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School has always suffered a pursuit and an inconditional support. One conclusion can be obtained: modern society, the society of information, cannot get rid of schools or what is done there, at least, until the present moment.


This perspective of information and knowledge has a vital importance not only for education. Society also, through the agents who are related to knowledge, is trying to give place to what the flowing information, absolute or restricted, could provide as final and mediational elements for a high development.

In this sense, the present time has been regarded by many experts as the time of knowledge and/or information, but not considering them as equivalent terms. The world is suffering deep social, economical, epistemic, technological and cultural changes, from which two general considerations can be extracted:

On the one hand, the affirmation that the world is now understood as not knowable. Our own knowledge systems and technologies are producing a reflexive change in which what is produced is the motor for new changes. That is why this reflexive element is on the link between knowledge and that change which is produced faster and faster every time, provoking a changing situation essentially unknowable.

On the other hand, the reflection built by our knowledge systems have repercussions in the individual level. The growing levels of satisfaction about concepts, ideas, and, of course, discourses, need individuals if they give sense to the world they are facing. That is why that reflection at the individual level -that is, the critical capacity of asking oneself about the universe that surrounds us- is a necessity to assimilate and settle the new order down.

The consequences of this new objective are the deep transformations that the world is fostering in its development. In this sense and because knowledge plays a preponderant role, and is the basis and goal, Science, technology, their connections with learning and teaching, and of course, the introduction of elements and mediational processes in educational centres, should be discussed in a place where there should be space, time and authority for these questions, logically exposed in the proper representation levels.

This idea takes us to the problem of knowledge, and, perhaps, of information, when it arrives to the educational centres.

The problems about knowledge, at this moment, are in the centre of the new educational necessities and of a changing reality, a scene in which the role of the media have a fundamental position since these new media, who provide new ways of learning do no situate neutrality on their point of departure and accept the bifurcation of future reality into the wider frame of the personal and social uses that humankind is eager to  build around the new technologies, under the protection of the new ways of understanding the emerging didactic plans.

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  1. The thing that changed within the last years is that information is very easily accessible, this makes that we read and see a lot of news out of school. The bad sides of this, as said in the article are that this information is sometimes very poorly written and often manipulated. In school teachers and books have to be neutral, in the news, they don’t. The second bad side is that the same information is given to everybody, and I see everyday younger people reading news magazine or newspaper, a lot of this information is not made for young people. This can affect them badly. Professors have no choices than to live with that, but it could be good from them to also read what their students read to be able to let them know that they need to be critical with the information they receive.

  2. In the society we live in, things are changing rapidly, everything shall be advanced and technologies are the main interest when it comes to research. The main idea is that technologies help to make our lives easier, so therefore there are more and more technologies used in class. I am sure that in some aspects, using technologies in the classroom may be beneficial, for example when writing on an electronic white board, where, compared with a ‘normal’ black board, you can save what has been written, with the big advantage to continue the latest topic in the following lesson. On the other hand I don’t think that it is beneficial to use devices such as iPads in class. One of the reasons for that is that I think it keeps children from learning how to think autonomously or spell, as there is autocorrection. So to sum it up, there are new methods which are beneficial, and some which are not.
    I find it very important though that the content which is being taught in scientific subjects for instance are up-to-date, as there have been many significant discoveries in biology and chemistry for example in the past years, and there will be more and more perpetually.
    School, technology and knowledge are dynamic systems, we can benefit from most of these changes, it is an ongoing process in which we have to adapt and make decisions which improve the future and this also applies to educational institutions.

  3. The fast development of the technology the schools have to fall into the line with the devices. Of course it is not means that in the schools they have to change the normal blackboard for a new, digital one, but in the present-days necessary to know the technology, and introduce the pupils for this new mystery. We have to teach our children to think in an open way, and for this the technology is a very good precedent, sithence today it is able to do everything. The information streaming is faster day by day, the technology enable to us to learn at home or work at home, of course we don’t have to forget to use the practical things also. Maybe the good way would be if we could find the golden mean between using technology and the normal «old-schooled» practical things.

