Ep. 4: ABP – Principios de los proyectos: Regla colaborativa

ABP-4-Principios de los proyectos-Regla colaborativa José Manuel Bautista

Un paso más en la caracterización de los Proyectos de Trabajo y el Aprendizaje Basado en Proyectos (ABP). Estamos ante un principio muy importante, porque hablar de colaboración, cooperación y participación es fundamental en la escuela de hoy. Aunque vamos a insistir siempre en la importancia creciente del Aprendizaje Personalizado, es lo cierto que los […]

Teaching Unit: concept and elements

A Teaching Unit is a cluster of several lessons that fit together closely. The lessons of the unit will address the same essential questions and will help the students learn the same enduring understandings. With other words, a Teaching Unit is a well-defined thematic body of instruction. It has a single instructional goal with several […]

Fragility of most present-day knowledge

Increasingly, less and less profits are obtained from the traditional sources: land, work and money. The main producers of wealth are information and knowledge. Present-day societies are witnessing fundamental changes in the way of producing the scientific, social and cultural knowledge. A new manner of producing knowledge and a new consideration of the volume and […]

COURSE: Curriculum Making: Innovation and Development

  ECTS: 6 per Semester Description This module examines the practices of curriculum making, in order to compare and contrast approaches across organisations and subject areas. This will illuminate the factors and their interrelationships within cultures of curriculum making and the experience of students at a time when reform of the curriculum and qualifications is […]

To control and win with ICT from education

My new article published in the digital magazine ‘Windows 8 Educational Apps’. The quick development of ICT, together with the globalization processes coming with it, are lighting a world with unbelievable shapes in this new century. Without shadow of a doubt one of the elements that will configure the next decades will be the progressive, […]