experience unique. Existence of ICT strongly influences on the level of education, may motivate students to do their best using different technologies during learning and studying processes. Moreover, parents and students today are excited by the prospect of getting tablets to replace textbooks and notepads. But the focus on the devices is a little like getting excited about the glossiness of the paper in a history book rather than the content. The value of tablets is that they are a delivery system for flexible curriculum. The important thing is the infrastructure behind the tablet screens that delivers the right lesson and keeps track of how each student is absorbing it.

  7. We can say that technology rules the world at the moment. I can say for myself that no day passes by for me not to use technology. We all use it daily and I believe we can’t even imagine living without it anymore. Well I can say this for most of the people population that live in civilized areas. Technology makes everything much easier for us, we use it at work, in schools, basicly everywhere. It has become part of our lives. But this has also some bad side effects that goes with it. People depend on technology too much nowdays. They started using it insted of their minds. What to do when you don’t know the answer to some questions? We don’t use our mind anymore, we don’t check the books. Some people would say why would we? When it’s so much easier to just check the answer on Google or somewhere else. And they are right in some way, technology in accesable almost everywhere and everyone uses it. Even little children. Teachers are using it more and more in schools and it’s not a bad thing I just think that with little children it’s still important for them to write to their notebooks and read from the books and not from computer. I read somewhere in a research that children are getting worse in their handwriting because all they do is type on computers, they basicly don’t use their hands to write with a pen. Which is quite concerning if you ask me, exactly what is going to happen with children in about 50 years, that is my question.

  8. It is good that schools comply with today’s IT development, however, this creates even greater demands on teachers. This to the extent that I think that teachers may need to compete for students attention along with the technology, in this case, Ipads and other electronic platforms. In one of the first articles in this subject we discussed the topic; information society, that we nowadays live in. It was stated that young people today have a wider field to take in and process information from, which in turn can lead to an overload of information that can be difficult to manage. I think that with the elaboration of the technology we need to get better at educating our students in how to sort the essential facts. This to minimize the risk of burnout at an early age. If courses concerning this subject is introduced in the schools, we instead could take advantage of the benefits that technology brings with it instead of having to deal with the consequences afterwards. By staying one step ahead we could create a better learning environment instead of derailing it.

  9. I will start in different point of view. My aim of study is focused on developing countries.These developing countries have large gaps in education. In some countries illiteracy rate attacking to 50% of the total population, the problem is even more serious because these countries have high population. One of the MDGs (Millennium Development Goals) is providing universal primary education by 2015. According present results, this goal would not be accomplished. But what is the link between IT technologies and this specific MDGS? Because IT technologies are «engine» for achieving this goal. Nowadays there are distributed in a large scale to developing countries and in many cases it subtitude teachers, because of their shortage. Finally, if the goal willl be achieve in this area, it will be only because of IT technologies!

  10. Edvinas Leščinskas dice: Responder

    Right now we already have amazing technologies but of course there will be even a better future after some time. The world is changing quite fastl. However human nature remain the same. Technology has many good things. One of them is that you can even study online. For some of the people, it is not comfortable to come to classes. It is good that there is always a chance. Many scientists use computer programs to predict weather, to calculate large numbers and build amazing things, for instance like Large Hadron Collider in Geneva. Computers also help a lot in classes. With the help of technology we can gain more knowledge about the world itself. It is also useful because sometimes it is not convenient to go library and you can just read books via the Internet. However, many people should not forget that it has bad affects on us as well. The biggest problem that I see is that people forget to socialize and spend way too much time watching TV or using their smarphones. All in all, we can not stop this process and whether we like it or not we can not avoid technology in our lifes.

  11. I will start with a question. Could you imagine a live without technology nowadays? I guess the answer will be know. Even the old people nowadays are saying that a life without it is not possible. Today it is normal that for example my grandfather use facebook. When I was in primary school we already had classes which we were learned how to use Microsoft word, powerpoint and excel. And the very smart people try to innovate this world with new technology, I think everyday there is maybe a new application which you can download on your smartphone. Those same smart people are making money with it and they try to think satisfy the needs of people. I even can’t imagine how people cold live without good developed technology, 20 years ago. The fact is that technology is getting more important every day, so children should learn as soon as possible how to use it and also learn about the dangerous part of technology. The world would be definitely a better place in my opinion.

  12. Technology is evolving every day and will continue to evolve . I am only 23 years old, and even when I look back just 10 to 15 years I can see how technology develops so quickly . Something new is invented almost everyday and it is safe to predict that it will continue in the future with the level of development increasing.If we look in terms of the younger generation , I think the situation is very critical. Of course, technology benefits the children as it is used in learning facilities. But for how long? Is the technology that young children use good or bad? This is a question I ask myself all the time. Because they are so young the use of technology can affect them negatively. From time to time, even as adults we are becoming prisoners of technology. We are constantly connected to our mobile phones but are beign hypocrytical when we tell our children to limit their use of technology. It’s not fair. Is it because we hope our children will realise how to use technology effectively? When we manage to use technology the right way, it gives us good things . Let’s think this way; Technology always gives good things to us , to our children? I dont think so. We do everything in a virtual environment which is creating robots and unfortunately we do not have the power to put a stop to it.

  13. Tobiasz Budzich dice: Responder

    According to me the technology is needed in today’s world. But we can not forget the most important – the technologies are made ​​for us and not us for technology. When I am watching the world many times I see that many of us forgot about it. Today many people are attached to their phones, tablets, computers. Both adults and children take them the whole technology even to the toilet. As for me, it is completely incomprehensible. Once the children were running and playing on the open air. Today children are thinking the fresh air is a stadium on the Play Station. I think the longer children do not have access to the technology, the better. Today the world sooner or later, and so will force them to use the computers so let the children have a childhood so that we had – with the ball and bike on the playground.

  14. Developing technology and software are producing are very nice in our life.We can not close our eyes in front of developing technology because it effects us negative.And technology added about life social life so also we should learn social life with technology.Also in school we can use techonolgy then we can learn very fast and much more enjoyable with technology .For example in my country in Turkey when children start to learn writing and reading we ara giving them tablet then they ae learning so fastly and much more comfortable and teacher can brreath little bit much so it is really useful for students .And then I think every teacher should follow technology and they need to adapt that in school becasue children are learning technology so fast becasue they are so curios because their brain are working better than old people so the teacher should be careful and they should follow and learn new technology

  15. Even though we are the generation that grew up with computers, mobile phones, tables,… tehnological improvements are changing so fast that we can hardly keep up with them. As every medal has two sides the technological improvements have some good and bad aspects as well. It’s good that young people can learn some technological skills in schools and during their process of education, but the older generations do not have this possibility. For generations of our parents and grandparents it’s hard to learn something like that if all their life their work was carried out by hand and now their skills seem to be invaluable because all their work has been replaced by machines. I like the quote that says: We live in a world full of smart phones and dumb people. Now days personal skills are not that important as his technological skills and knowledge.

