Value and dignity of the personal development in the educational process

To become aware of the paramount importance of the personal reality in human beings allows us to try to explain the development of the person within the educational context. It gives us more trust in this revealing attempt to find the most vital contents of human beings, the personal ones, the person’s clear definition and its inclusion as fundamental motivation in the development of education.

From the beginning, the person is proposed as the foundation, subject and object of education, because from this point of departure we will be more skilful when explaining the excellence of an educational process which achieves in accomplishing this state according to its implication in the personal realities. In other words, and with more nuances, education is at its best when it considers the person as its essential foundation, proposing, in this way, persons in their prime.

This may seem a platitude, but it is not so if we take into account that a human being is a person, but not everything in this being is personal, because it is exposed to multiple kinds of depersonalisation. This is the main reason why excellence is not a verified fact in any educational situation or it is not one of the objectives of the educational processes in school contexts, the main topic of our reflections.

That is why person and education are so closely together in the achievement of a goal which attracts the former to the latter: the development of the human being as person, looking for a perfection because of the fact that this being is a human person, but also an imperfect personal realisation. As it can be seen, it is here where education plays an inevitable role as motor of the personal development; the person fills this task with motives, and education finds contents and propose them with suitable measures.

This is the central idea, which can be better understood taking into account the actual sphere of human beings’ realisations and the materialisation of the personal condition. We can understand this immediately when we realise that depersonalisation elements and actions have their place in life, in society. This is assumed by the educational system by proposing specific models of human beings – every manner or idea of education has a conception of the human being.

In this field of possible depersonalisations comes out the idea of a return to the person and personalisation through an educational process at its source. In this sense, this study is stated through four moments, which are the bases of four chapters:

1) The need for the person as the demand of a time (a reflection on modernity and postmodernity in the study of the unity and fragmentationof the human being).

2) The concept of person (the question about present-day human beings, conceptual analysis of the person, the bases of this concept of person and its distictive features).

3) The concept of development in present-day thoughts and practices (what is congenital and what is acquired along the development, mechanicist and organicist conception of the development, development theories).

4) The concept of personal development in the educational processes (social and personal development, personeity and personality, responsability, effort and motivation, development of the person and personal sense of education, signification of the personal development in the educational process: towards the Well-Made Work).

Turning to the history of human realisations, previous to our situation, modernity came out coexisting with postmodernity. It was a period in which the emphasis was put on the superiority of reason and in the illusion of progress, specially the scientific and technical one. With this progress the Human Absolute was thought to have been found, believing that human freedom had no limits and situating human beings at the centre of their own world, rejecting any external rule. Big ideals become the contents and motors of legitimation and emancipation and these are the ones which propose the educational system from the proper ways to reach this development.

The pedagogical optimism of modernity stated the problem of an educational renovation which could find the solution to its problems. This is still hoped by many, although this attitude coexists with a perhaps more widespread one, by which this hope has been frustrated, when this optimism was followed by a period of uneasiness. This more present-day attitude made clear that the educational system is unable to solve the problems of human life. Today, modern humans feel weaker to hold the weight of the world that their own exhaltation put on their shoulders.

The step taken between these two moments has characterised the last one, not by the irrepressible temptation of fundamenting all in human reason, but by the renunciation of any attempt of fundamentation and by a surrender without conscience to hedonism and to the pleasures wich consumer society offers.

Then, Postmodernity has created a schizoid, fractured and fragmented subject which does not trust any project presented as the answer to the whole of existence.

But, it is at this moment when, not in a generalised way, but as point of force, a question about human condition comes out with strength. It is a question which answers the need of getting rid of a situation which has been contradicted by postmodernity, but which has not been properly answered. It is a question about humans and their deepest consistences, their beings, in order to confirm a series of relationships and truth contents which can keep away this generalised attitude of bewilderment and manifested depression.

Then, we realise the truth of the fact that it is necessary to order this abysmal confusion, that it is necessary to return to human nature in order to confirm definitely the possibilities of our beings. But a return to human nature is to establish an essential point of reference: the person.

That is why, once established the importance of the person, it is necessary to establish also its possibilities of development. Although the person is the origin, there is also a process in which one reaches the person. This is what is called personalisation.

One can consider that the person has to bring up to date its own potentialities by trying to be more and more the person, a more complete and prefect person. Personalisation is, then, the ultimate ain of education. It is in this way that the process of personalisation, a process of personal development linked to the educational process and under the prerogatives of an integral education, is identified with an authentic educational process in which the person is and states the necessity of becoming. In other words, human beings, who need to discover their personality and make them more perfect, use  the personal development as an educational form full of identity and sense.

It is in this way that excelence can be achieved in the processes and contents of education. Perhaps, the idea of excellence is not what is truly important. That is, it is important the fact that a superior quality, which makes the educational process worth of respect, is searched, but even this fact has to be subordinated to the superiority of the person. Then, the reality of the person and its personal realisation is what is more important. This is what makes the educational personalisation be shaped in the personal development in a specific context, a field which is favourable for this development: the educational one, with the acting educational processes which constitute an adequate personal development. This is what provides a value and dignity which can be also called excellence referred to personal development.

Around the central concept of person, its distinctive features – singularity, autonomy and opening – have been studied, turning them to the concept of development and its more important theories, in order to complete the definition of personal development. Finally, the study of the so called personal development in the educational process, the idea of departure in the previous commentary, appears as the necessary reference to move the concept of person to the educational context.

Responsability, effort and motivation in the materialisation of the Well-Made Work are the necessary end of this work, because, once the educational actions have been established, it is necessary to introduce what personal features take us to the person, an effort of perfection which makes us better, a consistent motive which makes us do good with joy, when the person is considered as the goal, the environment and condition of a real and excellent education.

That is why the work ends with the importance of the personal development in the educational process and the understanding of the Well –Made Work, because the most important thing in every educational activity is not the mere technical qualification but making the individual a person through an adequate process of personal development.

And because this development is linked to a process of integral improvement, it is indispensable the contribution of the concept of the Well-Made Work. This concept contributes the development of the person, to the personal fulfilment, because it is linked to an internal and external growing, dignifying the human person in an educational context which must aim to the good in the processes and the results.

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  1. Dominika Bodnárová dice: Responder

    If we are talking about the development of every person, we have to mention education. This factor is connected with personal development and works as a main part of it. If we are not educated or we are not learning new things that educate us, we can’t say that we are trying to develope our personalities, or even our lives. We are all developing from our birth, every single day brings us news that were unknown for us yesterday. But learning, studying, receiving new informations, let’s say developing or development, doesn’t just come to as, if we do not do something for it. Nobody was born smart and educated. And to get all of these new knowledges we need the factor, that we call motivation. First of all we WANT to know something new and than we realise WHY we want to know it or Why is it important for us and this process is called motivation. When you exactly know what do you WANT to know, to have, to get or to reach and you know WHY you want or need it, which means that you are motivated to do something, than it’s super easy to follow your goals and reach them. For the young ones or teenagers is not that easy to know exactly what they want and why and to teach them how they can find the answer to these nouns and the point of them, they should attend schools where teachers, older strong experienced personalities have to show them why are some things necessary to know, to study, at least motivate them how they can use it in their future…But unfortunately this is something that EU schools are missing and do not pay almost any attention to this fact.

