How long waiting for innovation?

The affirmation that present-day society is living in the civilisation of information and communication technologies is not new. Because of this new civilisation, humankind is, in a sense, living in different way in every aspect of life.


Although it is not completely true that society has experimented unprecedental changes, the last twenty years can be regarded as the time when a series of thoughts has been put into practice, thoughts perhaps developed in previous decades.

Considered globally, the history of humankind has developed three great civilisations, dominated and characterised by one technology and different social problems, exploitations, human values, professional and social struggles and ways of considering, approaching and producing information and knowledge.

These three great civilisations are the following: the civilisation of agriculture, the longest; the civilisation on industry, the most socially concerned and the civilisation of information and communication technologies, which is not that of knowledge since the latter is more ideal and pretended while the former is more available and refers only to what has to do with information by itself.

Leaving aside the first two civilisations, within the information technologies, the working object is modelled with an additional element: information itself, an element which, for many, is the centre of a series of justifications in which other elements seem to be forgotten to a certain extent.

On the side of knowledge, the specialised knowledge for the identification and resolution of problems is what is most demanded. Since the production of knowledge is not a global phenomenon, knowledge companies are obliged to have access to the global intelligence and the new key for the techno-economical paradigm is based more and more in the information technologies, perhaps, newer and newer every time.

Every aspect of the cultural, economical, personal and social life has been affected by the apparition of these new ways of understanding life through incessant flows of information, through new pretended knowledge itineraries and without lessening the importance of the new ways of tackling information knowledge and its problems. In this sense, the way the curriculum is understood has been also altered, just at the moment when new ways of connecting information, creating and developing the school curriculum at the service of how the world is understood nowadays, is beginning to be accepted.

But we are really in the beginning!

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  1. Laura Aylin Hechler dice: Responder

    Nowadays people do not realize how much they use technology. Technology accompanies us in almost every situation in daily life. There are much more positive than negative facts about this theme. In my opinion, technology is a very good way to figure out some information or knowledge about special themes easily. It is helpful in lots of situations in life.
    But we have to consider the question if this flood of technology is a good way for the education of children. In my opinion children get automatically confronted with technology very early. So it is not necessary to acquaint them in primary school with technology.
    In general students cannot exist without using technology but people have to find a good balance to use it. It should not be a excessive consumption but nowadays it unfortunately is.

  2. Nowadays we want to obtain the informations as fast as possible, in which the technology’s development helps us, because day by day they invent a hundreds of new devices. Of course i think it is a good thing, because we don’t have too much time in this running world for search an information or solution for our problems from a book. So in my opinion the innovation is an important thing, and we have to expend more time and money on the innovation. (By the way Hungary’s achievement is more than below the European Union’s average achievement..)
    In the other hand it could be bad, because we almost can’t live without all of this technology stuffs, but we should pay more attention for the real world, our real relationships, and not just on the technology and internet. We should put our stuffs down, and go outside to the fresh air, and make new experiences without all this technology. I know it would be hard, but we can get used to it.

  3. As a big fan of modern technology I am very happy that it enters into every aspect of our lives. Thanks to each one of us can become famous through the power of YouTube, or even to fulfill their dream of living with blogging. We no longer have to walk on to the casting, or to ask publishers to release our book, just the internet. Thanks to success is closer than ever and you only need to reach it. Therefore, we should learn from an early age how to use tools such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, or even writing simple scripts in Wordpress.I think it would greatly improve the situation not only in the labor market, but also in the amount of interesting contents on the Internet.

  4. Thomas Scheffer dice: Responder

    At this time, no one can imagine a world without technology more. You only notice how independent you are from the technology if you can not appeal. On People are getting smarter and we are becoming more innovative
    and then find these innovations primarily in the technology. It is important that bassischolen here at last and teachers, we must continue to be creative and innovative and we must seize the opportunities given to us to improve. Education and the economy

  5. Jasna Rovčanin dice: Responder

    We are living in time, when we almost can not imagine life without information and communication technologies (ICT). Modern learning simply requires the use of them in all stages of the educational process. If we mention the use of e-learning materials in the classroom, they represent only one segment of the use of ICT in the process. The main purpose of e-learning materials in the classroom is to motivate children to learn and work in the classroom. And with the help of e-learning materials we can give to children knowledge in a different way. I see the advantages of individualization of instruction. Such an approach allows children to different learning activities, and teachers can adjust according to learners’ needs.

  6. Knowledge and technology are definitely connected. And nowadays we cannot live without them. The main problem about fast-growing technology is that it is abused. For example internet-a lot of beneficial points and actually big companies cannot live without it but on the other hand there is so many internet victims that is hard to count. Children spending their time on computer and tablets instead on fresh air, people googleing problems instead of talking about it.. Like I said-technology is being abused and within knowledge. And about knowledge-whole school system will needed to be changed, because children will need to start to work with technology early.

  7. Egemen Tuncer YILDIZ dice: Responder

    Sorry Last Recomment because its wrong copy , paste ..

    Yes, we are in the civilisation of information and communication technology. With these two technologies, countries are divided new countries are established. In this era relations between countries are provided with these technologies. Those, who have the best technology, have the most power in this era.Right it is too early to say that whether it is good or bad. But we can admit that with these two technologies an era is closed and a new era is opened. But we have not named it yet. But right now we can say that we are at the very beginning and, unfortunately, in the end, those, who cannot afford or earn these two technologies will be disappeared. That’s why we need to learn how to use it..