  16. I believe that technology is very important for all. Nowadays we all use computers, phones, tablets, and above of all the Internet. But according to me to use all these things should be allowed from a certain age. In my opinion that young children, for example, from 0-7 years old should not use technology, phones also internet can be dangerous for them. For me children should have fun with their peers, on the open air and develop physically.
    Not like it have a place now to sit at home in front of a computer. Of course, later, when they go to school should learn to use the technology, because each area of ​​life is related with ICT.
    Technology is inevitable and in the future for sure the world will be completely computerized.

  17. When I first started primary school, we had a white board and only one really old, slow computer in the corner of the classroom. By the time I was leaving primary school, almost every classroom had an interactive whiteboard and we had two classrooms devoted entirely to brand new PCs with high speed broadband internet, and as children we took it in our stride and were excited by these developments.
    I believe that technology within schools is a good thing, not only for educational purposes, of which there are many. Many schools are now getting iPads, and the apps for this are incredible, which range from anatomy to the world, language apps etc. I also believe that if we don’t have technology within schools, then these children will be at a disadvantage when it comes to using new pieces of technology within the workplace.
    Children learn extremely quickly and technology is developing all the time; we cannot change this and instead must do our best to incorporate it into education.

  18. Natalia Chernykh dice: Responder

    The use of ICT and multimedia in education can radically change the existing system of education. Organization of educational process can be more innovative in the sense that it will be widely used analytical, practical and experimental learning principles that will direct the entire process of learning of each individual student. It is important not to move the focus from the content and meaning of education to the way of transferring the material. It’s equally important not to forget that the teachers should also be aware of the information technologies. Ignorance of them reduces the authority of the teacher in the eyes of pupils in our modern society.

  19. Maria Betekhtina dice: Responder

    Such a rapid development of telecommunications has many implications. Let’s consider the most important positive opportunities that can be integrated into the learning process:
    Such rapid development of telecommunications has many implications. Consider the most important positive opportunities that can be integrated into the learning process:
    – full translation databases and libraries in the electronic form;
    – more rational consideration of performance;
    – opportunity to learn foreign languages directly with native speakers with the help of video-conferences;
    – opportunity to conduct web-conference with the leading figures of «not leaving the class».
    And much more.

  20. I totally agree that ICT already is an important and inevitable aspect in nearly every part of the contemporary society. Therefore I am also of the opinion that teachers should teach with and about technological media in school. On the one hand this is important because the knowledge about how to use the different types of technological media is necessary for information search and exchange, children will need these skills already for their schoolwork, but especially after their graduation when they start studies or a job. Furthermore I think that it is important that teachers discuss with their students how to use social media and especially social networks in a right way, because I guess that it can be said that nearly every adolescent is using these platforms to represent themselves and to communicate with each other. For that matter they should know how much they can publish about themselves and what personal aspects they should better keep in privacy.

  21. Aymesey Ismailova dice: Responder

    I absolutely agree that emerging of innovative technologies simplified a lot and diversified the world we live in, but at the same time any adult(not children, because they’re only happy with these tools) can point out a negative influence of these devices on society, specially on children. While reading this article I unwillingly remembered the days when being a student I visited our university library almost every day, and was trying to find the books on advice of the professors. And simultaneously I’m thinking about students who nowadays probably don’t even attend it because they don’t feel need. They have everything: a modern ‘device’, access to Internet any time, and probably an opportunity to find all books for reading online or for downloading. I don’t understand if it’s of benefit or not: from one point I agree: it’s awesome and cool to have an entire opportunity of getting any information you like without even leaving the couch, from other point-nowadays students are not making any effort in learning, I mean they have everything ready and no need to ‘ work’ . This may lead them to becoming lazy day by day, it can cause problem for finding or ‘not trying’ to find a job in future. I just now for sure that developing of innovative technologies is developing laziness.

  22. Vendula Víchová dice: Responder

    I think that if we use technology to make our lives easier, everything is fine and I think that technologies can be very useful in education. But we must be careful to not technologies control our lives. Many times I saw children only played the game in a multimedia classroom. Or the teacher played to the children some movie, which was unrelated to lessons. Sometimes students don’t write notes in a notebook, but they only check Facebook, play games on mobile phones etc. in the classroom and for them it’s impossible exist without technologies just for a moment. This is not a good way. Technology can be very useful if teacher knows how to use them and how to exploit them and if he has good lesson plan.

  23. Personally, I really don’t like the upcoming of the cyberspace. We’ve all known the time where we didn’t had internet, mobile phones and even computers? We’ve faced the upcoming of the internet and mobile phones and its growing so quickly!
During the upcoming of this all, the people aged 50 by then crossed the line of being unable keeping this all together, understanding it and learning it. 
We were still pretty young and we had the change of growing with it, learn to typ without seeing what you are doing, learn how to surf on the internet, how we use a mobile phone and so on..
Nowadays we have so much more already and almost every child has a smartphone, a tablet, Ipad or/and a laptop. 
Yes, the ‘poor and rich’ is becoming more clear again, but still, we always had that problem before. Comparing to clothes, where you are living, what kind of job your parents doing etc. Some countries are trying to provide this clear poor and rich -diference by wearing all the same clothes. Now we can say that it is forbidden to bring your ICT-tools, but still we will always have the difference between rich and poor.
The thing I am worrying about is the fast growing cyber-society. It has become something normal, forgetting that the eldery people aren’t in this picture. We forget the value of some things; being able to speak to someone for example. We used to write letters and remembering the phonenumbers, birthdays, adresses etc. It is all forgotten. 
We are becoming less interest in each other, less in interaction with each other, we’re becoming more lazy in learning something or remembering it, which is in my opinion all very bad. 
Of course I think that there must be some lessons at schools for using ICT, for being up to date and knowing how to use it, but I prefer to do this as less as possible.

  24. Using technology at a small age is important. You see it all around that older generations are having a hard time doing their work because they don’t know how some software works or even how an email works. We live in a time were we, in almost every profession, have to work with computers and other stuff. Also in classes it is good because watching a small movie about society has more impact then watching a story. Like the line always says: a picture is worth 1000 words. So it is fairly good using technology for furure profession wise as for social wise were children can learn and see things from the first hand on their tv, computer ipad or mobile phones.