  2. In my opinion our personal development is already started when we born, and it will go along until the death. All in our life we learn, and not just in the school. We learn from the atmosphere and people who are around us, all the time we get impressions, and put on each others gesture or personal characteristics. We learn from our mistakes and from our partners in the life. The first role model are our parents, we learn what they say and which environment they put us in. And then the nursery school, and primary school, with new personalities, new environment, new impressions, and so on. The school is just a tool which helps us to learn and develop, but it is not finish to exist when we stop to learn in the school.

  3. I think people in our neighborhood who will help and motivate for further action are very important. Especially young people desperately need someone in your life. But even more important is the desire for personal growth because without this we can not do is not only find a job but also to advance in our future work. There are many people who can not find the willingness to personal development and work for many years, still in the same position without the possibility of improving what our life deprives one of the most important aspects, namely the possibility of promotion and reap the joy of victories.

  4. Katarzyna Grabska dice: Responder

    Process of education is one of the most important things in our lives. However , this process consist of a lot of components. It is not only about education in the school, but it is also about things we learn from our parents, friends, society. In school we can get the basic knowledge, which can help us to apply for university, or help us a bit in our future work life. In school, in the class, there is a lot of other pupils, and sometimes we feel lost in this. Teachers don’t have enough time to dedicate to every student. Sometimes they cannot see our abilities or capacity for doing something. This is not good for our personality. Although, the most important things about world and ourselves, we mostly learn in our daily life. We should not only concentrate on school. Try to look for some activities after school, which can help us develop our personality. Situations that happen around us, forces us to manage with them, face with problems, this help us with our personal development. We need to be openmined. Development of our personality, is more important than a bookish knowledge. To get to know who we are. What we want to do in our life. What makes us happy.

  5. I believe it is all about motivation. When a person has the right motivation (spark), which goes right from his/her hearth and the person is convince, that this is what I need, what will help me or because of this I become better man/women… that is enough. Of course there are a lot of other things that can influence young people. The first thing is family, background and neighbourhood. Our parents can encourage us, helped us motivate us. They can teach us the basics and put us on a way, but afterwards there is only me. It is my path. I can choose the kind of school (when we are speak about universities). Of course education shape us too, it can help us too, but there is the truth – if student is not prepared/motivated he can have the best professors, best resources, but he will fail and it will be a waste of time. But if students is motivated and prepared he will find a teacher for himself/herself

  6. I believe that education is one of the most important factors in our lives. From the moment we entered this world, we were constantly bombarded with new things, new words to learn and were taught how to walk and crawl, etc. When we were sent to an institution, each individual student were taught the same amount of topics and subjects in order for us to continue to the next stage of our lives and essentially creating a pathway to our future career/life. I believe that every minute of the day, our brain is constantly absorbing new things. From our family and friends, we are learning to interact, socialise and building our communication skills. Whereas, in schools we are being taught how to read and write. We seem to accumulate knowledge where ever we are, from people, from school or just observing. We don’t realise it, but every day we are educating ourselves, it is only natural for humans to be curious and to be subconsciously learning to take it all in.

  7. Education is important thing in our life, we have to know some basic things which are around us. School, college, universities – they have a lot of in commun with personal development. But university is not thing that has most influence with shape our personality, passions, motivations. These are other characteristics:
    social membership of our family, their education, family habits, culture, lifestyle of your family and friends, medias, environment. Family, friends, other people around us, some experiences can make learn us so many things which any institution or degree cannot.

  8. I think, personal and social education operates through a process of developing relationships with young people based on mutual trust and respect. It engages their interest and participation, on a voluntary basis, in activities, experiences or issues, which are rooted in their personal experience. At the same time it stretches them and opens them up to new horizons. It develops inclusive behaviour by engaging young people actively in their own development. It encourages them to reflect on their progress in developing social skills, emotional intelligence and self efficacy in the range of opportunities provided. Reflecting with young people on their progress is probably the most important aspect of this process because it affirms learning and allows the young person to gain the confidence and self esteem to practise their self agency again in new situations.

  9. Education, if looked at beyond its conventional boundaries, forms the very essence of all our actions so it’s a really important thing. What we do is what we know and have learned, either through instructions or through observation and assimilation. When we are not making an effort to learn, our mind is always processing new information or trying to analyze the similarities as well as the tiny nuances within the context which makes the topic stand out or seem different. The education it’s one of the biggest impact on the personal development for the young people.This article it’s really interesting because we can see a lot of diferent idea.

  10. Iveta Lošáková dice: Responder

    After reading this article I have to agree that education is one of the most important forms of structured learning, human forms for shaping ideas and opinions in different areas. One is formed by other external factors that are equally important, such as family, neighborhood, friends, the media and our personal experience. It is important to have příležitostk learning and personal motivation. If a person is not sufficiently motivated to learn, create a block and is passive learning. I think that education in the Czech Republic is good, but I disagree with the fact that in primary schools the children each year, reducing demand, and therefore children do not get the whole «package» of education, as I got like me, when I attended primary school .

  11. alison mcnamara dice: Responder

    Education has an impact on a students development, but it is not the only factor that shapes a persons personality as family, friends and even the media has an effect on how you develop throughout your life. A person’s motivation can come from many things I believe that education gives the motivation to better oneself and further educate oneself and get the best possible job that one can achieve. The person is the foundation as they are the ones to ultimately decide whether to let what they learn effect how they think. Throughout their school lives people change their personalities to «fit in» and this effects their development and eventually forms the person they turn out to be. Finding yourself is a huge part of a persons life as their personality is formed through their school years is formed even more the more education they receive, college and erasmus forms personalities and develops a person’s social and academic skills.

  12. Jasna Rovčanin dice: Responder

    I agree that our personality is shaped to the education we get, but education is not the only thing that can shape a person, it’s also very important what your parents give you as values during growing up. As a child, your personality is still improving, so first of all it’s really important what will you get from your parents, than from your teachers at school and from the whole environment you live in. At school it’s really important what kind of personality has the teacher, because children learn from them. I think that education must be a »lifelong learning«, because the process of improving your personality is continuing during your whole life.

  13. Education is the only constant thing that runs throughout our lives, as my grandma famously says ‘you learn something new everyday’, having said this, ,personally, I believe that a child’s education begins within the home, you are taught how to behave, speak, eat ey a. Education within institutions is one of the things that makes us all equal to a certain extent, especially within the United Kingdom, we all learn the same curriculum and then we all have the same basic knowledge to progress onto college and university. The only difference is the different education we seem to accumulate from our families, friends and colleagues, we seem to learn behaviour and pick up views, opinions and even the same characteristics as those around us. The educational system develops us in more ways than one, with knowledge and teachings as well as learning how to adapt to different social situations, sometimes even the art of persuasion when you need an extra week to complete an essay! From my personal point of view I believe my education within institutions has helped form me and my knowledge, my part time work has moulded my social skills and from my family I was taught things you can only learn from being in a family.

  14. When i read this article I agreed with it but there where also things were I didn’t agree with.
    For example I think to build a personality you will see the world as you see fit.
    I mean your parents, your school, your environment, your friends etc. they all effect of how your personality will be. But it’s your responsibility in what you accept and what not.
    school is teaching you how to behave and how to see things open, but I don’t think that school is that great of a deal in building your personality in the first few years. It gives you a firm ground to stand on when you’re looking at excellence, but the ‘what, how and why’ I think will progess the best in your home environment.