  8. Egemen Tuncer YILDIZ dice: Responder

    Inclusive education is perfect name for this appoach. Student learns the worldview from student who has different social background while he is learning from teacher. so the act of learning has two dimensions: the first one is between student and teacher, the second one is between student and student. That’s why it is inclusive. By doing this, if we can, people will have tolarence against each other regarding their worldview. But the question is how we diversify students? Do we diversify just taking into account their cultural background, their colour of skin, religious aspect, their being disabled or not? or do we diversify them regarding economical background? I think the biggest gap between people generally derives from economical background. If we can handle it, without doubt, this approach will be the best. In practice, we should do it punctiliously.

  9. As the article already stated, we are living in the civilisation of information and communication technologies. Innovations are necessary from time to time and, in many ways, they make our everyday lives way easier, but is it really that good for us? Does it help us become more than we are? Lately, I have seen a short film about how modern technology effects our social lives, and there was a sentence (it was not the only one) that caught my attention: ‘we are a generation of idiots, smart phones and dumb people’. And there is great truth and wisdom in these words. In a few seconds we could reach all the information we need for a certain topic.. in case we have internet! It really is easy for us, and since we are always running out of time, we will not complain. Moreover, who wants to make more effort, if it is not needed? I genuinely think, sometimes, we all should try to live without all these communication technologies, social media platforms, etcetera. It is hard. And different.

  10. We have to be glad that we can use all these technologies. We are able to look for informations within a few seconds. Only some years ago we had to go to the Library order a book and had to search in the book for the informations we need. In our modern live it´s also necessary to can handle this technologie. Because of that it´s necessary to learn how to use it. The shool should start teaching it at primary school. There are ways to make it very easy and in a funny way for the children.For example: they can choose a topic they want and search for them in the internet. With all the informations they get they hold a presentation. This also works in primary school. Or in secondary school. In chemistry the techer present an experiment for his students. The students have to make this experiment at home,film it with their smartphone and upload the video on the teachers facebookpage for example…

  11. Unfortunately, I accept the fact that technology helps learning new knowledge. We can find many materials in internet about everything, the world, religions, maths, chemistry, etc. (even books) But there is a crucial question about it: Is this really beneficial for everybody? I don’t think so. For me, internet means a knowledge without an effort, hardwork. I am not saying that developments in technology are very bad and we should go back in time. No, this is not what I am saying. My point is to know how to use technology. I have seen examples of this when I was in high school, the effects still continue on me. When the teachers asked us to comment a text in literature, we run to the information in internet. Please, don’t we have only an opinion about what we read? It is pathetic to become lazy to think because of internet, technology. We misunderstand the advandages of the internet, technology. We have a perfect example for this, for this course every week we make comments about articles, I know that many student are suffering when they are commenting these articles, I do also in some subjects that I know nothing about. It is because we usually take the ready, quick knowledge. Everything is given to us, we do not have to make an extra effort or even we do not have to study a subject because in the class, the teachers give us everything that we ask for because they know that even if they do not give the knowledge or ideas, we will find them in internet. We do no have our own ideas about life. We should change it, you should speak (think) for yourself or they’ll speak (think) for you.

  12. Unfortunately, I accept the fact that technology helps learning new knowledge. We can find many materials in internet about everything, the world, religions, maths, chemistry, etc. (even books) But there is a crucial question about it: Is this really beneficial for everybody? I don’t think so. For me, internet means a knowledge without an effort, hardwork. I am not saying that developments in technology are very bad and we should go back in time. No, this is not what I am saying. My point is to know how to use technology. I have seen examples of this when I was in high school, the effects still continue on me. When the teachers asked us to comment a text in literature, we run to the information in internet. Please, don’t we have only an opinion about what we read? It is pathetic to become lazy to think because of internet, technology. We misunderstand the advandages of the internet, technology. We have a perfect example for this, for this course every week we make comments about articles, I know that many student are suffering when they are commenting these articles, I do also in some subjects that I know nothing about. It is because we usually take the ready, quick knowledge. Everything is given to us, we do not have to make an extra effort or even we do not have to study a subject because in the class, the teachers give us everything that we ask for because they know that even if they do not give the knowledge or ideas, we will find them in internet. We do no have our own ideas about life. We should change it, we should use the technology in case of our speak (think) for yourself or they’ll speak (think) for you.

  13. We live in a world that almost everything is possible by means of technology. We come up with ideas and we find ways to make it true by working diligently. History of humankind developed three major civilisations, which are the civilisation of agriculture, the civilisation on industry and the civilisation of information and communication technologies.
    Not to mention, the last one, the civilisation of information and communication technologies is the most crucial in this knowledge era. By reason of knowledge not being a global phenomenon, the techno-economical paradigm is information technology-based.
    With this new paradigm, technology that innovates how to convey information really matters nowadys and this is in the center, how to transfer information or acquire information, of curriculum and education.