  25. Vendula Dlouhá dice: Responder

    In my opinion technology in education is useful. I support technology but enough is enough. It isn´t necessary to have a computer, projector,interactive whiteboard in every class. There should be special classes with modern technology at schools. I understand, teaching with technology is easier and more attractive for pupils. But it´s better to use it only sometimes. If we will use technology in every class it will become dull over time. Moreover, children use internet for their school work and they don´t use books. They do their projects and portfolios on computers. They don´t use crayons, markers , scissors. They create only virtually. I have to say, now I can´t imagine life without technology – mobile phone, laptop, internet… But I am adult. I need technology for my study, for work. I can´t understand why children have this stuff. Almost all children have mobile phone, computer, tablet, iPad, PlayStation,… Why? They don´t need it! I definitely don´t support this. Children use this technology for spending their free time. All days they play games on computer or Playstation instead of playing outside on the playground. They chatting with their friends on Facebook instead of to speak with them face to face. They don´t read books. Movies and serials are more interesting for them. I don´t like this situation. I am afraid it will not change. Maybe it will be worse, because of new and new technical inventions. I had really nice childhood without computer and internet another this stuff. I don´t want to bring my children on technology, but I think it would be bad to forbid your child to use this things. He will be outsider among another children. So what to do?

  26. I am agree with this article .Rich people can reach knowledge and technology so at school teacher should provide technology stuff as possible as because they should be improve theirself and also I think that teachers should teach them how to use internet much more useful for education life . I think the most important thing for teacher that encourage to student to learn something news so and fast. The teachers should use technology i mean he can reach to knowledge on internet then he should teach that and applicate it with his or her students professionally . For example the teachers shouldnt give a alot of homework because obligation makes to children bored and they dont want to learn so I think we should teach them everything in classes and actually classes should be application rooms . Because nowadays almost everybody is studying but after university they are unemployment because they did not learn anything in application they just learn teories and they did just their obligation homeworks then they take their diplomas now this is our education systems.

  27. Technology offers manifold options for education, learning material can be shown vivid, without get the students bored. But to include new tehcnologies in lessons, teachers have to know how to work with technology. When reminisce about my school years, some teachers did not even know how to control a video recorder. To conclude, want-to-be teachers have to learn in their studys how to operate with new technologies, well I am confident they already do so. But as it is for teachers, who are working for about 20 years now, maybe new technologies passed them by. So in my eyes the schooladministration has to offer attractive workshops for the older teachers, to learn how to use technologies in class.

  28. Not long time ago, teacher used chalks and blackboards. Now, the society in moving forward and the technology is upgrading. I support technology because it’s an important part of our lives. Every classroom should have at least one computer, printer-scanner-copy machine, projector and interactive whiteboard etc. The thing I don’t support is that nowadays every child has his own iPhone at the age of 4. This is nonsense because they use these phones just for games (which can be played during classes) and other apps that are not really educative. We have to represent the educative possibilities of using technology, such as websites which help us learn, study better, faster and more productive. In many primary schools in Slovenia, many classrooms for lower grades (1st-4th) have tablet PC for every student. That means that children will never again use their hand and fingers to hold a pen and write a homework with it. We really have to be careful how, when, what and where we show and present technological achievements of the 21st century.

  29. Danielle Murphy dice: Responder

    I believe technology is the way forward for education. As we are in the technology generation I think its important for education to update and include technology. Technology can get tasks done faster and more efficiently which is beneficial to students and teachers so they can get the most out of their time together. The world wide web offers great advice and proposes new ideas for people to work on. It allows people from all over the world to be able to communicate instantly therefore making students wore more diverse.

  30. What can I say we are in a progressive world, and every couple of decades changes something, and it is right. About using ICT in school, that of course will change everything. It is a new way of learning, all you need is one modern device and it is gonna replace what we all had in schools (of course by the time) like books, exercise books all there will not be even place for a pen. And it’s amazing when all this thing you may get in one tool, education process is gonna be really easy. But of course there are a lot of things that gonna distract children attention from the education like games, social networks and etc. They’re already doing that but it will only increase. That’s a bad side.

  31. Kübra Nur Turhan dice: Responder

    now we’re ın every area of lıfe wıth technology. which speed technology increase very much ın a globalısed world, now addıtıonal ınformatıon is very easy.
    we are living in the age of the internet. so we reach for more ınformatıon more soon. used ın schools projectors, whıteboards, tablets help students better understand topıcs.
    the fırst task ın educatıonal technology is be liberia to teacher and students. educatıonal technology provıde opportunıtıes dıversıty, qualıty, equalıty of opportunıty, creatıvıty, such as. but teachers and students haven’t adequate hardware. maybe ıt’s because yet we get used to technologıcal educatıon. maybe, now have dıffıculty usıng our technologıes ınsuffıcıent accommodatıon ın that after years.
    technology and modernızatıon contınue as tıme passes, the world evolves. this cause ınnovatıon needs in educatıonal system.

  32. Julia Budzich Bohdan dice: Responder

    «I dare to say that the impact will be so strong that the training in this kind of tools will be determining for the transformation of our way of living, and at the same time source of discrimination.»
    Especially this sentence from the article stuck in my memory. Even today we see in school divisions for poor and rich children. Some come to school with an extra mobile phones, some of the phone from his brother, and some in general do not have these.
    Following modernity, fashion, the desire to be on top we also perform some changes in the schools. But is not it turns into the pursuit of better, newer appliances?
    I think that the technology is to serve and help us, not we for technology…

  33. Çilem Suna Akar dice: Responder

    The part that emphasizes the importance of having control of the ICT’s effects on learners is so true. I strongly agree with that. The only problem with technology usage in education would be the lack of control. Technology can be used in numerous fields. But its usage in education is even more risky, because it involves everything besides education. That is why a controller should exist. In this situation, there are many things for teachers to do as mentioned in the article. I want to add something too. Teacher should broaden their knowledge accordingly. The new generations know about technology even more and more than the olders. The teacher, as a guide, shouldn’t be behind this knowledge. He should keep up ith the new generations always. Also new requirements occur in the classroom. Materials improve. For example, last week we worked on a software in the language classroom which was named «Tell Me More». It is a really benefical software that makes it easy and fun to practice English. There are listening and speaking activities too. This can be done by only these kinds of technologies. As future teachers, we had to work on that software and learn this. This is another responsibility that ICT brings. We have to know how it works to give instructions and evaluate and teach of course. Apart from that, preparing materials for classes is another thing. Technology helps us to be more creative. We can prepare many different things by ourselves by the help of computers. We can do it in a fast and easy way of course. This is another thing, it gives us the speed at the same time. From the view of the students, it is the same. If they wonder about something they can easily open and look for it. Sometimes it is like this, but sometimes it gives us laziness too. I mean, in the old times it was really hard to have the information. Now it is only a click away but sometimes we are too lazy to get information. That habit may be destroyed of course.