  4. Piotr Jaworowicz dice: Responder

    We want to prepare our children for the world which we know, but who can tell us what it will be in the next 10, 20, 50 years? World is running faster then ever! Educate system should be flexible and adapted for changing conditions. In Poland a private education sector went in a good direction. They have all the subjects in english and in spanish, only a fiew in polish. They are also having a lot of projects to make, learning from small to big, using a new technologies. The most important thing is, that they are learning how to think, and to start questioning everything, what should we do all the time, because only if we question everything, we can see which things we just can`t questioning.

  5. Marvin Klejdzinski dice: Responder

    The school is a very important institution of a person’s life. The school is the main entrance of people to our society. It gives us the facility to be part of the society and maybe make it even better by create something new, something revolutionary. Education and the developed knowledge can give one person the one idea, the spark of ignition, to create this new and revolutionary element for the future which can change the behavior of the whole global society. This leads back to the problem, or better to say the challenge, to adapt schools to these new social elements. A constantly changing world (which our world definitely is) needs adaption of the educational system because it is the education and the developed knowledge that leads to new changes and improvement of the whole world. Otherwise the gap between the educational system and the real social world becomes bigger and bigger.

  6. Thomas Scheffer dice: Responder

    The development of today is no longer keep up, I’m going to ask myself whether we are still in 100 years in the classroom, or that the technology is so advanced that we are no longer needed in the classroom. The new schools are more focused on the modern development and students learn much more about the Internet nowadays. But this is the internet always enough for a student? I believe that there certainly are many kritsche opposite points. Students find just the gene that they need on the internet, they will not soon find out why something is or what is now the idea is.

  7. Jasna Rovčanin dice: Responder

    Why are children left to themselves? We can call this „modern lifestyle“. If parents want to survive, they have to work more and more, and leave children alone at home. Activities behind closed walls, seems to parents less dangerous than playing on the street or in a nearby field. Children today prefer to sit at the computer and play online. Excessive television viewing and sitting at computer can cause constipation, asocial behavior, aggression, poor verbal ability, negative can also affect the physical development of the child. Walk the middle path in life is often the most difficult. Children in their early youth do not realize what’s good for them and when something is too much and become harmful. This also applies to the Internet. Our mission is to learn children at an early age, the values and skills that will help them recognize the opportunities and risks that are brought about by the Internet.

  8. In our modern world we are able to have a lot of informations in a few seconds. Thats the best thing about the aviable technologie these days. But we also have to know how to handle it with all this informations. We have so much informations and need to separate them. The human brain can´t use all this information. Inseat of beeing happy to have all this infoarmtions we think about that we have to know everything and anything because so much infomration is aviable. The teachers also should know how to use the techonligie.The problem is that these are different generations… In my university in Austria we have a lot of courses based on the topic modern technologie. But not only at the time the students go to university also if you are a teacher it is very important to know how to handle with the modern technologie because the technologie is growing ingredible fast!

  9. Students need to be given permission to discover and develop design methods for themselves. They need to be encouraged to play directly with materials without the worry of making mistakes. Fortunately there is no perfect formula for good design. There are as many good approaches to design as there are outstanding designers. As teachers we must facilitate design learning without stifling the very thing we are trying to teach. The solution is to create or design an environment that is rigorous, open, and nurturing, that gives students adequate facilities, materials, and tools and, lastly, hands students the freedom to develop their own personal approach to design.

  10. More than ever technology has played a vital role in educating and connecting students to learning opportunities.With the surplus of information, including instruction, available on the Internet, and new technologies making computers increasingly portable, high schools are presented with many new opportunities for enhancing and supplementing classroom instruction through technology.
    The use of technologies such as virtual learning environments allows students to participate in classrooms, and opportunities far from the reach of their school wall.