  15. Danique van 't Spijker dice: Responder

    The personal development of each individual differently.
    You develop your own personality as a result of your life. You learn every day, not only at school but also at home and on the street.
    But education has the greatest impact on you as a student.
    Education and growth go hand in hand.
    In the Netherlands, education is very focused on personal growth. I think this is even one of the most important points.

  16. When personal development takes place in the context of institutions, it refers to the methods, programs, tools, techniques, and assessment systems that support human development at the individual level in organizations. Personal development starts in the family. Getting a good education is a great contribution to personal development. The training of people must reconcile his own life. Thus he can contribute this to personal development. It should be tried constantly and investigated to increase personal development. As long as one develop his knowledge he will be succesfull in education and life.

  17. Education is only one of the many forms of learning.
    From the day we are born, we are constantly beeing bombarded with input from various impressions.
    We learn from this, either we want or not. Its going straight to ours subconsciousness.
    We learn by mimicking others, listening, reading, the list could go on for ever.
    As we live our lives, we also learn from our mistakes.
    The education you are provided, you either learn or not. This is due to our personality.
    If a person is interested, the chances are that (s)he will suceed and become a master.
    Curiosity is the very heart of learning.
    You didn’t go to any educational institute to learn your native language, still you learned it. Your curiosity helped you with that.

  18. Education is very important for the future in everybody’s life. It helps shaping every human being to become the kind of person he wants to be. And personal development is an extremely important part in today’s education. But it doesn’t only have to be what we learn in school or university, in my opinion personal developement starts when a human being is born and from that moment on his personal developement starts and grows and developes further every year we are living, breathing creatures on this planet until we die. Parents take on a very important role in developing the child’s personals attributes and they are primarily responsible for the personal developement of their child. Of course teachers, education, schools and university are also responsible for the education and developement of a person, but for me the education the child gets from his parents is highly important.

  19. Eliška Zejdová dice: Responder

    In my opinion, people around us and enviroment are very important for our personal development.
    Although the development is the internal process, it is possible help them by the strong-charge from the outside. The person, especially child need someone, who would bring him to a particular area of interest and who motivate him. Development must child entertain.
    In the beginning, the child maybe doesn´t want to do something long time, but it is very important to promote and motivate him. Educators and parents have an important role, especially in the period until the child will start to develop from a purely self-interest – purely because of he wants and that he fills a sense of enthusiasm from what he appears inside him and around him.
    The person can spend by own education and personal development a couple of years or a lifetime. It depends on each person. In the world there are many people who have average or sometimes only a basic education and they achieved excellent results in their work, in their life due to their intrinsic motivation and personal development, and on the contrary. The difference between the two groups of people is the ability to release their own potential.

  20. It is in my opinion that for education to be truly effective for the audience, it needs to be taught in schools/colleges/institutions and basic principles explained, however I feel that for the personal development of an individual there must be a bigger emphasis on home learning. Take the United Kingdom as an example. Children spend six hours typically in the school environment, sharing ideas, learning new skills such as communication and interaction skills however the other eighteen for hours of the day they spend with parents, grandparents, siblings… I feel too much emphasis is placed on the teacher when the student is failing a subject/course and not enough action is taken at home to try and correct the problem. Instead we are in a culture of placing blame and not tackling these problems directly.

  21. From a personal point of view, I believe that everyday life long learning and education are the foremost most important aspects of modernised mankind. Our environment we live and grow within exists as it is today due the the modernisation and general adoptions/evolutions created by humans. It’s the power to think and create more efficient ideas in a educated environment that allows us to manage civilisation and mankind as it exists today, education is KEY to be involved. It is critical that education not only exists in the classroom but also very importantly continues in the home, with parents and guardians helping to direct and encourage good doings. Schools and professional academic institutions are only able to do so much for each individual student, I believe it’s the encouragement and ‘home learning’ that can shape a educational future for future generations of students to come. Through an educational journey, students will find areas of interest and of more importance to themselves, it’s the fine balance between good personal development alongside good education, I believe creates the tools to allow a student fulfil their full potential.

  22. Barbora Beňová dice: Responder

    As it seems to me, education and personal development are sort of synonymous. We are getting educated throughout the whole life, starting with our parents and the closest surroundings continuing with educational institutions and of course with the life itself. It is just logical that we develop our personality during this whole process, what is up to us is how much and in which direction we do it. About the value and dignity of the personal development in the educational system or in the job I believe we have to find out how to balance on this rope. Of course everything is individual and we should take it into consideration, think as personal as possible but at the same time do not turn crazy about it, give everyone the freedom to develop themselves in their own way and concentrate more about your own personal developing. For the main character in your life is always you.

  23. Christina Burgholzer dice: Responder

    One of the most important sources of personal development and self-realization is doubtlessly the access to knowledge through education. The ability to learn and acquire theoretical and practical knowledge is a prerequisite for making personal development possible at a higher and more conscious level. Because only if we know about the existence of different ways and manners to build and grow one´s personality in theory, we can consciously determine which way we would like to choose. However, at the same time it is absolutely clear that education is just the beginning of the process of personal development. Since our births the human being is shaped and influenced heavily by many other factors different than education, like for example social status, family background and thinking, cultural roots and behaviors, believes, norms and values, religion and many more. The question that stays is now how can education contribute best to a person´s individual personal development? And in how far does education bring more limits and boarders than freedom and inspiration to realize one´s individual strengths and build on these in order to achieve one´s goals best? To be honest, I believe there is no single true answer, since education and its influence on a young person´s life differs from country to country. However, I believe that only a free and open climate in schools and universities can encourage young people to discover and foster their personal strengths and let individuals grow.

  24. Karolina Brodowska dice: Responder

    Education process is strictly connected with personal development, but we don’t get our competences and attitudes only from school. We are getting them whole life, from our family, experiences and different life situations, with whom we have to face. Human must constantly deepen his knowledge, and even make mistakes, which will help us become more complete. Formal education gives us theoretical knowledge, but still every person is different, so we won’t have the same emotions and attitudes of what we have learned. Everyone can utilize the same knowledge at the different time and in a different way. And every way, which leads us to self-realization is a good way.

  25. I think personal development is not present just in schools (education process), but also in other parts of our lifes. We start to learn since birth and then primary school, secondary school, high school, faculty, work, family, retirement, death. We grow, learn in every stage druring our lifes. I think the most important for children are parents in the childhood (from birth to 3 years old). On parents depend which values and morales will child accept. Also environment (primary and secondary school, teachers, friends) and self activity are important things in children’s life.
    I think personal growth is the most important thing in human’s life and depends on human’s self activity. If you have a lot of interests, plans for future and especially if you work on yourself and your development, you will be happy, even if you will do not have 2 or 3 degress.
    On the other side, I think education is also important thing nowadays, but in Slovenia people with two or three degress do not have job. I can not understand this. The people study for 16 or more years (from primary school till faculty) and at the end they do not have job. This is problem in many countries.

  26. Competency of personal development includes the recognition of the need to change, awareness of our own values, morals, feelings, reactions, knowledge and weaknesses, setting goals….I think it is essential to actively take responsibility for personal and professional development, because competency of personal development is an important foundation if you want to develop other competencies. Formal education is important part of personal development but it is just one part of it. More important is to learn how to live and be happy, to be successful, to have free will.Our personal development needs to be continuous, beyond formal education. Without clear understanding the big picture, the person with high education could still be unsuccessful at his or her job and unhappy with the way they are seen by colleagues and the boss. Learning should never stop and as well should not the personal development.