  14. It’s really interesting to see these diferent civilisations: the the civilisation of agriculture, the ,the civilisation on industry and the civilisation of information and communication technologies. We can see in these civilisations that the innovation is the central point. Innovation may be linked to positive changes in efficiency, productivity, quality, competitiveness, market share, and others .There are several sources of innovation. It can occur as a result of a focus effort by a range of different agents, by chance, or as a result of a major system failur. However, innovation processes usually involve: identifying needs, developing competences, and finding financial support.

  15. In my opinion, innovation is also required to be competitive today and tomorrow. Managing that expectation and deliverable is critical for sustainable growth to occur. Civilisation is built on social media and technology platforms. I think every new technology brings us a great advantage. We need to use every innovation of technology. Last twenty years, communication technology has advanced so much in the world. Innovation is important because it leads to the growth and development of a society and country. Innovation also helps in the positive change of an environment, goes with the evolving desires of customers and leads to advanced technology.

    Success in the path of civilization, depends on innovation.

  16. Today, you barely can live a day without technology. We already got so used to this technology always being present in our dayly lifes, that we don’t even notice anymore how mutch it is present… But in a way, it’s good: we receive a lot of information and it’s so easy to get it. It is necessary to be able to work well with a computer and its several programmes and to know something of the modern technology. That’s why we have to include this in the curriculum of the primary school. It’s important children learn how to use it correctly and also to learn the negative sides of it. It’s not necessary to learn them how to work with an apple, every kind of smartphone, every kind of camera etc.. but the basics are good, the rest will follow automatically.

  17. We live in the world when technology is a big part of our lives. I think that it’s important to know how to use computers, phones because now parents and teachers aren’t our only source of information. We can find information in couple of minutes in internet if we need to. I also think that we should know how to use technology but also how to not depend on it. And everybody should show it to their children. I understand that technology is very big part in our lives but we need to show younger children that it’s possible to live without technology 24/7.

  18. As Sir Henry Deterding said: » The future belongs to those are virile, to whom it is a pleasure to live, to create, to whet their intelligence on that of the others.»

    An organization needs to constantly innovate to succeed. Innovation is about making things better, faster, or cheaper than your competition. It drives ongoing improvements and may help unleash a new idea that changes the rules. Companies need to approach innovation and change effectively and proactively. As time changes so fast its neccesary to be fast on individual and follow the inovation on each level of life. With inovation technology changes as well, so its never enought knowledge, because it is good to be informed and stick with the rest people, who are seeking of modern inovation and new knowledge. In education way it is good to start early, to impact the inovation to young people and get more knowledge, so they can use this knowledge to make new inovation and do things better and faster.

  19. Lukas Schaunitzer dice: Responder

    It is important to train people on actual systems, to prepare them for the future-technology.
    Designing a curriculum for computer science is very difficult! Every program that is relevant today will be outdated tomorrow. Almost every 4 years doubled the performance of the computer. New sensors and devices are developed. Here it is particularly difficult to be on the cutting edge.
    For me, it would be particularly important to teach children how to use these innovations intelligent and not to be depending on it.

  20. We have come a long way in our technological advancements, and the amount on which rely upon them is unprecedented. Obviously technology makes our lives faster, easier and more convenient. On the flip-side, however this technological civilisation is also a great weakness, technology can’t overtake roles such as a teacher, technology can also fail, there has been many times where I have completed an essay and it hasn’t saved. Relying too heavily upon such sources can make us forget the older and more reliable ways of doing things. The idea of having too much distant and technological learning is a dangerous one, the educational environment, no matter how old you are brings a wealth of information in terms of group work, and social skills. The idea that innovation and creativity could slow down is a reality, because nowadays it’s easy to just google something, rather than look through books and find out other pieces of information on the way.

  21. I apologize for my previous post, It was about «Create new schools.» By a mistake i opened wrong tab. Here is the right one:
    Innovation has always been driven by the dream of being able to monetize. Remember TANSTAAFL‎?
    Our civilizations have been developed by the needs for it, agriculture to feed us, industry to warm us and communication to let us stay in touch.
    Look back at the old times, where trades between cultures were exotic. Small items such as salt/spices, letters and such took long time. Now it can be bought / sent and received in realtime. Even to other planets! What the impact is? The world just got smaller, and will continue to do so.

  22. For sure, we are affected by technology and science today. It would be very strange if we were not.
    Technology was not always electrical as most probably would associate it with today.
    Also, remember; we are getting more and more assimilated. Not by the schools, but by the ease of technology!
    From that aspect, its also a bit dangerous as we are loosing the practical old skilled professionals.
    Most of youngsters know how to operate a computer before they start school nowadays. It also makes them participate more.
    I think that didactic plans are hindering the more rapid explosion needed to increase what people learn using technology by them self.

  23. Due to the constantly increasing technologic infrastructure, there is more and more information available. Not only the quantity of information became bigger, but also the access became a lot easier compared to the last years. On the one hand, one can see this as a positive aspect, because it can help and may make life easier and of course this comfort leads to a higher life standard. On the other hand, this development also holds negative aspects. Nowadays, it is common that we rather google problems or questions, instead of taking time to think about it. Often it is faster to look things up on the internet, but also, I think that often we cannot have a quiet moment to concentrate on one issue, because we are used to multitask and therefore thinking and doing things at the same time, hence we are likely to get distracted.
    So when everyone is just ‘googling their knowledge’, who will come up with new innovative ideas? In my opinion, it is important to show children, and maybe ourselves, that it is possible to have some moments without media being involved so we won’t forget how to use our brains.