  11. Lukas Schaunitzer dice: Responder

    Technology is growing rapidly. Every four years, the performance of our computers a doubling. For example, a personal computer was 15 years ago was as big as an apartment and had not even the power of a modern smartphone.
    For me, that means we can train the students on modern technology. Until the curriculum has been adapted to modern standards, the technology is outdated already. That is, it is important to understand how these things work, not necessarily how to use them. Children can use the modern technology anyway better than we do. This is called intuitiveness

  12. The overflow of information is not really helping us to become more informed… You need a critical eye to distingue the usefull information out of the heap of information. It also gives us the feeling that we have to stay informed of everything that happens in the world. This brings a lot of pressure to the people. After a while, you are only checking what happened, instead of living your life outside. We have to sinsibilize children for this fenomene. If they are aware of the risks and consequences of the use of internet and all the technology, they can handle it with more care and with paying attention. Education does has to change together with how the society, in every part of it, changes. We can’t stay behind in schools…

  13. Egemen Tuncer YILDIZ dice: Responder

    Technolgy should be used in didactic purposes for a new school, new system of school. First years of our Republic of Turkey, Ataturk, build a new system called village institutes, which combines theory and practice, leading to produce as a human and society level. Then US forced Turkey to close these schools. Then we closed them. After that, Turkey started to become a lazy country. People are consuming rather than producing. So ı think new school shoul be create as a platform which theory and practice could meet in. But this time subjects should be more specific than subjects at the begining time of Republic of Turkey.

  14. I think that technology should be used in schools. We’re living in times were we use technology all the time. In my opinion schools and teachers don’t agree to use laptops because of it, because children already have a very big acces to computers, phones. I agree with that. We shouldn’t let children use computer, phones all the time but I think that if technology in school is used only for education, only during the lessons it’s a good way to make learning process more intresting for them. In my opinion if we’re smart about using technology not depending on it we can connect it to education.

  15. I am very concerned about the presence of technology and its negative effects. A flood of information in our minds is not making us any clever, but only the more superficial and confused in my opinion. The school system today and teachers which could have been retired can not keep up this rapid change. After two days we do not know anymore where we were searching on the internet or what we have read, because it is simply too much information. Children in kindergarten and primary school do not deserve this. They should be enjoying and playing, since they are real masters of games and use their fantasy world , because this way they will be more creative and unique. We need to approximate them the nature and outdoor activities, because they don’t get this at home, because of the crazy and fast lifestyle. I’m not worried that they wouldn’t be able to catch up computer skills later, as children are now extremely smart. However, if technology will become the reality of the kids in school, we must not forget to note the children about the harmful effects of radiation and about the safe use of the Internet.

  16. Sevde Sena Kuzucuk dice: Responder

    I believe that in education, we need to have basic and stable structures and components but all of them have to be based on innovation. If it helps education in some way, we always need to know it deeply and adapt it to our system. It was our main problem for years and years. The contents of books, the kowledge were changing but system was the same. Teachers’ behaviours were the same. Their methods, exercises, rules and etc. We all know today everything is changing everyday. Education and schools can not be seperated from this changing. As I mentioned of course there must be basic and radical rules and systems but we must improve them. Technology is a remarkable boon today and we have to entegrate it with education and it must be an important part of education as much as possible.

  17. As is commonly known worldwide, things are rapidly changing, the education system is parallel to this. The constant search for knowledge will never cease, as humans it is in our nature to be curious and ask questions, therefore in years to come, who knows the extent to which we will have developed?
    The idea of a new home school system, is a dangerous one, we will always have a need for educational establishments which encourage discipline, structure and attendance. I am in agreement however with technologies such as uploading your work to a central database, as I do at my home university, this makes it easier for both teachers and pupils to access. As time goes on, education is rapidly changing for the better, with the ever-changing advancements in technology which helps the education system progress further.

  18. Karolina Brodowska dice: Responder

    Education system should be changed as well as the world, technology and society are changing nowadays. We can not stay in one place and pretend that technology is not going forward every day. Education system should be more flexible. And it is not about to give up with all old methods of learning, but to skilfully combine them with constantly developing technology, which reasonably used, certainly will bring a good results. Children grow up in a time of technology, so it is important to show them the best and safest way to use the possibilities, which it gives and how to be open minded in the surrounding modernity.

  19. For sure, we are affected by technology and science today. It would be very strange if we were not. Technology was not always electrical as most probably would associate it with today.
    Also, remember; we are getting more and more assimilated. Not by the schools, but by the ease of technology!
    From that aspect, its also a bit dangerous as we are loosing the practical old skilled professionals.
    Most of youngsters know how to operate a computer before they start school nowadays. It also makes them participate more.
    I think that didactic plans are hindering the more rapid explosion needed to increase what people learn using technology by them self.