  34. Technology in education is most simply and comfortably defined as an array of tools that might prove helpful in advancing student learning and may be measured in how and why individuals behave. Educational Technology relies on a broad definition of the word «technology.» Technology can refer to material objects of use to humanity, such as machines or hardware, but it can also encompass broader themes, including systems, methods of organization, and techniques. Some modern tools include but are not limited to overhead projectors, laptop computers, and calculators. Newer tools such as smartphones and games (both online and offline) are beginning to draw serious attention for their learning potential. Media psychology is the field of study that applies theories of human behavior to educational technology. The term educational technology is often associated with, and encompasses, instructional theory and learning theory. While instructional technology is «the theory and practice of design, development, utilization, management, and evaluation of processes and resources for learning.»

  35. Cäcilie Bivort dice: Responder

    Like we already figured out there are two sides of the steadily increasing use and importance of technical technical gadgets and ITs. There`re definitely pros from which we profit, it facilitates a lot our daily life and opportunity of access to any kind of and immense amount of knowledge and information is just amazing! But there are some really serious threats. The abuse of collected dates, interpersonal relations replaced by social networks, providing a steadily growing consumer mentality, most concerns me the developing surveillance society! But actually, if we like it or not, we have to face the fact that we can`t stop it anyways!
    So what we can do is prepare and inform people rightly about the threats, right use and possibilities. There is a great need to make IT-education to a part of curriculums and also find a way to reach the older generations too. The main problem I see is, that technical advance progresses that fast so there is no possibility for educational instances (families, teachers etc.) to keep up with this speed! – it`s just impossible and concerns me! I fear that there will be a minority of people who are really fit and can use and abuse the resources of the internet. Then on the other hand there`ll be a big middle which knows how to handle the “daily using”, probably unconscious about the power abusers are given. And more on there`ll be a disadvanced minority, disable to keep up and what we have is a more growing social separating.
    So eventually if we were able to educate users in a way that they can control and prevent consequences, and have responsible and consciously handling IT is great. Hopefully we can prepare us!

  36. Asuman ŞİMŞEK dice: Responder

    Like in many areas, it is inevitable that education is affected by technology, too. We don’t have any day which is passing without new innovations that’s why we are getting addict on smart technology. Considering that ICT is spreading in our lives, we should make it useful. Before we put ICT in education, we need to prepare available atmosphere. In my opinion the thing first should be done is training of educators because they will be the first person who teach students in classroom. If we want to make ICT effective and useful, teachers should be trained in using it. While doing this, they need to establish a good understanding of ICT. After they learn how to use it, they should find out where they can use it because the second thing should be done is being capable of controlling ICT in classroom. If educators cannot organize and apply them into classroom, it doesn’t work. Teachers should realize that teaching with ICT is too different than teaching with traditional approaches. If they reveal the good side of ICT, students can derive benefit from it. During my primary school periods or high school periods, i did not have many ICT technology. But if i had, i am sure most of things would be different now. Just imagine, you have a tool, you ask everything, it answers you in rich selection. For instance, technology is in many areas in my life. I can catch, learn, follow, criticize many things with help if technology. I think i completely support ICT in education. This is because in my opinion learning new things with Ipads, smart boards etc. is more effective, useful, permanent and easier than learning with traditional tools such as black board, classic exams etc. Consequently, if information and communication technology is integrated into education, it happens lots of things even we cannot imagine.

  37. Anete Krastiņa dice: Responder

    Of course, the modern world would be unthinkable without Information technology (IT). And of course, the world is changing around us and has become more mechanized and computerized, thats mean that also the school environment and the learning process has to change with time. I do not believe that change must be rapid, but need to keep in mind that new technologies can help in the learning process for both students and teachers. I believe that learning should be balanced – of course, we should learn how to use new technologies and the opportunities they offer, but you can not forget about the mutual communication – face to face – between profesor and students, as well as the students themselves.

  38. I want go in a line with Fenia and espacially contradict with two of your theses:
    «1. To integrate the technological media as one more element of the curriculum design.
    2. To apply with didactic sense media and technological resources in the processes of teaching and learning.»

    Eventhough the «new technologies» are up and rising each year, there isn’t a single, independent study published yet, that prooves the benefit of modern or digital technologies in classrooms. I’m referring to Prof. Dr. Manfred Spitzer, who wrote a book called «Digitale Demenz» (what would translate into ‘digital dementia’) making this point very clear.
    Googleing I just found this article
    Quoting: «there have so far been no independent studies «that unequivocally establish that computers and screens in the classroom makes learning any more effective,» Spitzer goes so far as to recommend that digital media be banned from the classroom.»

    Having this in mind I’d like to ask all of you to reflect your opinion and not to buy every blinding PR-article. Even if they are coming from reputable persons or are shown in good looking media.

  39. Nowadays it is hard to be up to date with all new technological devices. If somebody is not a technology freak, he can have a little problem. The older you get the bigger problem you have. It is common known that it is hard to catch up with new moderations for elderly people. When we look around it is easy to observe how fast new technologies replace traditional ways to settle the matter, for example automats to buy the tickets, all kinds of internet shopping, global positioning system for navigation etc. That is how technology is transformating our lifes. Education system must adapt to the changing situation and deal with technologies which are undisplaced in young people reality. However, other issue is that most of the techers are older… Does it mean that they cannot be a good teachers anymore? Of course no. Teaching experience is unmeasureable and it is possible to pass knowledge even without new technologies. Pedagogic approach cannot be replaced with new technologies. We are the knowledge society thanks to cyberspace and this is a good point because we have en easy access to sources of all kind information. Being a student today is not possible without internet. ITC supposed to make our lifes easier but sometimes it makes us more lost.

  40. Elin Fornbrandt dice: Responder

    ICT and IT in general is one of the fastest developing areas in the world. I think that it is very important that the teacher include IT in the teaching, because it is and will probably be a even bigger part of the humans everyday life. I remember when I went to elementary school our teacher taught us how to type on the computer in the fastest way, something that she believed would be important for us to know in the future, as important as is was to write fine by hand. And I believe that she was write, because today I type and write more things on the computer, than I do by hand. So IT and the developing in the IT-area is something I think that all the teachers should include in the teaching.

  41. Eliška Zejdová dice: Responder

    I think, nowadays ICT is very important thing for each working or studing person. I agree with it, that ICT can be very helpfull thing to education and it is very good tool for teachers. It often helps to do more interesting teaching and to easier understanding for pupils.
    In my opinion, the big disadvantage is, when teachers are dependent solely on this method of teaching – teaching with ICT. They maybe can not work – teach, when problem occurs and ICT doesn´t work. After, they are clueless.
    I think it is good when children learn to work with ICT because it is very important for their future. However, I think it is not good if very small children learn it. I heard about the problem that some children can not even normally write because they worked mostly only with a computer from very early age. Maybe their teachers and parents wanted to help them in this way, it’s a big mistake for them.
    I think that we should work with these modern technologies carefully and efficiently for small children.