  24. Krisztina Szeman dice: Responder

    Nowadays, we can have the informations from everywhere, we are living in a technology world, we can search for everything, find everything, whenever we want. We have mobiles, laptops, and intenet on them everywhere.
    We communicate with our mobile all day, we use it more often, than make a phone call, but the phone is for make calls, write sms..
    Without internet its sometime become hard, because we so used to it. Its not a good thing, but from a different point of view, its not bad neither. Its just cant decide i think, everything has different views.

  25. Teachers are no longer the only source of information. Students today have many opportunities to get the desired information. We live in a time when we practically no longer have problems with obtaining information as people had in the past, because the chances of getting knowledge are big. Truly we are only at the beginning and frankly, I am afraid of future, because the media, especially computer with Internet, unfortunately detract us from nature and other people, and is imprisoning us in our own world and I do not know whether I want this for our children. In any case, the media education is our only and best option, because we cannot escape from this.

  26. Technology becomes an important part of our lives. Nowadays, without it, we almost can’t do anything. It is a bad or good situation, it changes how people use it. For example, for children, it is really harmful. They are getting forget how to communicate with each other. In fact, we adults also are at the same situation. As technology makes progress, we start to think less. Also, we started to do less, because technology does whatever we need at this time. So, it is not a good way for us. I think when people use it consciously, it becomes helpful for us.

  27. Sandra Maloversnik dice: Responder

    It is frightening how extremely fast the technology evolves. For sure technology is a very important element for today`s society and will become increasingly important in our life. But it frightens me a little bit when it comes to the social life of us. How will our social life look like in the future with more and more sophisticated technology? I`m really scared that maybe someday people won`t even talk to each other because they will be able to divine what somebody is thinking through implants which make that possible. Facebook, smartphones and other social media already changed our social behaviour. Nearly everybody has got a smartphone with internet access today. And what is the first thing people do when they meet to eat or drink something together? They take out their smartphones and start checking their mails or Facebook. Technology already gained the upper hand. On the other hand technology makes our life`s much more easier and gives us many possibilities. When I think about smart boards in school and what possibilities such a smart board gives you in the way you teach. It is incredible. And I`m really curious what else the new technology will make possible.

  28. How long waiting for innovation?

    It is in my opinion that man kind and society are indeed living in a very different way compared to the last century. However I also feel that man kind has undergone a rapid and never before seen reliance on technology to function. I think to summarise the reliance on computers as a civilisation of information technology is somewhat correct, taking this blog as the perfect example. I am currently completing this assignment, using information technology while flying between Ireland and Portugal, which unless we had the technology we have today this would not have been possible. Teachers and students are now more than ever reliant on the internet to complete assignments, do research tasks, communication across numerous channels and perform well in their educational lives.

    Damien Tumilty.

  29. I think that this article is really interesting and current in today’s society. We see how people heavily rely on technology as part of their daily lives. Society is changing more rapidly than ever, and will begin to not only change the culture which we live in but also humankind “Humankind is, in a sense, living in different way in every aspect of life”. However, educational change literature in recent years is characterized by awareness that innovations alone don’t transform schools, that processes of change in schools are far more human than technological. We have seen a shift in focus from the innovations themselves to the complex interaction between these and teacher’s goals, needs and methods of teaching, the characteristics of learners and the school context. Concern for students’ well being and their experiences managing this connectivity and their place in a multi-media world has increased with greater focus on students, their lives and their education today. Early childhood settings and school classrooms are sites of innovation practice where 21st century skills are being nurtured, debated and developed. We see that innovation in classrooms is not about an artifact or a one-off activity or event. It’s a not something to add to education or to include in a special module. It’s not exclusively for one subject or one cohort above another. It is a way of working and a way of learning. We can all agree that technology will continue to grow and expand, but it is also important to keep in mind that technology will never outdo a single individual. Individuals will always have new ideas to share and innovate, but without humans there would be no new technology changes and transformations.

  30. I agree with the article. Innovation is defined as “the process of making changes to something established by introducing something new.” It applies to “…radical or incremental changes to products, processes or services.” Over the years there have been many changes in the way education is designed and delivered in parts of the world. Today, I think that technology is a significant driver behind change, and sometimes plays an important role in innovations in educational design and delivery. There are immense possibilities for greater and wider-spread change with the use of present-day technological advancements, as well as with the implementation of innovative educational programs. The challenge is to ensure that innovation plays a constructive role in improving educational opportunities for billions of people who remain under-served in a rapidly developing world.

  31. Innovation is always new and different means that a result.Today’s rapidly changing competitive environment companies remain standing for products, services, and production methods are changing continuously, and it is necessary to refresh.Innovative education to begin with teachers to be innovative.. Technology changes quickly, keep pace in today’s technology age, who are looking to capture the questioning individuals and anyone who knows what he wants the most important goal to train teachers.Achieve our objective and based on sound foundations of the future will have an important role in the future of the great need to provide support to the education.Innovation in education? Yes,of course.If we think a little caution to innovation in education;thinking, exchange information,generating an idea,creator,self- confident,establish relationship with its environment,team prone to understanding,all information technologies tend to use and equipped with skills that may use them,individuals who know a foreign language.In short, if we want to create value from innovation and we must be followers.