  20. A tricycle with square wood wheels. A box of plastic, interlocking gears. A window filled with a repeating pattern of hexagons.In Patricia Smith’s Bethel Elementary School classroom, this is how students learn math.The 72 fifth-grade math students in Smith’s classes spent an hour exploring a dozen math puzzles or real-life math and engineering problems on Wednesday.
    The best to teach is with playing and keep child to be child.If we would like to set up a new system ofeducation we need to see the world of whose eyes who are in it, so the best view of the children. The time is running away so we should focus on every period , on the eyes os the ages.

  21. Krisztina Szeman dice: Responder

    Tecnology is in the everydays. Therefore, should be in the education also. Now still thats the idea, that you have to turn off your mobile, you cant use your laptop. But why? We live in this society, so why we cant use what technology give us? Its true that the universities don’t give us borders, but the other school just don’t live with the plenty of opportunities what they have to teach the children. Maybe there are a couple of school who has good advices, but its not common unfortunately. I hope the system will continue this way, with the technology.

  22. While technology develops, we need more information and more knowledge in order to adjust our era. Now, our era is technology era. It manages everthing. So, if we carry it to our education, I think we will be more successful. Let’s think about the lack of technologic devices at the schools. Lots of countries changes their education system and they manage their system giving every student an İPAD, and they educate them. I think it is really useful because of saving time. By using this technologic devices, they can save the time and they can learn more knowledge. So, in my opinion, the countries should adjust the new system and they should follow the new education system by using technology.

  23. Sandra Maloversnik dice: Responder

    The children of today with today`s society and technology never learnt to scrutinise things. Teachers and also parents teach their children things by saying this and that is so. The children never scrutinise things. Although exactly that would be very important in order to gain knowledge. People need to know the background of things, they need to know why this and that is so. Therefore is the question “WHY?” so important in my opinion. New technology should encourage this skill but it does exactly the contrary. Technology makes things much easier and so there is no need to scrutinise things. On the other hand new technology makes things also much more interesting. Therefore it is important to use the new technology in education but everything in moderation. Otherwise our children will unlearn to use their brain.

  24. Create New Schools

    New schools should not be allowed to exist in my opinion. I do however agree with a certain type of ‘New Schools’ which embarrasses technology and uses it to the children’s advantage, may it be through the iPads which are becoming more common in the classroom instead of carrying six different textbooks and three writing journals, the pupil just carries one iPad. I also am in favour of completing all assignments online and being submitted via email ect, as this improves the pupils computer literacy skills which are vital for a CV when applying for jobs in today’s highly ICT reliant society. I do not support however the loss of the traditional school building as I feel this is more than bricks and stones… I feel this is the place you learn life long lessons, from communication skills to the ability to interact with others in an environment where you will not always be in charge.

    Damien Tumilty

  25. mert yilmaz ozbas dice: Responder

    i agree most of them… but the problem is everything are chancing fastly almost every day .but most of school don’t care about this things and still they are using old system or old technology even if they know that is not working anymore.but the older people like with their methods or tactics.we can see a lot of proof that we must learn something from modernity and new world.our knowledge should not be depends on our teachers.everybody must be open-mind and thinking free.for this reason It is very important to create new educational system which is completely different than now.Otherwise we will always lose in this kind of world.

  26. It is clear, and we can all see that the world is changing rapidly and that new technologies are emerging right before our eyes. Take mobile phones for example; smart phones emerged suddenly during the last few years. Everyone went through a phase where we all had to get an iPhone or android. I think that people should try and keep up with new technologies and knowledge being explored and created. This is similar in the school setting. From my experience working in a secondary school, I can see that technology is playing a major role in the school and education system. More teachers are using different types of media to educate children and teach them in different ways, not just from the books. This new source of teaching with media is becoming more and more common. In addition, I noticed that teachers in today’s society are showing more video clips to help students understand the work being thought in class, so it gives them a better picture and understanding of what they are learning. This is an alternative to book work, it makes students more focused and interested in what they want to learn instead of just dazing at a book for the duration of the class. I also think that there is an argumentative side to this debate. Technology may be abused in the wrong way in education. Students feel more relaxed using media and they copy ideas from others online and do not think for themselves. Their ideas are no longer unique. They begin to depend and rely too much on media. Media may be beneficial in teaching but for students it may become a problem.