  27. I agree with this article that education is an important role in ones life. Education helps a person to become who they are in the future. Education enables people to be individual and it gives people information about all different topics and areas. Education ought to direct to personal development and to strenghten the veneration of human rights. School is a huge impact on ones life as it teaches you how to behave in an appropriate manner. The personality of a human being in influenced by the upbringing of the family. Families educate people about different aspects in life especially about a humans habits. I think that our school system in Ireland in primary school and secondary school is not enough develop to reach personalisation in a persons life.

  28. Personal growth and development are vital to success. The majority of people fail to attain their goals because of lack of effort, time constraints, or an incapability of focusing on the goal. On the other hand, there are people who never try in the first place just due to a fear of failure. Lack of confidence, knowledge, support, determination, skills, and mental blocks are just some of the factors that can have an effect on your personal growth and development. I think that it is vital that a teacher takes into account that each students has a different outlook on school, some more keen than others. I think that a teacher should realise this and cater for each students needs and abilities and not just see the classroom as a whole, focus on each student individually. In that way the student will see that he or she is treated with respect and that the teacher is actively involving them. In this way the student will have a good feel factor about them self which will enhance their personal development over time.

  29. It is not necessary for personal development to have or to get high education. Person develop his personality and opinion during the life, during the process of growing and getting to know other cultures-to see other specters of live, not just one, you are growing up in and being educated in. Furthermore I think, for the person, who is not living in an environment that is encouraging to develop own opinion, the education can make a person narrow-minded. That kind of person follows the system without any questions or doubt and this is the point, where dignity can be forgotten. Yes, education is important in our life, but not just education, that is offered by a government-we need to be educated during the life, to get new points of view through the different situation.

  30. Margret Oberreither dice: Responder

    The development of the personality is a process, which attend us the whole life. Especially in the years, which are the most important years for this process – when the children grows up – we, teachers & pedagogics should benefit this development. The idea from the teaching methodes changes right now in Austria, from teacher-centered instruction to open-teaching-methodes. But it needs time and depends on the teacher. Open-teaching methodes respect the individual way of learning and children have room to learn about topics, in which they are interested. They are able to specialize in subjects, in which they are good at and the motivation to improve grows up. That’s in my opinion a important process at the development of the personality, because you found out where you are good at and where you are not and you are able to improve your skills. But next to this skills you also learn to work on your own and arrange with your self. With the ground of this good experiences self-confidence and ideas of the future rise very fast.

  31. First of all is it true that personel development is important?I think well,of course it is.In fact,throughout the history people already realize that they need to develop theirselves individually.That’s one reason why the education system was put in place thousands of years ago.Nowadays for people to find their own personality to provide personal development is essential that the education system must be provided.As a result of this personality and education are combined.Individuals revealed an improved versatile.Ultimately beneficial to society made ​​up of people and contribute to the development of education.

  32. There is no doubt that personal development is substantial not only in education but also in every field of life. So my opinion, the question must be ‘how can we integrate personalization or personal development into education?’ In this purpose, ones’ career choice or the career choice he has been directed to by environment and education system is playing a crucial role. Through his personal development over years, one should be given the oppurtunities to search and decide about his career path.
    According to the MIT (Multiple Intelligence Theory) each person has a unique capability and tendency in different areas. So it is an inevitable fact that one can develop his personal tendencies much more than the ones’ he is directed to.. And the only way integrating personal development to education, is creating the possibilites for the one, for him to be able to lean on his intelligence through his career path…

  33. Education is vital in the development of a human being. Not only does is heavily influence your academic success but it aids the natural growth of a person in all aspects of their future. From a young age we are trained in the same way adopting the norms and habits of our parents. The learning curve continues through primary and secondary education claiming to further develop us as people as well as academic successes. From experience, my education has been central to the person I am today. Education is a set structure whereas personal development helps you discover new traits and characteristics in everyday life. It is necessary to discover strengths and talents but equally it is important to realize your weaknesses and limitations. In doing this, personal development benefits significantly molding us into an equal combination of well educated and well developed beings with our own individual identities. This therefore, undoubtedly connects personal development and education and I believe it is important that the two processes are combined for an overall well-rounded and developed human being.

  34. I agree with this article that education is very important in a persons life.I believe it really shapes who a person is to become. It shapes an individual to other ideas and changes their view point on certain topics so that a person may follow a crowd on certain ideas but it also helps people to think for themselves and to create their own ideas and to find their own way. Every person is also an individual and has different needs that need to be catered for differently. They need to be taught in different ways, such as visual learning, cognitive learning etc. These different methods of teaching also helps to frame that person to who they are eventually going to become.

  35. Daniel Kinghorn dice: Responder

    Personal growth can be closely related to education, however they are not always necessarily in tandem. I believe at the core, your personality comes from experiences and influences from people around you. Therefore in the early stages of the educational process children can be at different stages of their personal development but are grouped together at the same educational level. This can create problems as some children may understand why they are learning a particular subject, however some children may not understand. This can lead to those children falling behind for the rest of their educational path, possibly becoming easily distracted or not being motivated sufficiently. Whereas some children may be at an advanced stage of their own personal development and understand the need to for themselves to undertake the educational path. It may not always be the case that children should be grouped together just by their age, but perhaps they should be educated when at the same level of personal development.

  36. I agree with the idea that personal development is crucial in our education, not only at school but also throughout life. The mechanical kind of knowledge is relatively easy to provide; it only requires proffesional teachers and intelligent, motivated students. However, developing one’s personal skills seems to be a more delicate and complicated process. It requires a deeper insight into a learner’s personality, needs, abilities, motivation, backround. If schools helped students with their personal development – if they helped them to become more thoughtful, responsible, self-sufficient, confident, sensitive, I think it would be a step to solving many other problems we are facing, such as high unemployment rate or wrong career choices.

  37. For my opinion education starts at the time when your are born. You learn everyday. Also if you are old you have to learn every day, if not you dont get sucess.
    In our schools the problems is that we learn only this things what is written at the curriculum.
    Every student/human has his own talents. This talents should be support as good as possible. But the problem is that in the schools are only one maybe two teachers for 25 children. It is not possible to figure out everyones talent. If the teacher knows the talent he/she don´t have the time to support the pubil in his/her talents because the teachers have pressure with the curriculum. The best way would be that the teachers teach every pubil based on them talents but unfortunately it is not possible to teach in 25 different ways. In our University in Austria we get teached that we have to support every talent but how? Because there is now time and a lot of pressure from politics, board and also the parents it doesn´t work. Without supporting the talents the socity thinks that the school only teach in one way. They don´t teach important things of live(character, luck,….). I think a lot of theacher would really like to teach the children support on their talents but there is no time, no money and too much pressure. Would it be possible to teach at this way they could unfold much more in their interrests…

  38. MERT YILMAZ ÖZBAŞ dice: Responder

    We learn during all of our life from the moment of birth to the moment that we are gone. This learning path has different patterns from one individual to another.Formal education is the important segment of our learning trip. Average person in developed countries spends 12-16 years on formal studying or even up to 20 years of our life. Through that period we are bombarded with various information from diversity of fields. These knowledge are applied in different way some of them are theoretical while some of them are more practical.