  42. When I was in school, technology was used very rarely by teachers, we were just a few times a year in the computer lab, but didn’t learn there very much we didn’t know before.
    I think it’s very important nowadays for pupils to get skills using new technology, since it’s more and more important for university and especially future jobs.
    So I think it is the task of the schools and teachers to include teaching those skills in the curriculum, to prepare pupils well.
    It’s not about doing everything in school with computers and technology, but those schools should keep up with the times and teach the basics on which to build.

  43. ICT can lead to improved student learning and better teaching methods. Through ICT teachers can easily explain complex instructions and ensure students comprehension. They are able to make the lessons more enjoyable which could improve student attendance and concentration. But I think there are also some disadvantages. Sometimes is expensive to afford and it’s hard for teachers to use with a lack of experience using ICT tools. In order to use technology effectively educators need to be trained in using technology and they need to develop a good understanding of it to ensure that students get the full advantages of educational technology.

  44. Marta Serdakowska dice: Responder

    I think the article touches a really serious problem with nowadays society. It’s worrisome that development of the technology is not equal to the increase of people’s knowledge about that. Of course ITC is not obcunknowne to anyone, people use media, internet, electronics everyday but usually it conduces just for our convenience and does not imply interest. Students at schools usually use ITC to finish their homework faster, to prepare themselves to the exam and so on. Rarely it happens that young people start to wonder how did we get to that point. I assume that role of educators is really tough and demandind because if attitude to the technology doesn’t change, people will fall into their own trap. They will loose their heads dazzled by their own achievements, which, in reality, just started to exist.

  45. It’s true nowadays tecnology is developing very fast and is part of our daily life. But for me this development has positive and neagtive sites.
    First of all it is great to be able to connect and communicate with people all over the world and to build a world wide network. Also it is a great thing to have nearly unlimited acess to information through the internet.
    But on the other hand, i think there are a lot of gadets produced that are not needed and people spend more and more time in front of computers and other technical devices. The comunication works more and more through phones and chats and sometimes a have the feeling that social skills or just sociability suffer from that. It’s not rare to see to people sitting together in a restaurant and each of them is looking on his own phone. I think taht is a really sad development. Also people spend less and less time outside in the nature, which is in my opinion especially for early childhood education an important thing.
    As a result i think for teaching a mix of methods is still the best. Of course teachers can use ICT and informations provided through it and teach children how to use it, but it should not be the only thing the education is based on. Sources as books and magazines or just real life experineces are just as important.

  46. Technology in the 21st century is undoubtedly a very significant tool used for gathering information. Teachers take for granted that students have the access to the Internet and most of homeworks is based on the Internet-surfing. Such an easy access to all types of information is a great improvement. However, I’d like to point out the possible dangers related to the topic. Firstly, we are getting used to having only a partial and shallow knowledge on certain subject. This is because we do not have the need to remember (and therefore understand well) most of the information for a long time because we can access the Internet any time we want and find it again. Secondly, we learn to trust the unknown Internet sources, sometimes we take for granted the information found on Wikipedia, although it might have been written by our peer from another continent, whose knowledge is not that reliable as it seems at the first sight. Another danger of using only the computerized access to knowledge is that we find it more and more difficult to look for information in traditional books. This year, during one class at the university, we underwent a kind of test – to find certain information in the library within an hour. Unfortunately, the results weren’t impressive. We had problems with defining appropriate key words, looking for the right books… All in all, I am happy with the state of technology as it is and the possibilities it gives us but at the same time I think we should still be able to use traditional sources of information and build our own knowledge and view of the world, Google-independent.

  47. Technology has been integrated into every part of our lives. We use it for educational purposes and in most jobs. We use it to learn, explore or simply to just entertain ourselves. In recent years technology has been developing at a massive rate. Technological brands such as apple, mac, Samsung etc. Have become part of our daily routines whether it’s switching on a computer or simply picking up your smart phones theses logos are everywhere. In terms of education it has adapted to new technology and I believe it has benefited education. However where do we draw the line? How do we know when to stop? I fear technology may take over the lives of children and ruin their imagination. We may become too dependent on technology or has this already happened? Almost every person in the developed world owns a smart phone. We use them to keep track of everything from emails, school work to social networking. If technology continues to develop at this rate we mustn’t forget how to function without it.

  48. Technology is a thing from nowadays. It began normal the last few years. You couldn’t imagine this but we can not live without anymore. People use it for work or to enjoy themselves during or the whole day. We use computers, laptops, tablets, notes and/or smart phones normally. I said normally because we depend on those devices, we really need them to fulfill a day. It’s been proven that in general we spend 3 hours a day on a device. That’s a lot!

    Kids do this too! I have deeply concerns about that! Kids have problems to connect with other kids in real life, because everything is online. The same as showing emotions, you can send each other emotions smilies so you don’t have to express yourself. Also i think why this is not good for kids is because they can easily pretend to be somebody else. Kids don’t learn how to accept themselves and be happy with who they are. They have found a place what is safe to write anything they want. On the other hand they don’t see the danger of the internet. That people can take avenge of you. I think it’s very important to let them realize that, the dangers of social media and internet.

    Also i think it’s not good for students to work with laptop all the time. Of course they don’t have that many books so it’s easier but they don’t have that much connection with the teacher and classmates anymore. I don’t think it will be good for the eyes either. It’s harder when they have so many distraction to pay attention to the class.
    It’s been proven that since 2007 students are failing their exams or going to a lower education because they have been distracted by social media. Knowing this, i think we need to be careful with the students and let them know the dangers of social media and smart phones!

  49. As I joined the University I was kind of overchallanged with the massive use of technology, as well as some parts of the training staff. I didn’t saw the reason why we all should use Powerpoint or other very illustrating porgrams to support our presentations and I also didn’t even want to know who to use online learning platforms.
    Today my view has changed a lot. For me it is still hard to use the mass of technologies for presentations and online learning, but now I know who improtant and mostly even easier it is to manage things by using online platforms and emended technology.
    Well, up to a point I think that we also shouldn’t forget about learning and teaching with books and other well known and maybe oldfashioned ways of teaching.

  50. Technology has advanced so much in recent years and has quickly become more and more integrated into our daily lives. It surrounds us. Technology is used everywhere, in offices, universities, the home and more recently in schools. Schools have adapted to today’s technological world by embracing new technology and it’s benefits to teaching and learning. Classrooms nowadays come equipped with computers, projectors and new smartboards. While these provide children with a variety of learning methods and basic skills needed to use this technology,I don’t think the traditional way of teaching should be completely eradicated. I think the traditional way of teaching allows students to interact more with each other which is extremely important,especially at a young age. As well as this, outside of school, not every child is lucky enough to have access to computers. So instead of having a completely technology based lesson, I think it would be more effective to merge these two ways of teaching so they balance each other out and the lesson doesn’t lean more towards one way of teaching.