  32. Aleksandra Jaszcz dice: Responder

    “Present-day society is living in the civilisation of information and communication technologies” – I couldn’t agree more with this sentence. Nowadays people live in a world where there is more and more information, we are overloaded by news and facts on internet, tv or other media, but the truth is that it all has less and less meaning. Of course it is useful that thanks to technological innovation we can easily look up the meaning of some words, check latest news or simply read articles about things that we are interested in. But this simplicity of finding information and communicating with people by using innovative technologies can be dangerous for children. Parents or teachers can’t control what other people write on websites or what they put on internet. And nowadays it is comfortable for parents to give computer to a child and leave him with this because he is occupied and doesn’t make any trouble. But unfortunately we can’t be sure what he finds on internet. And as we all know child is easily affected by environment… so YES for using technologies, but with common sense.

  33. Innovation is very important for education. For instance; suppose that there are two people. And both of them study. One of them study very technical and there are a lot of tecnology for education. And the other one is studiying standart school. He/she hasn’t got an activity, don’t use tecnology and like this. So the first student can know innovation better than second one. Because; if you have any tecnology or etc that time you can improve your innovative skills and you dont have to wait much for innovation.. Consuquently; good education can be possible with innovation.

  34. Starting with the headline, its important to know what one thinks of innovation. I want to make this clear. For me being innovative should not be considered just in technological fields. We have to create teaching methods to make our minds start thinking ‘innovatively’. Being creative and being innovative must not be misunderstood. I think that must be the crucial point. Otherwise this can take away the art of discussion and teaching within a classroom. Because educators shouldn’t refuse modern systems of communications, it’s much more effective to include this resources in the lessons.

  35. Karolina Brodowska dice: Responder

    It is true that computers and technology have dominated today’s world and have brought a lot of good. Technology helps us in education, gives access to information and possibility of rapid communication. The problem appears when we consider how to use all of this wisely and don’t lose our head. Many people can not find a border and don’t know the limit. Boundary is very thin and it’s easy to get addicted. Technology will grow all the time, that’s why it is so important to find the safest way of using it and don’t forget that technology won’t never replace the real, human relations.

  36. Agnieszka Mączka dice: Responder

    Parents teach their children many things: morals, etiquette, religion, cleanliness, walking, riding a bicycle, reading, writing, discipline, safety…the list goes on and on. But nowadays is also important to learn children how to use innovation and new technology in responsable way. Everyone seems to agree that, as exciting as new technologies are, we should not be perceive as a panacea for all ills, or a sorter way to more effective teaching.

    Innovation and new technologies can empower children and better prepare them for life in our fast-paced online word but only if these tools will be used in an effective manner. For example, now many mobile phones can access more information than is held in any library, the idea of school as the place you go to acquire knowledge is an anachronism. However, schools still have an important role to play as the ‘base camp’ for enquiries that will take children into their communities, and online.

  37. Cathérine Jové Skoluda dice: Responder

    The new technology- based life contains lot of advantages. It´s quite easy to be well-informed and get in contact with new people and new ideas, but I think especially in communication network like social networking services it happens quite fast that people lose the relation to real life. Lots of people lose their real attitude which they have in real life and behave in a different way because they feel safer without the face-to-face-contact. It´s important to behave circumspectly with personal information in the world of internet and that should also be a part of engineered world that children have to learn at school when they learn to use new media which holds also risks.

  38. Rebecca McClean dice: Responder

    I agree with this article completely. In today’s society our technology is ever evolving and developing. I believe this has both negatives and positives. On the positive side it gives us new resources and technology to cope with daily life. Also new technology is a important in the education system, for example the development of interactive whiteboards lets the students get more involved in their lessons which makes education more enjoyable for them and even for their teacher. However there is also a negative side to new technology, teenagers are constantly on their phones and I believe young people are slowly losing the ability to socialise outside of social networking sites. They need to spend more time communicating face to face.

  39. Nowadays not having the newest model of iPhone, iPad or just mobile phone, not mentioning not having the access to the Internet.. all of these are kinds of shame. Especially when it comes to young people whose the most important priority is to impress friends. Taking that into consideration I strongly believe that technology innovations are really helpful and useful in all fields of human brain. Nevertheless, in my opinion it is heading for nothing good because not all of the people are able to use such facilities smartly and wisely. We can know what is going on all over the world just within few seconds – and this is the advantage, undoubtedly. However, when children have got free access to different websites which are not created for them – this is the drawback, undoubtedly too.

  40. It is definetly true that information technology nowadays affects us in many aspects of our lives. The impact is evident in the way we obtain information, we communicate, etc. I personally think that there are many advantages concerning these changes, as for obtaining information through the internet or being able to keep in contact easily with people no matter what’s the distance, for example with friends from different countries. I also consider using these technology in the classroom as beneficial when used in a proper way
    However, i can see the negative aspects as well. For example I do not think it’s beneficial for children to start using the computer in early ages in contrast to what many people think, as they might lose their ability of learning to apreciate the things in «real life» and being creative. Everybody should keep a healthy distance to the posibilities of these technologies as nobody should become «adicted» in this matter.