    What happen with us when we finished the formal education? Probably most people are being employed. Finishing the formal education is important moment in our life. Since there is no formal need to learn at prescript rate it is up to every individual how will we continue to expand the knowledge. End of formal education is not the signal that we earned our degree and that we do not need to study anymore.Learning should never stop during the end of your life

  39. I think,means education is to educate people on certain topics.For example,starting from childhood people are trained in order.Firstly,we start primary school and learn to read and write.Secondly we go to high school and lastly the college.As a result,we would be employed or unemployed.We can speed up the process of finding a job.So,how can we?If we contribute to our personal growth,we easier to explain in any environment.In this way,starting with education,we continue our journey together with personal development.And together with our society would be an individual who contributed.

  40. Nuray Yalçınkaya dice: Responder

    Everybody say that personal development is very important, But what are the real development needs ?We learn during all of our life ,from the moment of birth to the that we are gone .In my own opinion formal education is important part of personal development .still it is just one part our personal development .Our personal development needs to be continous beyond formal education.
    The success of the personal development depends also from having broader perspective .
    Personal development comprises a series of actions and choices that improve one’s identity.Formal education on the other hand strives to equip the learn with the academic knowledge to use inthe world.

  41. Lukas Schaunitzer dice: Responder

    Education and upbringing have to work together hand in hand. Both are very important and can only operate interdependently. These two tools which we were equipped with, are designed to handle the world in the best way, and to solve any problem we get in contact with!

    It is important to education remodel so that students are trained not only to the Future jobs.
    Education should promote students interests and strengths. This could lead to a lot more potential to be exploited! Of course, before a basic knowledge must be laid as the foundation. This would require the introduction of an course system, in which students can choose their courses and subjects they wish to study and to specialise. When students are allowed to separate for themselves what they want to study, they will automaticaly study with a higher level of motivation. Because they decided for themself.

  42. I consider the education as an important tool to help us develop our personality. It gives us a knowledge about many things but it depends on each person how he will use it. It’s not the most important tool to create personalities, I think it’s one among other. For me the greatest influence on people have things that we’re constantly learning from our environment. People that we’re surrounded by, experience that we have. This all make us who we are and how we’re going to use tools and opportunities that we are given, for instance school education. Thus for me school education does not influence our personality directly because for me the person decide what wants to get from it.

  43. Education, surroundings, our interests, family, everything is important and has the influence on our decisions in life.
    I know the stories of people who raise their child as best they can but despite of it, this person did not succeed.
    In my opinion, the surroundings is very important, if not the most important. If we start our education with people who doesn’t have this feeling to do something in their life, we will end like them. In a bad surroundings, from the begging we are taught how to live easly.
    On the other hand, if we want to change something in our life, we need to get know ourselves better. One way of doing this is to get know ups and downs.
    Anyway, It is true that education is linked to the personal development of each of us. And if we find the real ourselves, the education will become inherent part of us.

  44. Egemen Tuncer YILDIZ dice: Responder

    Education is important for every person, only whether to everyone the same education is not possible to expect improvement.But everyone is impossible in special education. people should endeavor to himself. Education and personal development are interrelated.Because people will develop education receives. Educated people are trying to improve himself in every subject you want to be dominant.For this, together with personal development training is continuous. By family members can provide our personal development and education will help us improve.
    Anyway education continues throughout life. We gain experience. Where we learn whether what we do not do.

  45. Personal development is a multi-billion dollar industry, and one thing participants hear over and over again – whether attending seminars, or buying self-help books– is, “These are the skills you were never taught in school!”
    True, teaching children how think positively and achieve more in life just never seems to fit into the curriculum alongside reading, writing and arithmetic (not to mention history, geography and science).
    But parents can help teach these skills at home, and we’re not talking about just getting them to study.

  46. In my opinion the basis is our character and upbringing. First people who teach us something are our parents – they give the first education to their children. This beginning of human’s life make a fundament of him, material which has a potential to develop.
    It can be said that majority of educational systems are unfavourable for students because it gives only pattern, information. However, those information and patterns help students to discover their interests, talents, gifts. What is more, by education it is possible to meet experts who share with us their specialist knowledge. In my opinion, the most important is fact that by education we are more aware of everything around us.

  47. Sandra Maloversnik dice: Responder

    Education is in my opinion one of the most important things of life. Education even takes place when you do not notice it. In early childhood for example you learn so many new things and it will be a part of your whole life. You never know everything so there is always something new to learn. And education don’t only takes place in school. Education starts when you are born, takes place in your familiy, with your friends and with everything you do because you always learn something by doing something. It’s an essential part of your life and it is up to you how well educated you become. Everybody gets nearly the same education in school but it is up to you to do something with what you learn at school. It is up to you to question the things you learn and so get well educated.

  48. I think, not only personal development, but also education is the system of developing yourself. When we are educated in primary or high schools, everybody has same ideas and same informations. Developing yourself is up to you. If you want to learn more, you should make it by yourself, because the schools education is finite. I think the families are the most important effects in this context. Beside the school education, the families also educate their children. So, we can say that when we combine these two education systems, we can be a well-educated person. Also, beside family education, I believe that the most effective way is developing and educating yourself. For instance, My department is English Language and Literature. When I was in high school, I recognized that I love learning a foreign language and I started to develope myself in order to achieve my goal. Of course my school educated me well, but if you don’t study, if you don’t develop yourself, you can’t be successful even if your school gives you the best informations.

  49. Mitchell ter Haar dice: Responder

    First I want to say that education does not necessarily have to be found in education. Place Education is everywhere, and you can largely determine what you do with it. For children, this is obviously a different story, but they also make choices. In elementary school, they are taught everything and offered. But as a child, you are already in a position to determine whether you like it or not. Maybe not always with a good reason, but you can decide.
    Your whole life you learn, whether you like it or not find. you learn from mistakes, but also from successes. And this is an important component that represents you as a person. But I am well aware that this school is not the only place. Life teaches humans. Many have an opinion about, and researched. Can you explain this for everything? No!
    Many components are important for the development of a personality. This is formed in circles. The closer the circle with you as person, the greater the influence. Also here you can again decide on which circle you take the most. A circle can be your family, or your friends. But you parttime job here can play an important role. Everything that happens around you makes you as a person. It is important to make conscious choices and always stand behind your own choice. Only then can you say that you are a personality to develop. Whether this happens in school or not.

  50. Agnieszka Mączka dice: Responder

    Education has many functions : it extends the scope of human knowledge about the world, broadens its horizons , shapes the imagination needed to understand the cause-effect relationships . In its basis is the foundation that allows you to prepare young people for life in society. In the process of acquiring knowledge and skills in the school should be shaped features which allow free entry into adulthood – life family, social and professional .

    I agree That Education , Ensures the continuity of social life . Uneducated society are unaware of the world around.

    Unfortunately, at the present time we have a serious problem with the education system , namely:
    The school does not keep pace with reality

    Model , in which the base was formed in the nineteenth century. During this time, the world has changed , but schools are not adapted to this .
    Children today are accustomed to a large number of stimuli , traditional lessons so they are too monotonous , especially when lead them who speak an outdated language teachers , they do not see the opportunities that science poses technology .

    Schools should focus more on developing the skills of searching, processing and presentation of information , rather than their acquisition memory . On the teaching of problem-solving , rather than giving ready-made solutions . On developing social skills and team work , instead of continuous operation alone. On supporting individual initiatives rather than punish risk-taking . For the development of individual talents of students , instead of learning all the same and in the same way.