  51. Persefoni-Fenia Chatzinakou dice: Responder

    Nowadays, we are experiencing a technological boom. The technological achievements have penetrated to all the sectors of our life, and as a result to the educational procedure also. It is indisputable, that the integration of the ICT in the sector of education is a very controversial topic, and in my opinion have both advantages and disadvantages.
    It is true that from one side, ICT sometimes make easier and enrich the teaching-learning procedure by providing both teachers and students with a big variety and quantity of information in a rapid way and by facilitating the transmission of the information to the students. Also, sometimes through some specific learning models, children with special needs can be helped during the educational procedure. But on the other side, there are many risks in the use of ICT in the educational system. Nowadays, we can see that the technological achievements have too much power over the people and dominate to all the sectors of our life, and as a result it is difficult to control them. Instead of people controlling the technological supplements, the technological supplements control people. ICT should replace neither teachers nor the relationships between teachers and students. They should have a supplementary role to the educational procedure. So, teachers should be very well informed of how to use them and not relax during the class because of the use of ICT.
    What is more, in my opinion, technological supplements should be implemented in schools all across the country and not only in a few selected ones that can afford that, so that each student has the same access to technology disregarding his social status.
    In my opinion, a technological achievement is not always good and every time we have to be very careful in how to use it. Sometimes, as we can notice nowadays, technology ‘’separates’’ people and put obstacles in their real communication. It seems to me that a teacher can make a course interesting and amusing, and can motivate its students with or without technology, as long as she keeps trying and never gives up.

  52. Santa Mandelberga dice: Responder

    Yes this time is tehnology time, and this is everywhere. ICT is also in pedagogy in education. When i was little, and went to primary, elementary school, mostly i learned without computers, internet, tehnologies and such as teachers does. But know everything in school is through internet, through tehnologies. Now we think- with tehnologies our lives is much easier, and we can find lot of information and so on. But in that ages, when tehnologies was so little, we didn`t think that, that we have hard lives and children can not learn anything. So i can`t say that this is a better world for pedagogy with ICT. Of course, now our lives will be always with this tehnologies, and this very good of course, many oppurtunities, many ways to find everything you want and so on. And in education of course ICT is very good way how studies to children can make more interesting, more creative, and children can find everything by them selfs. But i am concerned about- if this tehnology world, internet take the main part of real world!? Actually it already happen in one way, because look on the most of young people, also children. They live in the internet- all life to them is in the internet. They talk with friends by writing, most of times they are lazy to meet with friends, why bodher when they can talk to internet, they told their stories in internet and this become a problem, that young people are not thinking enough for reall life, for future. Like say that everything is good when it`s not too much and then that becomes a problem. So we have to think about ICT in education, and control it when it will be too much, till then it`s a very good and helpful thing in educational system.

  53. Technological tools are, of course, contribute to education.In fact, technological tools if used correctly is a very big contribution to education.In recognition of this, dozens of countries have training combined with technological tools and provides technology has brought to the world of practical training.Technological tools and equipment,technology’s contribution to education is quite high.projectors in schools,smart board, plasma touchscreen computers Examples include tablets and training as well.This kind of tools to better understand students’ issues and topics with examples of better practice is to contribute to.Facilitating the student’s education teacher allows to fully explain topics to students.The only problem and know how to use it, in a conscious way is to try to use these tools.If people how to use these tools will be affected in that way.

  54. Technology is now the one of the most important things in the world. It’s everywhere. We life with it day after day and its helping us with almost all things of modern life. The same is with the education. Technology help us with getting to informations. We can search for usefull informations, we can check importants data, check important pictures. Teachers can comunicate with students by the internet , they can always be «in touch». Students dont need to take with them books as its problem in your early life that books weigh alot and you have to take it to the school and bring it back. But we have to remember that there is alot o people that can’t buy computers, and if we want to use only pc’s we have to provide it to everyone. And the other bad thing with using technology is that our eyes hate computers.

  55. Aikaterini Terzi dice: Responder

    Technology is without doubt nowadays a really important tool, which is met in every section of life. Education is also influenced more than ever bu technology. The majority of schools use now computers in the learning process. But, in my opinion just a computer does not mean that the lesson is effective. Of course it can help teachers improve their lesson by making it more interesting and impressive. However, teachers should be well educated and ready to know how to use correct learning programs and computers in the education. What is more, we should always bear in mind, that not all the students can afford having a pc at their home. That is why in my opinion computers should be used additionally, like a helpful tool and not replace »traditional way of teaching». Something new does not mean necessary that is always better.

  56. I don’t think we can win with a still developing technology. Even if we don’t like we will have to become accustomed because finally, computers and the Internet will come good in our lives… actually, they already entered. There are many advantages about this, but also many disadvantages. I believe that if the whole world will begin to build their lives just on computers and the Internet, we will have to deal with the world of «zombies». The preview we can already observe this today.
    moving away from the topic, let us consider how such fb dominated the world, the first thing some people do when they wake up – checking fb, when they take a picture -think when to put them on fb, instead of meeting with friends- chatting on fb
    Sometimes we begin to live in this virtual reality, forgetting that we live in a totally different world …Computers and all this things are very important, cool and helpful but we have to use them with the head….

  57. Jérémie Gauthier dice: Responder

    IT is a double-edged weapon: on the one hand, it has brought instantaneous information and communication, which is extremely convenient to acquire and master some knowledge. On the other hand, up until now, it hasn’t been exploited correctly in education. But IT is future. Soon, it isn’t hard to believe that education will be completely based on technology, as it has already started to be.
    I believe education is stuck in this field and unable to adapt itself to the major stake that represents technology. It’s like having a powerful tool at hand that nobody uses. However, I think two reasons talk us out of getting involved in IT in education:
    – Firstly, money. Computers and similar equipment are clearly more expansive than a chalk and a board.
    – Secondly, the danger that represents IT for pupils and particularly the internet. Many blame the internet for creating a virtual world. I believe the issue in this case isn’t the word «virtual» but «illimited», because a student being at school should comply with rules, whereas an access to the internet tends to push away those limits, since it’s much easier to break any rule behind a computer screen to do whatever you want. That’s how you can see, several years later, many universitarians bringing their computers with them and surfing on facebook (among other things) during lectures. As a teacher, I would fear that my pupils might spread themselves out instead of learning more efficiently.
    I believe chalks, boards, pens and notebooks until 18 years-old are old-fashioned and don’t prepare anything for what’s next. The proof is, education is supposed to provide pupils with opportunities and open up doors for nowaday’s demands. Nowaday’s demands are 90% related to technology, computers and web communication. And we’re standing still, with our chalks and boards…
    What I propose is the creation of a huge intranet space conceived for education and students only: in an intranet, surfing is extremely limited to what students have to learn but gives an insight of how to use an essential tool. Now, one has to pay for it…