  41. Alexandra Mc Gurran dice: Responder

    I am fully in agreement with this article. Technology is very much changing every aspect of life and in my opinion this is only going to continue. It obviously has its benefits for teachers, students and society. However sometimes I feel technology can be a bad thing, as I believe we are losing our ability to communicate in person. Everyone today communicates via social media, text message etc. Sometimes when I look at a room full of people I feel our ability to speak and communicate is becoming threatened as everyone sits in silence glued to their phone. It is a scary prospect to think that in years to come is the world going to be ruled by technology with unsocial beings living within it?

  42. Danique van 't Spijker dice: Responder

    This article has quite put me to thinking. Knowledge is therefore very important. But we are developing more and more with the digital. Contacts between people are getting less personal. Everything goes through the Internet, mobile phone and so on.
    In a few years you will not even out of the door. This has its advantages but also disadvantages. The downside is definitely the lack of personal contact.
    If this is almost gone, I wonder how the people are then. Much less personal contact with people has the ultimate result that people are a lot less social?
    This makes me scared sometimes.

  43. Mitchell ter Haar dice: Responder

    I concur fully in this article. And indeed, we are only at the beginning. If you ask me, we’re like you can call the major experimental phase that still needs a lot of time that. The beautiful sun experimental phase that can be. Whilst adding all It changes a lot and people can do whatever they want. But what you must realize is that we will not be able to return. We need to finish my opinion now that we have started. And it is important so as to start creating the best that we make use of the situation.
    In that respect, you can not say that there is a fixed point to start with innovation. I think that innovation is continuous. And that’s the good of it. Use what is useful and discard what is not useful. And here we have a very long, but challenging way to go.

  44. Piotr Jaworowicz dice: Responder

    It is so scary, that the most used way of communicate, is the internet. It is easier to find someone online in internet than to pick up the phone by him. The develop of the technology touch every sector of our live. Everything is controlled, your bank account, you mail, your, facebook conversation, everything! For sure you can use it like your trump. When you will synchronizate everything you can make a command center using just a computer! Contact with everyone, perfect ways to learn languages and another important things, having a encyclopedies at your fingertips. We can`t stop the technologies develop, we can just adapt.

  45. When I read this text I starts to think about how important it is to have yourself update about how the society develops and especially if you work in school. Then you have to be update so that you could learn about new and maybe better ways of teaching. In my home university in Sweden we talks a lot of how to teach with new methods. And right now we learn and discuss about how to teach with digital tools, this is very important right now in Sweden. We also learn about different tools to increase reading comprehension but our teacher always tells us that we must be aware of that it´s comes new tools all the time and we must be update and read about what new teaching methods people talks about. And I think it´s important that everybody wants to develop themselves to be more creativity and through this, the community and the schools developed

  46. I agree that technology has diametrally changed the way we learn, obtain information and communicate. Now it´s almost imposiible to imagine e.g. studying without the access to the Internet. However, I think there is also a sad element in it. For example, it seems that years ago, when people had to use books and only written materials, when they had to share one foreign newspaper in order to have contact with a real-life foreign language (a story told by my university professor), I think they often appreciated knowledge more and put more effort into the process of learning. Also, their knowledgfe was more organized, complex. Without the possibility of checking some pieces of information e.g. on the Internet, they had to have ´the whole picture´ of what they have to know in their heads. Now, I think we know a lot of things, but it is a very superficial knowledge. We can start explaining something, but then we see that we miss this or that information, that we know the general concept but without the details (or the other way round)… But it´s ok because we can access the Internet almost any time and ask Google our question. It is a very good thing, this easy access to various type of information. However, what if what we get and learn is written by our peer from the other part of the world, who doesn´t know much more than what we know? It seems that we stopped looking for knowledge at where it starts but we keep repeating somebody else´s words and opinions.

  47. I think in today’s society technology is a really important factor in many people lives. In the last 15 – 20 years there was such a huge progress in this field that it is impossible to think what we would do without it.
    Not only is it easier nowadays to get some kind of information in a really short time, but some jobs couldn’t function with today’s techology.
    I also think it is really important in schools. There are so many different ways we can use it. For example, you can get a degree only through internet courses at an university or the whole equipment in classrooms can make the lessons so much more interesting. It’s unbelievable what you can do with a smartboard nowadays.
    I can’t even imagine how the technology will proceed in the next 50-100 years, but I’m looking forward to finding it out.

  48. It is true that the we live in the «IT century» where to have mobile phone and free acess to internet it`s kind of obligatory in order to comunicate rightfully with the others. Although I think that this kind of comunication went bit too far from the good use because more and more people especialy the younger one prefer it instead of «eye to eye» comunication which is healthier and better I think. We`ve created and developed the information and comunication technologies in order to comunicate with people from all over the world, how are far from us, but to this moment we use it for everything and everyone. What I`m saying is that now kids prefer to sit in front of the computer playing games and comunicate through facebook, twitter and etc. instead going out and play together which is petty, I think. So I don`t know how more will the IT comunications developing before the disadvantages become more than advantages.