    For example I figure out that I have Intrapersonal and Visual intelligences , before none of educational system in my schools thaught me that . We all are thaught to only one kind of educational system .
    Every person is unique and completely different from each other . At that reason it is wrong to apply the same education syste for everyone.

  51. Aleksandra Jaszcz dice: Responder

    Education is everywhere and in every moment of our life as we gain some knowledge and experience doing various activities. From childhood, though school age till now and in the future we develop our personality. Education is necessary in order to discover who we are, what are our strong and weak points, our talents. I truly believe that education is essential in our life and we are not able to live without it. This is inherent element of our life. Personal development is undoubtedly connected with education. It affects our identity even if in some situations we don’t really realise that through education we develop our minds. But I think that sometimes personal development is not related to education in the schools. Nowadays for employers more important is experience, knowledge of life and personal abilities that we have than the fact that we finished studies on well-known university with best grades.

  52. Sevde Sena Kuzucuk dice: Responder

    In my opinion everything is possible with the help of education. I don’t believe in the idea that children start to learn how to write, read and calculate at the age of 6-7. They get grades, marks according to their exams. I don’t think that’s true. Children must be educated with personal, moral, social aspects in the schools at that age. We have kindergartens and after that we have rules for them to teach moral and personal topics, systems but I think these are never enough. Only few of them will able to figure out their personal, emotional, identitial ways and diversities with this system. For example I figure out that I have Intrapersonal and Musical Intelligences out of Multiple Intelligences by Gardner lately and by myself. No educational system in my schools thaught me that. We all are thaught by only one kind of educational system. We are not able to know ourselves. Of course education and people are always inseperable. But I’m talking about the education of only moral, personal and emotional at the age of the 6-7. Instead of maths, they should be familiarized kinds of intelligences, they should be thaught social, moral, personal rules for example for one year and they should be given marks according to behaviours instead of maths or language. At least only for one year. I’m not talking about mind control or teaching cultural, raditional dispositions. I believe if the system can be sustained correctly, it will be easy for everybody to know themselves, to behave logically, to know dignity, to think efficiently and ethically, not to hurt anyone and not to be selfish, not to harm environment and etc. Maths, science, language will come then in any way. But in current system, lessons, structures, theories come first and people are easily depersonalizated because they are not aware of being a person.
    In my opinion if we can give importance that in our educational system, it will be the education that we can call real education.

  53. I think personal development and education at a young age start at home (parents and family that educate you), depending of your context, socioeconomic status, culture, etc. For me there is no 100% clear answer, because development is a continuous process, during your whole life you develop. And this development can be influenced by unexpected events, politics, relationships, lessons that life gives you, etc. I think it’s impossible to plan your life and be prepared for everything what life offers us. Depending on your moral values and norms you will look at the world and cope with the daily problems/situation that we have to concur. With the decision you make you always have to keep the consequence in mind and stick to them, for every problem there is a solution. What I didn’t read in the article is the massive influence of advertisement and social media that fulfill a big part of our lives, even though we underestimate the power of this ‘new religion’. Advertising companies try to sell a personality instead of a product now a days, for example if you buy a Coke, you will ‘enjoy the great taste of life’, so if you don’t buy a Coke, your life won’t be so enjoyable. This is something we have to protect the children for, and that is almost impossible, because advertisement is everywhere. Advertisement fulfill all your needs/what you are looking for in life immediately. So I think it’s important to educate and teach the children that happiness, health and love can’t be bought like these advertising companies try to make you believe. Off course if the educator is easily influenced by advertisement he will pass it on to his child. This is why in education you should be neutral and skeptical.

  54. This article is very interesting because its rexlects how educuation affect persons identity. Education has very important role in every persons future but not everyone wants to study and has already found their place in world and as a person in life. I think that it is never to late to learn somethink new, because every knowlegde can help to understand world better and found out more new thinks about yourself. I think that every person develop himself thought education and real life experience . I think the most impotant role in every persons development is time. Nowdays worlds perception is much more diffrent than 20 years ago and i think after 20 years it will be much more diffrent than now. There will be diffrent education sistem and hole perception of world will bet diffrent.

  55. Alexandra Mc Gurran dice: Responder

    As I believe education is extremely important it is not surprising that I believe personal development and education come hand in hand. I feel to develop personally education is needed as it fills our minds full of knowledge, and helps us gain new skills which will aid us throughout our lives, acting as a foundation and contribute substantially towards our personal development. I also feel that personal growth is effected by family, life experience, friends and acquaintances. All of these factors have contributed to my personal development so far, leading me to believe that even when I complete my studies at university I will still consider myself a life long learner, as I am sure I still have a lot more life experience to gain by travelling and meeting new people who will fill my mind full of knowledge and new ideas.

  56. Rebecca McClean dice: Responder

    Both personal development and education are very important, however they are very different. Personal development, or personal growth, is a life long process and teaches a human about who they are, they are an individual and not just a name or number. Without this process a person does not become an individual and develop their own thoughts, opinions likes and dislikes. Similarly the educational process is an important one, learning in an educational setting causes our minds to expand and we learn new and interesting things. However education is a set structure, you will learn a set curriculum depending on what subject you study, whereas personal development means you learn new things about yourself every day. Therefore I believe it is important that these two processes are sympathetically intertwined for an overall well-rounded existence as a human.

  57. I believe that personal development is based on a lot of different factors in live. Personally i think that personal growth is one of the most important things in live. It is also a choice you make as a person, if personal development is your priority or not.
    Education is also about personal development but is more focused on learning new skills and knowledge. Personal growth is more about : What defines you as a person and how do I want to develop my strong and weak points in my character? This is also influenced by family, friends, experiences in life, travels and so on.
    Education has a hudge impact on you as a person and I believe that you learn a lot about reflecting, stepping outside your own perspectives and your thoughts.
    I believe that a combination between those two is a really good foundation for personal growth but at the end of the day is it also about; how much do you want to grow as a person?

  58. Fedora Morozová dice: Responder

    This is very social article making you think about certain things. Certainly there is a big difference between learning and self-development. People are self-developing during all their lifes practically by making, seeing, reading everything in their daily lifes. And then they study something and they learn informations needed to the purpose of their study. But since the world is changing, very often we are not able, (or at the end we discover we don’t want) to work in the fields we have chosen to study. Thanks to person’s own self-development and thanks to the easy acces to informations we can today do and try many jobs. People who studied languages and today are working on manager’s posts in IT companies are an example. Or me studying the economy, but actually still struggling what is it I want to do with my life, studying three world’s languages. Because I like it and because it is already very useful to me…

  59. Emilia Michalska dice: Responder

    It has always been. It allows us to develop, but we have to remember that this is how we look at education, lot of depends of how we were brought up. The second thing is the character and personality, characteristics which we have no influence. Therefore parents have a strong influence on our approach to education, but if we have a willpower and we want to learn is not disturbed. Even the habits learned from the family home. Thanks to education we can achieve everything. It is important to motivate students to learn but not only in school but also in the family home. Motivation for sure will be used in the future. I also think that the approach to the students and the parents’ attitiude to children is half the battle in all live education.