  58. Raphaëlle Touraine dice: Responder

    Nowadays, information and communication technologies take a big place, and are even everywhere, at least in the more developed countries. It is really incredible to see the IT evolution. We can often think that now they are at their zenith but no, they keep on progressing.
    The only disadvantage of this is that being at first a complementary tool, it really began a necessary tool. Now in every sector it seems that we can’t do without a computer, and the person who can’t afford to have one is very discomforted, above all concerning studies, works… There are even things we are compelled to do with a computer, for instance job offers being only on the net, inscriptions to schools… Of course the invention of these new technologies is brilliant, we can find information we need in less than a minute, but we can also lose much time, losing oneself in this big labyrinth, sometimes dangerous for children who do not know the limits.
    In education it is also important that pupils are initiated to the new technologies, to know their functioning, their pros and cons. But we do not have to replace traditional methods by this. We know that using books and one’s hands can often be much better; and if we establish e-books it does not give choice to the persons who prefer working with traditional methods. Finally, I really think that at school, the approach of the IT has to be done without infringing on traditional tools.

  59. Martin Siostrzonek dice: Responder

    When i was reading this article, a german documentation movie came to my mind immediately. The documentation is called speed (here is a short trailer in english: and is about the acceleration of our time. in a short sequence the regisseur of the movie gives us a good example of the change of our time: «In the last 20 years, trains doubled their speed, so people just need half of the time to go from one place to another. But do they really save time? On the other hand people nowadays are going twice the distance as they were going 20 years a go, just because there is the possibility to reach far destinations rapidly. So at the end we are sitting the same time in trains as we did 20 years ago, althoug we are travelling much faster.» I think you can use this example also for I-Phones (its faster to contact your friends, but do we really have to contact them ten times an hour?).

    I am sure that tecnical support in school could facilitate the access of information. we can get information in a few seconds from all over the world. But where is this leading to? I think that we today get overwhelmed by information, so its hard for us to handle them and even realise them (who is today really impressed by the news that thousands of people died at the other end of the world because of an earthquake?). I would say, that people today more likely accept such news and forget it with the incoming of a new headline.

    I also think – maybe i am pretty conservative concerning this topic – that statistics already showed us that in our society there is alrady a huge lack of movement. so why should we introduce computers in school, which defenetily have a big potencial of addiction and overconsumption can lead to overweight, especially for children because they are still in a period of orientation and are more endangered to become addicted.

    So finally i think that it wouldnt be a good idea to force IT use in schools, although of course there could be a lot of benefits.

  60. Few days ago we were talking with my friend from Slovenia exactly about this topic. She is a ski teacher and she’s teaching youngsters (3-5 years old). She said, all her youngsters have new modern phones, they’re all the on Facebook and Twitter, no one goes out and plays some games or spends time with friends in nature. I can’t imagine to use computers the whole days in school and after this also at home to do some work for school or to play games or to talk with virtual friends. In my childhood everything was different. I didn’t have a mobile phone since I was 12 years old, we were all the time on the pitch playing basketball, football, etc.
    But now, the time is changed! In my opinion, computers and all new technology is practical for learning in school and allows us easier access to all information in less than a minute. But on the other hand, new technology leads to increasing differences between people. Not everyone has enough resources to afford all new, modern and fast technology.

  61. Wow…I am not sure, what I should think or say about this articel, because at the moment my thoughts are running to «Third-World-Children» where children has no chance to get schooleducation or they have to walk 20km or in worst case, they have do to child work. And then I read all the comments here and I read, that you guys think that is very important to implimantate technologie in our (I mean Western-Culture) educationsystems. Of course I cant deny that IT played a importend role and is still growing…I did almost the whole assignments during my school period with help of the Internet and even when I am writing this articel I use online diccionaries. So what I just wanted to say is, that I realized that IT is a great way to learn for childrens and students, but that there are also a lot of threats, because there is so much dangerous content in the WWW that it could be difficult to protect little children of such content. Also you always must be aware that software can be get hacked…
    And as I mentioned, that it is kind of pervers (sorry for this expretion), that we use high-technolgie and a lot of children dont even have the opportunity to learn.

  62. Techonology will be and is already really important in every topic. In every action, always searching perfomances, for everythings, and now technology is the first option selected to bring a knew breath. So, of course, that is an important topic to talk in education, in the means to use it at school.
    But i am still convinced that technologyis not so good for people evolution. It’s also one of the factors the most important who decrease links between people. When I was child i was all the time doing something with my brother, going out, enjoy simple things. After also with my friend; for example, i had to go to the home of my friend to see if he were there. Now, we know «everythings» directly. So, i use technology to, but I can also see that with children that i know, in my family. I have two cousin, the same age difference than me and my brother. But it’s not the same manner to enjoy the time nowdays. Ok, they are really good at all the video games, computers, … (internet…) , so they are probably learning several skill for future development but i hope they are not missing to learn simple things.
    I things we really have to be carefull with the introducing of new technologies in children education.

  63. Technology exists in every point of our lives and we can not no longer deny technology. But technology has got both positive additive and negative effects. we can not ignore them. If we give examples of the positive effects, it provides different learning environments in education. Technology can provide learning without getting bored by playing the game, visualizing to students. Technology enables access to information quickly for us. If we speak of the bad effects, it causes addiction in students . Now Many of children behave as uninhabitable without technology. Children do not dry real friendship, They establish virtual friendships over the Internet. Children sometimes do not do in real life everything. instead they make it over the Internet and they’re happy. But it’s not the real world. When children are adults, they will have their real and important problem. But they learned to solve problems on the internet. They have no idea about real life. In this case can create conflict to them. This necessary to establish a good balance.

  64. Nowadays new technologies are create ideal conditions for the solution of educational problems . In the recent years of scientific development came to life in the world. To enhance knowledge also greatly affects training Societies have changed rapidly with the development in the information and communication technology. As we think about the inefficiency of traditional instruction to overcome the obstacles in the teaching process, one of the best approaches is the utilization of information and communication technology.Today we can learn the news instantly from miles away.In terms of technology education we’ll find helpful and harmful aspects.Because technology is useful when used correctly. Children from smart phones to tablet computers, and game consoles so great that they can easily communicate with the screen able to see what a great press the keys with confidence.So this is true? In my opinion children should grow up with technology, of course, mothers and fathers should benefit from this stuation but new generation shouldn’t be dependent on technology.

  65. When I was learning in primary school and high school I cannot imagine that situation what ir right now and what will be later. We did not have smart phones, tablets, etc. all information we need to find in Biblioteca and ask teachers, but right now is different we can check all information in internet and we can fast find all necessary things in our technologies. Teachers also need to follow time and learn how to use these technologies. With these technologies teacher can make their job much easier. But nowadays teacher need to control more class, because if he allows all the time useing all these things children will not listen what teacher told and what he is learning.