  27. I agree with this article that ‘the world is suffering deep social, economical, epistemic, technological and cultural changes’ The introduction of new technologies in the world today influence the lives of many people, especially in education. The introduction of computers, tablets, phones, laptops and iPads help to educate people through various applications that can be downloaded. It is difficult to be able to keep up with daily news and changes. The introduction of technology in education allows students to interact more and it makes the classroom more interesting. It gives students more knowledge about certain topics. I don’t think the teaching method of the past should be demolished completely but I think that it should be tied in with new teaching methods that includes using technology. In some schools in my city there have been whiteboards added, data projectors and computers which are used when teaching the students. I think it is a great idea to use them it can make the lesson a lot more interesting and fun by using animations, images, music and showing videos to the students. I feel that teachers who are used of the ‘old method’ should adapt to the new technology and give it a try because it seems to be successful. I think that the idea of ‘new schools’ from home is not good for a child because they need to interact with peer groups at school and they need to be able to socialize.

  28. Maria Bartyska dice: Responder

    I think today everyone has the awareness that our world changes faster than ever before. This causes a huge problem when it comes to educate children. We want to teach them how to find themselves in this new surrounding but what’s more we also want to prepare them for what it’s going to be like in the future. Adding to that, we consider that it’s important that they know values and things from the pas too. In the end there’s is a great amount of information and knowledge we want them to absorb. It’s not only difficult for them because it’s a lot but also because they losing the point what’s important and how to use the knowledge they have. In my opinion this is one of the main problems in modern education.

  29. Rebecca McClean dice: Responder

    In today’s society the evolution of technology means children are using devices such has iPads, computers and kindles in which to learn. Even in the classroom the introduction of interactive whiteboards means they are learning in a internet based way in the classroom. I believe that these are all good resources in which to learn. However one process in these «new schools» I do not agree with is online learning. This means that all the information from that days lesson is put online for the student to see. It is mainly occurring in universities at the moment so even the lecturer is pre-recording the lecture and uploading it onto the internet. While this is a good idea for a student who is ill, the fact is that students will eventually stop turning up for lectures and education will be online based. This is not a good thing as humans need to interact with each other as we are social beings. Technology is a good idea in moderation.

  30. Cathérine Jové Skoluda dice: Responder

    It´s true that the reality changes quite fast and it´s true that it is important to incorporate new technology in the education system so that children learn from a young age to use the new media and get prepared for the future life. But I also think, that´s important not to forget about old values.
    During the learning process it´s fundamental that children learn together with other children in one room, discuss topics, learn doing things by hand, talk to others and especially to the teacher personally and especially learn to use their own creativity. I hold that is necessary that children also know about how the world works without all this media stuff.

  31. I agree with this article in terms of rapid and reflexive change which we are facing caused by our own knowledge systems and technologies. The educational system needs to face this new reality and should adopt to these changes in a flexible way, implenting different types of media into the didactic plans. However, in my opinion the schools shouldn’t think that the media should be used as the only true way of teaching students. In other words, the educational system should be open-minded for changes regarding information technologies but should still use «old» didactic methods, as for example using the blackboard, doing role plays, encourage discussions etc. to provide an enriching learning effect.

  32. In modern society we are very dependent on technology. It is a basis necessity for us and we need it to get through each day. It has also been brought into the classroom in a very fundamental way as children now have all their school books on an ipad or kindle and have no copies but type all their homework on laptops. Teacher’s have interactive white boards so they do not need to write anything. This is all very helpful for children as schools are growing with modern society and changing to improve the children’s educational needs using new technology. I think this is a good way to create new schools by bringing technology into the classroom but I don’t think that we should get rid of the school building altogether. I don’t think children should learn online as they need to interact with other children. They may also need additional help with subjects and they may need a teacher to explain things to them in a different way. Technology should not teach the children but be a tool in educating them.