  49. Social Media and Technology platforms is the base on which today’s civilisation is built. It is the principle way of communicating in today’s society. Society has adapted to the developments in technology over the last five years into a day to day basis. Technology is now so heavily relied upon that if it were to be removed from society there would be an extreme struggle to adapt. Internet access, such as WiFi, the use of mobile phones and the use of tablets have become a vital part of daily life and is extremely accessible to all. It is alarming the rate of progression which technology is developing and I worry that everything will be so easy that people will fail to think for themselves.

  50. I think that as everything new technology has its advantages and disadvantages. In my opinion itcan be most harmful for the children if not used properly. Some parents surround their kids with a lot of new items just to entertain them. However, I think that today we have a huge possibility to use technology to help educate people (not only children). For example we can even study now by the internet which is really amazing for people that wouldn’t could do this traditional way. There are a lot of ways to use it for the purpose to learn it. As the world changes it gives us more possibilities thanks to the technology . We need to learn how to use it to benefit from this.

  51. Daniel Kinghorn dice: Responder

    Civilisation is built on social media and technology platforms. It is the principle way of communicating in today’s society. Over the last five years people have integrated the use of technology into there daily lives. We now rely so heavily of technology that if it were to be removed from society there would be an extreme struggle. The thought of not having things like smartphones, WiFi and tablets which has became so vital and easily accessible is perhaps mind blowing. Everything is now at our fingertips that you must ask will it reach the point where nobody thinks for themselves? Given the way society has developed this looks like a serious possibility.

  52. In my opinion the statement enclosed in this article is totally true. The present-day world relay on technologies and information. For example, general available media and internet give us a variety of information. This is high advanced and visible in almost every single aspect of our lives. One of the most important parts where we can see those changes is working area. It is a well-known fact that staff members who are introduced with newest technologies are the most appreciated. This is the reason why the new technology should be used in school – to prepare pupils to live and work in the era of information and communication technologies.

  53. Innovation is a change of information.Information is provided in the continuity of civilization as in making innovations.Civilizations have a lot of information is in the set.New information will be added as time goes on.Every innovation is the development of a civilization.Especially in recent years has developed ideas and information.Information technology is transferred to people in different ways.Today, information is matched to every aspect of the school curriculum.This is a very important development.People’s information needs to reach more quickly and conveniently.
    In the age of technology is that we in the greatest of ease.We can reach all kinds of innovation from every direction.

  54. I think technology in the modern world is on the one side very important, but on the other it can be really harmful for our lifes. Nowadays we can not imagine the world without Internet, facebook, whatsapp, iPod, television,…I got my first mobil phone when I was 13, but now children in the kindergarden have mobile phones. I think this is not normal, because if you do not have limits with technology (if you are addicted to it), you can lose normal relations with people, because the techology become more important to you than human contacts. This is very common nowadays. I think it can be even worse in the future. But we can not do anything about this. Technology is growing day by day.

  55. The thing about advancing technology is that people somehow sometimes forget that we are still living beings. We are built to have a live with interactions between humans; smartphones and social networks with the constant connection to the internet somehow screw this up. Albert Einstein once said, that he fears the day that technology surpasses morales. And that somehow has happened in the last decades in my opinion. His conclusion by the way was, that it’ll be a generation of idiots. I don’t know if that is right but at least can agree on the first part of it. Our technology advanced way faster than our morals and our ability to work with them. A lot of kids who are not even in their teens have already smartphones and are connected to everybody in their life but somehow miss a lot of actuall intercounter in their ‘real life’. To use electronic devices and techonology wisely is the most important lesson we can learn. It should in my opinion be part of a curriculum before kids (and also adults) lose their connection to the real life.

  56. Nuray Yalçınkaya dice: Responder

    Innovation is defined as “the process of making changes to something established by introducing something new.” It applies to radical or incremental changes to products, processes or services.Over the years there have been many changes in the way education is designed and delivered in parts of the world.Today, technology is a significant driver behind change, and sometimes plays an important role in innovations in educational design and delivery. There are immense possibilities for greater and wider-spread change with the use of present-day technological advancements, as well as with the implementation of innovative educational programs. The challenge is to ensure that innovation plays a constructive role in improving educational opportunities for billions of people who remain under-served in a rapidly developing world.

  57. Barbora Beňová dice: Responder

    The fact that we are living in the information age is no news. Compared to earlier times when there was a lack of informations and it was very difficult to get to them, nowadays we find ourselves in the very opposite situation. Thanks to all the new and newer devices, and especially internet, we are instantly getting too many informations, there for in this era we have to learn not how to get some informations, but how to filter them and get just to the important ones. I am not saying to give up to all of the electronic stuff we have, but I would recommend to use them wisely and not to fall for an extreme, as it is never good. Lets just, instead of uploading the newest applications on the newest model of Ipad, keep our common sense.

  58. I agree with the article. The internet, the technology, devices surrounded the world. On the one hand it’s good that the world is constantly developing, but at the other many people forget about the normal life outside the computer and virtual world. Nowadays those who doesn’t use the newest devices, they probably won’t find themselves in the «new» world. Does is suppose to be like that? If we are often closed in our houses because of the internet, addicted to for ex. social networking-facebook, how can we go to the University, if the easiest way is to get the information about school by facebook, from friends. Of course the world cannot stop developing, but there should be more rules about using it in order to prevent the lack of human values and humankind.