  66. I can only agree with the idea that information and communication technology nowadays very sphere of influence education and employment. In schools almost always using flipchart, listening room for learning foreign languages, PC to teach ICT. These technologies will greatly facilitate the work of teachers in the classroom, such as presentations, videos, demos, pictures,etc. Nowadays especially development of web profiles pupils, which are published for the parents as their grades and absences hours as well as information about the course of the school year. This is in my opinion good, but I disagree with this example: my 9 year old niece must do your homework on the PC and send them to school teachers portal. She has a problem with that, because they do not have internet at home, so must go do your homework on the other side of the city to her grandmother .
    On the one hand it is good that children learn to work with the PC, but on the other hand, weaned control during normal typing grammatical errors because PC always correct .

  67. Technology is a very important topic to talk about in education, because nowadays everything circles around technology. Children can’t be taught the same way that they have been taught 10 and even 5 years ago, because “teaching in the Internet age means we must teach tomorrow’s skills today”( Jennifer Fleming) and in order to do that we must use technologies as much as possible.
    Technologies can be very beneficial and open a world of many opportunities : make teachers life easier, lessons more interesting for children, ability to learn more in a shorter amount of time and many, many others. But this all depends on the teacher. In Latvia almost all schools and every classroom have digital boards, computers and other technologies, that can seem so great, but you would be surprised how often you can see situations where the teacher using technology gets confused, scared and sometimes even angry. What I want to say with this is that I think that government should organize more classes, conferences etc. to educate teachers about using technologies in their own favor.

  68. The development of ICT was very fast in the last years and influenced many employment sectors. Nowdays if you wont to get some job or better position in a qualified company is assumed you will already have this type of knowledge. I think this technical rice is necessary for our evolution and it has to be in this way and we should go with it. But is very important what kind of impacts will have this fast growth of ICT on children. Personally i think is not essential to involved the children into this. I am talking about the children between 6 and 10 years old. I can mention one situation when the teacher in the primary school (children 6-10) put all their homeworks on one webpage where the children had to fulfill these homeworks on the computers. By the way in this case all comunication between the teacher and partents was ongoing within the internet as well. This access helps just the teacher. It makes it easier for him. The children forget how to draw or to write. They should practise its motoric skills and strengthen their handmuscles to not stunt. I think we should be very careful of involving the childs inside these technical conveniences. The consequences can be enormous.

  69. Gulsum Busra Dura dice: Responder

    Right.. Technology makes easier our life and at the present time its rises very fast. We are in a period so that, if technology is not we will not do everything. Every our life sometimes can depend on the internet. Residual; technology important element in nature, even in job application. This situation a plus in terms of the development of human. Now technology have almost every area of our life. However; technology had a lot of disadvantages. For example;
    * When familiarize kids with technology at an early age, they are introverted
    * Technology affect our healthy
    * Technology block to our being social
    * Technology are spending too much of our time
    * Technology brings us into one passive.

    If a dose is good at everthing in harmony. We have to know our border. When we go to extremes and when we keep back of against us.

  70. Nowadays technologies highly developed and I do not know what will happening after 20 years and later, because already everything is advanced. Also for teachers is innovation, for example, in my country most schools not in use with grade logs who was like a big book and have a several sheet for each subject, now most schools use a internet resources, like e-class or mykoob. It is easier for teacher and for students and even for parents, because parents can check their children marks in any time. Teachers don’t need to spend a long time filing the magazine pages, they just put information in e-class. It is very useful that modern technologies is coming into schools too, because it made a teacher similar to students, because for youth using a modern technologies is very popular!

  71. Tamta Ulumbelashvili dice: Responder

    Today the truth is that an information neededis found as quicly as as click on the web. It means that the way of living has changed and will continue to change through the century.

    Teacher skills has changed following this changing way of accessing the information. Teacher had to acquire something they students already acquired. it was maybe the only case of this type in the history of education.

    Nowadays, for students and pupils to be equiped to be successful for their future lives, teacher has to teach the future generations the know-how of Information and communication tools.

    And let’s not forget that every 2 years or even less the way of communicating and technology become obsolete, so teachers and students really have to be pending and adapting to new technology.

  72. I want to refer especially on the last paragraph of the article, which talks about technical quality and controlling ICT. I think it’s really important that we develop, try to improve and integrate the technology in our lives as much as possible, because this can lead to great benefits. With this I mean that we can make our lives easier and we can develop as humans on a different level through this. Moreover, on the school field, ICT gives us opportunity to diminish the differences between students, that everyone can build his knowledge from his level and the most important, that we can with support of ICT include into the learning process also the people with special needs (with limited motoric-skills…). However, as it said in the article we need to watch out that we are still the one who are controlling the technology processes of development and not the other way around. I agree with the fact that in this new era is especially important to stay critical, to always evaluate, keep searching for better innovations. To poses this position is, in my opinion, important to educate new skills, values and be aware of positive and negative aspects that the technology brings.

  73. I agree that in nowadays technologies rise up very fast and I cannot imagine our world after twenty years or later, I assume, that there won’t be life without technologies. Already now childrens ask for technologies and some of them know them better than older people and teachers, for example. Teachers, who use old methods, should think about development and that they need to be able to learn how to use technologies, if no, they cannot follow in time or will lose their jobs. To know how to use technologies is a big plus for people, because in every job, in profession you should know it. For technologies have pluses and cons. One of plus is that we can receive and give an information faster. Minus is that we damage our health. The most important thing, in my opinion, is to – don’t lose yourself and connect with society to face by face, develop yourself in harmony and comprehensively. And teachers need to remember the same and think about their job, opportunities and lessons – make them various.

  74. Nowadays, technology is in every area of life. So it is obvious that children get to know it very early already in different forms. Why isn´t technology integrated more often in schools? Of course there are also disadvantages in using technology, but in general I think that children should learn how to use technology in the right way, this also serves for the future as the knowledge of using technology, like computers, is unavoidable in today´s world of work. Furthermore I think that children like to use technology and if it is in school, they may be more attentive and have a more positive attitude towards learning.

  75. «we are still in the prehistory of the most amazing world coming in the next 20 years».
    I agree with that sentence that there will be a lot more to come, things that we cannot yet imagine. Furthermore, with new developments more advantages will come but I think you also have to have a look on the not so good aspects. In my opinion the topic of internet security is a very important one. Personal information will be collected even more than nowadays and especially children have to be protected and have to be informed of what their use of ICT can cause. I think many people are not aware of this or just don’t want to think of this.

  76. Estoy feliz de encontrar articulos donde hay informacion tan practica como esta. Gracias por facilitar este post.


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