  60. Mariam Simonian dice: Responder

    I totally agree with the fact that the educational process should always be based on the concept of personal development. First of all the human motivation for education and qualification depends on personal values and objectives: such as integrity and self-realization. Therefore, I believe it is vitally important to consider the human factor in education and vice versa. These are connected one to each other and difficulty separate. Education is one of the biggest factors influencing one’s personal development. Similarly more self-developed individuals are most likely the best founders of future education. Moreover, as the article emphasizes, the educational achievement is not merely a goal of technical qualification, but rather a process of improvement and personal fulfillment. In many countries, still the idea of education is nothing more than achieving a diploma after graduation. In these places corruption and falsification are normal in many areas of education. However, in my opinion, every single human being has the capacity and the right to choose and to obtain a personalized education according to their core values. Finally, the education system is closer to excellence, as much as it respects and gives way for personalization, both in schools or social environments. In other words: to learn is to become!

  61. Piotr Jaworowicz dice: Responder

    I think that education system is very important, what more I think it is necessery to learn as much we can, in that way which we are follow. Unfortunetly people are not using their ability for learning, because of unmotivation. To find the motivation we need to find our path. Find something to do, that it will make you happier, and try to be the best in this what you are doing! Of course education is the basic element of this process. We are learnig our all live, from our parents, from the teachers, from diffrent people and from our own. Without basic education system it will be hard to communicate in diffrent languages and to develop our culture.

  62. Natalia Chernykh dice: Responder

    Modernization of the educational process suggests that the orientation of the education is not only the students’ absorption of certain amount of knowledge but also the development of their personality, their cognitive and creative abilities. As Galileo said «We cannot teach people anything; we can only help them discover it within themselves». Accordingly personal growth and the process of education are inextricably linked. In my opinion, this is the most important result and the most efficient method of educational process. But it seems to me that in order for teachers can help their students to cultivate, they must continuously improve themselves.

  63. Maria Betekhtina dice: Responder

    Education is part of the process of identity formation. Using this process, the society transfers the knowledge, skills from one person to another. In the process of training the student is imposed on certain cultural values; the learning process is aimed at socialization of personality, but sometimes training is in conflict with the true interests of the student. Education has an impact on all kinds of human activities. According to this theory, education is not immediately consumed, rather it is a valuable investment in the future of people. As all investments, in the future it brings profit.

  64. Every human is a person but a different one. Everyone chooses his own way of developing his personalityand mostly it happens through education system other examples are like gangsters, killers, drug dialers and etc. That’s of course a bad way to impersonate oneself. Education helps people to choose their way in life, who one wanna be and etc. After graduating a school a good pupil has a plan how he gonna develop himself, who he wanna be a doctor, a lawyer, a teacher and this way he develops himself like a person. Then after university he bedins his career getting experience going upper and upper in his work position and in the meantime shaping his personality. It’s a whole life work to develop a personality because people are unstable they always change their decisions and try to develop in other spheres of life.

  65. For every person in this modern society you will have to develop yourself within the educational process. It bacame nesessarry to define yourself, as a human being, throughout education. I think your life includes a life-long learning process, within finding yourself; your needs, your motivation, your dreams, who you are and what you would links to do. For the most part I agree to thuis article and I think that the educational process will helps you for your personal development. It will helps you for experience subjects and knowing if it attracts you or not. It will learns you different and new competences like coorporation, discipline, independecy, reflection, attitude, motivation and so on. It will also helps you for choosing a direction for the formal part of personal devellopment you would like to be. On the other hand I think that the educational process will disturb your personal development. There are so many things, many ways, many obligations during this educational process, that there is few space for having personal problems like mental problems or conflicts, that it is almost necessay tot deny your problems tot keep up with the others (grouppressure). The educational process is giving a lot for your personal development but its also asking a lot. For example; you are a person/pupil/student who is trying tot stay on score but is just unable to keep up with the others. He/she will feel less, becomes unsecure or will have a burnout. Its that als the right way of personal development throughout education?

  66. Pierre Lefebvre dice: Responder

    Education is an essential part of personal development but not the main driver. The first instinct of man is to survive, and for that to evolve, to learn. The man has always been able to evolve by «himself».
    This article makes me wonder, how far man will go without education. What form will takes development without education? I think we can verify in real life, worldwide. We are not all equal in education but I think we are in personal development. And this does not show that man is more weak against personal development due a «lack» of education. But of course, I think in our modern society education is also there to encourage this development.
    But for me the personal development is natural.

  67. Kübra Nur Turhan dice: Responder

    education is an indispensable part of human life. Education is a process that continues throughout life. İt is essential that the individuals own experience in the educational process.
    Education ; is the art of raising chilren as a pedagogical. The aim of education; of the children and young people to develop their personality for social life. So basic aim is persons life the best way to ensure benefit. There are also social benefits of education. Education, ensures the continuity of social life. Uneducated society crowd consists of meaningless.
    Personal development process, is in line ith the training process. Because eduacation ; individual critique saves power and thinking skills. So; that a good aducation is the foundation of personel development.( language, religion, race, environmenti mindset is also important ) . education should be the theme of personal growth. Education shouldn’t be imposition of a system of rote learning and training. The quality of education is important in this regard. The theoretical knowledge isn’t enough in the education system for a qualified personal development.
    İnnovative education system began with postmodernism, but it is stil not enough. Postmodern education cant meet all the need .
    Every person is unique and completely different from each other. At that rate everyone is wrong to apply the same education.
    İf provided technical competence in the education system, through effort and motivation are significant developments.

  68. In my opinion, we whole life learning and education is one of the most important thing in our life, without it would not exist a lot of things around us, because education it is the progress of civilization. However, when it comes to education the school should teach, and parents to educate their children, of course school gives good things but also bad habits and that parents should direct what we should choose. During the education we learn what really interests us and what not, cause then is shaped our personality and interests. For me it is possible to combine education and personal development.

  69. I agree and disagree with this article. Education is definitely one of the most powerfull tools a person will get in his life, but I do not think that education is the most important factor in the personal development. During life we are influenced by so many factors, starting with the family who raises you and teaches you morals and values. You will be influenced by the culture you are leaving in, the religion you are believing in, the people that surround you, and of course as well by the teachers that teach you. All these factors shaped you in one way or another and can be responsible for what interests you or what you for yourself see as perfection and excellence. Education is not necessarily the only way to learn. As Oscar Wilde once said:” Education is an admirable thing, but it is well to remember from time to time that nothing that is worth knowing can be taught.”

  70. The education is very important for students develops because the students can develop their skills and character with education .So the students are attending class for learning new things but ıf there are staying in class for education this amazing but ıf there are staying in class for passing lessons and spend time in school thats awful also nowadays there are alot of colleges and these colleges are working for just earing money ,they are like a trade company because they are just trying to earn money not for teaching something because nowadays ıf you pay to some university well you can pass all of your exams then you can take your diplopma but it will be empty diploma .
    The educaiton is not only way to improve to students for example their familly ,where they live becasue cities and countries also effect educaiton , their
    environment effects to young people thus education is in everywhere and everything effects to edcuation .