  59. Ashling O Neill dice: Responder

    Its true that today, everything revolves around the internet. Particularly in cities.
    The internet is so much more advanced than it was in the beginning and it will only get faster. The University way of learning is not what it used to be. It began with slides projected on to a board and was followed by projectors which are connected to the internet.
    Schools and universities will prefer to use iPads and Laptops over books. Because its easier. Books can be put online to be sold because its more facilitating and its better for the environment. Technology promotes working in class situations. Students want to use it, therefore it is miles ahead of books.
    Students show more attention with using technology than when they are using books and In my opinion technology in the classroom is very important, because it gives the teacher a more efficient way of teaching his/her students rather than the boring way of books.

  60. The Computer and information technology has made a big impact in our lives and society in general.In the last 10years we have seen huge changes in the way people communicate using information technology , in term of electronic messaging eg emails ,texting , chatting .Information technology has brought the worlg together we can share information quickly, efficiently. The world has become one Global village. I think is good because the children able to have more information about other lifestyle and have more friends. Of course is good for the education too, but we need to know where is the limit.

  61. It is undoubtedly true that the world has gone through an unprecedented amount of change in not only the last 20 years, but even 10. We can’t deny the fact that technology is a major influencing factor in the everyday lives of many today.
    Access to internet is available to everyone today with us even knowing very few people, if any, without it. The change in how we look at internet access can be seen in a recent report from the UN, stating that internet access is now a basic human right. Something like this would not have even been reported 10 years ago. Today, everyone has such ease to internet, we take it for granted that we can go on-line on our phones and check the news and other information with such ease.
    With such benefits to this development there are also many downfalls and negatives to it. We have began to use the internet as our main source for information. Within education, teachers can often even rely on the internet within the classroom setting. This can take away the art of discussion and teaching within a classroom. It can also make relationships much more informal as people constantly rely on the internet to stay in contact.
    There are positives and negatives to every development but we can’t deny the fact that technology is slowly taking over our lives whether we like it or not. It is simply up to us to keep the core values we have alive.

  62. Nowaday access to information is much more easier than it used to be. It has got lots of advantages but also some drawbacks. I do not know a single person who does not have an acccess to the internet. Internet is everywhere. At home, at school, at bars and cafeterias. People buy mobile phones which have easy access to the internet. Thanksw to the internet we can know what is going on everywhere, we have access to the information. World is a global village now. When something is going on for instance in Africa people in Europe immediately know about it. It is very good because everyone is well informed but on the other hand people should know how to use the internet wisely. Many information may be presented from one point of view but we should remember that there may different point of view of the same situation. I think that it is a great idea to use internet and modern technology in teaching. But teachers should also teach how to use them wisely.

  63. Margret Oberreither dice: Responder

    To integrate modern technology at the curriculum is a very important part of the education development. Educators shouldn’t refuse modern systems of communications, it’s much more effective to include this resources in the lessons. To forbid Internet, smatphones, Facebook, whatsup and all the resources, which the majority of children have, is wasting of an important way of teaching. Teachers should have a requirement of knowledge to communicate with new technologys in their subjects to get preferable results. At my university in Austria we already have subjects about new technologys and about the possibilities how we can use them at lessons. It’s very positive to get a insight about different technologys and to get the facility to use them. Teachers which are already work should have in my opinion workshops about new technologys to learn to use them. Many of them just refuse them, because they don’t know how to use them.

  64. Sevde Sena Kuzucuk dice: Responder

    Reading about these three great civilisations, the civilisation of agriculture, the civilisation on industry, the civilisation of information and technology, for sure that the last one is the most complicated and the hardest one. In the other two civilisations, demands and solutions are clear and obvious but in today’s world, we have millions of problems, millions of difficulties and millions of ways out so our duty is very rough and needs research, information and thinking. Everyday, something new is added to technology and we have to catch and apply it to every aspect of our cultural, economical, personal and social life. Thinking about an educationist, it gains more importance because education is about innumerable people. If it helps people, makes something easier and provides personal development, we need to use every innovation of technology.

  65. I believe «the way the curriculum is understood has been also altered» is a very true statement. This article has been explained to myself by many different university lectures back home in Ireland. The idea that technology could easily replace the ‘university way of learning’ is quite concerning. Already across Europe many universities are replacing lecture theatre’s with ‘home learning’, carried out online. Countries such as Switzerland are somewhat leaders in this field, maybe this makes life and learning easier for some as many students life far from campus. Distance and proximity aside, I personally believe the idea of having a physical teacher and university surrounding are key to obtaining an excellent university degree. The experience and ‘university life’ are important for students to learn and build upon many different skill sets. To conclude, I strongly think there should be neither one or the other, it should be more a case of the teacher actually using modern technology within the lecture room to help enhance learning experience.

  66. Lisa Hammaräng dice: Responder

    When I read this article I instantly thought about one of my teachers in my university back home in Sweden, who always says that we’re not far away to have lessons over the internet with the kids. That they will stay home while the lectures is taken place over the internet and different social medias. He says this, ofcourse, because of all the new ways of handle information and new ways of understanding life. Technology is getting newer and better. I wouldn’t want to be a teacher in the world where you didn’t meet the children. But I really belive that we have to have tecnology in the classroom and teachers who uses them. We need to have a modern curriculum where we can improve the learning with the help of technology.

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