  33. alison mcnamara dice: Responder

    The «new schools» in my opinion are the concepts of the world wide web, students are learning more and more from the internet. The technological advances that have come about in recent years are giving young people opportunities to learn in a new, interesting way. Young people are fascinated with the new technologies and they learn more from using them. Some schools have been fortunate enough to get new technologies like interactive white boards and laptops for every student to help them learn in a way they will be more interested in. Technology is changing all the time and the younger generations are growing up with technology so the traditional ways of teaching are seen to be old fashioned and do not have such a positive impact on students like the new technologies do. Creating new schools ia creating learning technology which old schools should take on board to give their students all the facilities they need to get a better education and a better understanding of the changing world around us.

  34. Margret Oberreither dice: Responder

    Educators, which are specialist about the development of enducation, demand that the teachers are able to use the different types of new technologys. The problem is, that the teachers grew up in another generation and theoretical it would be great, if they teach the knowledge about new technologys to pupils. Practical it’s very difficult for teachers of this generation to work with new technologys, because they are not used to. It’s an improvement, that there are workshops for teachers in austria, which finised the university, to get skills about modern technology . The studets of teacher educations have already subjects about this topic. But although there are possibilities to develop the knowlegde, there are a lot of teachers with no idea about it. They really have to realise, that it’s relevant for the pupils to teach knowlegde about modern technologys to them.

  35. Alexandra Mc Gurran dice: Responder

    Societies change as time moves on. This is clear when we compare different generations and how they were taught, and how ‘older people’ are perhaps not as up-to-date with technology as those who have been brought up with it. However I have witnessed first hand older generations embracing social change. For example many ‘older people’ have mobile phones, ipads etc. Therefore if older generations can adjust to moving societies then educators should be able to adapt not by abolishing education of the past, but by using it as a tool to help them develop their knowledge and teaching method’s making education more positive and enjoyable for future generations. This will also lead to knowledgeable, adaptable students who wish to embrace education and an ever changing society.

  36. Society is dynamic, for this people must develop alongside it. Individuals need to try to keep up with the ever enhancing technology, education and many other systems. Modern day ‘change’ can be great, taking into consideration the rate and amount of change placed on society at particular times. Society must move at a sustainable rate, considering past changes. It’s important history is used as a tool for measuring success of different ideas and changes. For this, educators in schools must carefully change and adopt taking positive steps for the future generations. I believe teachers with enhancement of knowledge need to develop their skills so that they are passed onto students of the future, in doing so new and much better developed schools will arise…. Resulting in a richer and more prosperous education experience.

  37. Society is developing and’s sometimes hard to keep up with the constant changes of information and technology.
    The problem is that sometimes «older people» are comfortable with their methods and don’t want to adjust or adapt to new ideas or technologies.
    So, I think it’s a good thing that young people are interested in learning about new technologies and are open to use and learn about them.
    Of course the «old methods» are just as valuable as the new ones and I think the best thing you can do is combine them, so you get the best of both worlds, so to speak.

  38. It’s true that we are living in a world that is constantly changing and the changes happen more and more quickly. Especially in the fields of new invetions and technology this is obvious.
    So how do we educate our children today to prepare them for a life in the future, that will most certainly differ a lot in various parts of society then our reality today?
    That is a difficult question. I think our educational system today is not prepared for such a task. It has to become more flexible reagrding contents of teaching and it has to adapt faster to changes in society and technology.

  39. I think school is an institution that will never get obsolete. We will always need a place where we learn. Someone might say, fine, but in 50 years we will be able to move schools from buildings and institutions to the Internet, without the necessity to meet face to face. However, there has been some research presenting some issues concerning ongoing online courses. Even though the online students could accomplish the whole course via Internet, they felt the need and learnt better if they had the possibility to meet face to face with other students and talk about what they learnt or discuss their doubts. Therefore, no matter what changes are ahead of us, I think the school as a ´human institution´ will stay as it is now.

  40. It is a well-known fact that the world is changing really fast and that there are always knew technologies developed. My opinion is that everybody should try to follow these changes and to acquire the most important changes like for example with computers and mobile phones. And we can find the same situation in school – in my opinion every teacher should work with different types of media like for example with the internet or with moodle or show sometimes a movie because on the one hand it’s an alternation and on the other hand it can make things easier. Like for example if you want to teach somebody a smash in volleyball, it can be easier for the pupil to see first in a clip how it works. Or if you talk about a famous writer you can show a movie or some pictures of him.
    But on the other hand I think, that sometimes media is used too often or in a wrong way because in many cases pupil don’t think about their task but just look it up in the internet and write exactly down what they find there. So if we talk about media, I think the main problem is that sometimes it is just used in a wrong way.

  41. The society always changing and develop. And every person must see that and try to handle it in the right way. Change can be a god thing if you do it right, but it could also be bad if you don’t use your knowledge about history and learn from others mistake and develop your knowledge to get a better society. And I think this is very important in the educational system and in the schools. Every teacher must develop their knowledge and must have the desire to develop their skills and bring the school and the education forward and through it we can develop the new, better schools.

  42. Lisa Hammaräng dice: Responder

    To keep up with the new technology, information, news and etc is very hard. It’s a development all the time and it goes fast. As the article says, are new ways of understanding the emerging didactic plans and that the humankind is eager to build didactic plans around the new technologies. And I find this true sometimes, maybe for newly examinated teachers, but not always for the older teachers who is already working in schools and are happy with their old methods. I hope that all new teachers keep up the good work with using technology in the classroom and in their didactic plans and that they also get’s educated in it in their university. And I would like the «old» teachers so get experience for these areas too, because I feel like they can be afraid with using technology in the classroom sometimes. But in the same time I don’t think we should underestimate some old traditions and methods in teaching, there should be a combination between technology and new ideas and older methods to create the new schools, in my opinion.

  43. Sometimes people hardly process changes in the world. We are faced with news every single day. This is our reality and sometimes is hard to understand everything. If you are satisfied with yourself and your life and if you live correctly, in accordance with your values, you will easier understand and accept changes in the world. If you do not live correctly, you will be lost in the world full of breakility and changes and if you do not have yourself in the world, which is full of everyday’s changes, the world will have too big influence on your life, you will be lost. The solution for us is trying to understand first ourselves and after this our world.

  44. Nowadays, information is a system variable.Occurs very quickly and rapidly.In general, information systems are at the in front of individuality.However, many concepts in information contains.All that is important is to uncover a new system with this opposition.So is to universalize.It is very important to create a new education system.Information prepared by the need to make the new education system.Information on the development of the world with new ideas and goals can make profound transformations.And so Napkin Manifesto as the best design schools can be created.Aware of everything and innovative minds can be created.

  45. It is a well-known fact that the present day world is so fast, rapid and hard to understand. Changes and novelties bringing in almost every day are really hard to understand. But in my opinion this is very important to do our best to try to understand the world. This is true that the present day world is not knowable and that the great problem is of the changing reality. In my opinion this situation is unavoidable so we have no other choice but open our minds to developing world. We have to be ready to see and get to know every news, every technology and progress. Otherwise, we will close ourselves in ignorance and backwardness.

  46. I agree with the sentence «the affirmation that the world is now understood as not knowable». But I think that it’s the natural course of things. For many people the world has changed so strongly that they do not recognize it and actually they don’t want to see it in the way how it is now. A «new» suppose to be always good. But we are scared of news and we block our minds. There is many ways of understanding that we need to learn from the modern world. It’s hard to assimilate the news from the technological world and not only, but the new informations that we receive are submitted in a clear and understandable way. All we need to do is try and open ourselves for news which surrounded our life, us.

  47. Evolution. That is a process which cant be ignored and underestimated at all. With evolution comes new technology, new ideas, new knowledge and a lot of changes. The question is how much we can use it for our success and if we will be able to recognize these inadvertently approaching side-effects and consequences. I am quite sure that some kind of technology and open-new mind thinking could change the education in a good turn. But everything depends on the openness and accessibility of our thinking. There is still a lot of people who are not able to open their mind for a new thoughts, for improvement, for some progress. But this is just a question of a time. In a while they will have no chance to get stuck in the old habits. And if the people who will decide about the important things will have enough creativity, imagination and self-control than everything will go well.

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