  71. Tamta Ulumbelashvili dice: Responder

    Education plays a very important role in our life. It is one of the most valuable possessions a man can get in his life. During all the periods of human history education ranked high among people. Human progress mostly depended upon well-educated people. Self-education is very important for the development of human’s talents. Only through self-education a person can become a harmonically developed personality. A person becomes a highly qualified specialist after getting some special education. And professionalism can be reached only through it. Even highly qualified specialists from time to time attend refresher courses to refresh their knowledge. We get our knowledge of this world and life through education. Many famous discoveries would have been impossible if people were not interested in learning something. Education develops different sides of human personality, reveals his abilities. Besides, it helps a person to understand himself, to choose the right way in this world. The civilized state differs from others in the fact that it pays much attention to the educational policy. John Kennedy said: “Our progress as a nation can be no swifter than our progress in education”. But it doesn’t concern only one particular nation. We know that science and art belong to the whole world. Before them the barriers of nationality disappear. So education brings people closer to each other, helps them to understand each other better.

  72. I don’t think we can talk about excellence in education, because education is about people connecting their own knowledge with new concepts as everybody has a different background excellence will never be reached for every student.
    For me, the goal of education should be to give knowledge to the audience but also try to interest the people as an individual. If someone can connect the dots with his own knowledge, he will be interested and may even search by himself more about the subject.
    The concept of well-made work is something that the society invented and it’s therefor almost common for everybody, so this could be reached without regard about the person but it might be the only thing.

  73. I agree with many parts of this article .Learning people’s lives, starting in infancy close your eyes time to the period of life, sometimes passive, sometimes active is an ongoing process.This process has to combine education and training should have integrity.This process began with imitation and routing
    systematic and conscious of family elders give to their children can be shaped by education, integrating with teaching in schools form the basis of personal development.Personal development;to shape the behavior and character traits
    guided through trial and error that positive or negative effects of the environment is a process that carries with it How to develop the learning process and the main factors in this process there and we look at the factors that cause accumulation of individual the first of»Reading» to be seen.There is little or no reading habit in the rate of development of individuals and society, everyone knows what happened.Today, in developed countries the habit of reading books and newspapers, as measured by per capita and Number of books per capita in developed countries is spoken, the number of people in the underdeveloped countries is spoken per book

  74. The first seperation are qualitative and quantitative consideration in educational system. The frame of present day past modern times. Education generalised but every generalizations are simplification. After that education loss qualitative side.
    Other problem sciences gives place to historycity but it opens to its was verisimilitude. Actually we know that there are nor certain truth in sciences.
    In this time constnactist approach fosseses educational systems. These approach causes despotism and dogmatism and creats problematic situations. Firstly problem of originality experts and teachers claim that constnactivism is the last movelty ‘of the’ science of teaching and learning. Secondly the consideration of the ultimate paradigin the initial problem experts think that constructivism is the ultimate. Thirdly the last paradicmatic revolution is over. Ther is nothing beyend constructivism.
    Above all education is sociologucal fact. This people in society have every-changing demands.
    There are a lot of problem but where is the solutions. Solutions -demands of education systems- gathered five article;
    *changes in the structure of learning
    *changes in the traditional ways
    *changes circulation of knowledge
    *changes social role of profession
    *we should not forget it education is building black of future of society and most generations.

  75. Teaching or training is an ongoing process which starts at birth, with the mother being the teacher. It is a constant cycle of learning and understanding which can be difficult and can take a long time to acheive results.The future of the next generation of children is very important and is shaped by their education. If we want to improve the situation, we must give priority to developing their education. İt is only after initial training and learning at home, that education in a different setting can occur. It is important for a childs character to develop and grow positively so that positive learning can take place. The issue with the education system is the importance they place solely on factual information. If we change the approach to also teach children how to use this information practically and positively, we can avoid some negative and destructive behaviour. This is evident in education through technology. It is very easy to have access to technology and to gain information in this way. However, it is important to teach children how to access and use this information correctly.

  76. İzel Selin DEMİRCİ dice: Responder

    I agree with this article. First of all, Modernity progress with human beings and education is indispensable for human life. Postmodernity doesn’t answer to whole of existence. Human being have confusion we realise that the other important things that establish the posibilities of human. Personalization linked to education process and it is so important aim of education. Human must to discover their personality and personal development. If education system doesn’t has good conditions, it will be effect bad to personal development in education. On the other hand education is not just technical qualification it also include individual capability. It effect also integral improvement. Conclusion if we say from general to spesific that education in the central point. Person, personalisation and education are connected. Education provide to improve personal skills. For good qualification in education we must focus to understand to human.

  77. I agree and disagree with this article. Personal development is strongly related to education. An education is one of the most important skills a person will receive throughout their lifetime. Education is vital in a person’s life as it helps them to develop themselves as a person. Education teaches skills and values to people which will stand by them for a lifetime. Teachers are trained how to cater for different students so they can help with the personal development of each individual. Education is on-going in a person’s life. After school a lot of people may decide go to college or do a masters or PhD they to feed their mind with new ideas and develop themselves even further. Bettering your education can lead to a better future and a greater understanding of the different types of people in society. I do not believe education is the only factor in personal development. Another strong factor is culture, a person’s religion and race etc.

  78. Without the person, there are no objectives. And without education, the objectives are not realized. The education is a domain accessible to everybody. However it remains essential as for the training of the child and his own development, his relations with the rest of the world set apart his family, his circle of acquaintances. It is on the base of everything, It will allow the child and can evolve in the world, of he will know each other or even and especially he will acquire a lot of knowledge. I shall say that the education makes the personality of the individual through its character, its defects, its qualities… Thus of this quoted, I confirm the idea of this person.
    What I cannot accept, it is the fact of thinking that the current educational system can solve all the problems of the life. No! You should not only base itself on the education, there are also other factors in the life and which must, necessarily, be taken into account. The dependence is a part of things to be banished from its life. It is necessary to know how to move forward without any help, I have to auto-educate before anything else, know what I want or not, what I can make or not, and especially, well direct his choices in life.

  79. Agnieszka Bogusławska dice: Responder

    I agree with previous statements. In my opinion education is not remembering poem, learning biography of the writer, or how to solve a math equation (of course, SOMETIMES this knowledge comes useful …). If anyone thinks that, has a very narrow view of the world.. For me to be educated it means to is to be experienced. there is no proper age to gain experience – people learn throughout life. I have to admit that the more I learned while here, in Huelva, by less than two months than for two years while I was in my city. I mean, of course, not knowledge about my studies, but the experience that I have gained here. Now I know that I can deal with many things 🙂

  80. In my opinion concept of education is very broad. Through continuous learning, we deepen our knowledge and develop our interests. The awareness of being educated also affects our self-esteem and self-worth. It is clear that education has an impact on the quality of life and job opportunities.
    Nowadays, having paper which confirms higher education is necessary to obtain the (fairly) good job. This doesnt mean that people who have left school have less knowledge, often thet have more knowledge of life and different experiences whch are sometimes worth more than the paper confirming the fact that I graduated.
    Education is important, but for me the most important is personal development, and that sometimes it is not related to education in the school.

  81. I agree quite strongly with this article. I think that education is vitally important to the development of children however the definition of education must be clarified. Education, in its rawest sense is learning, whether that is about the world outside your back door or how to conjugate the verb ‘to be’ in the future tense. Education must be, although sadly it rarely is, individual to the learner. Children should be given the opportunity to learn about that which is relevant to them and their culture – there would be little point for instance in explaining quantum physics to a child whose interests lie in animal care. However as education has been standardised and formalised in order to provide children with a base line knowledge I believe that the key aspects of education are falling by the wayside. Children have become statistics, their academic career focuses not on their achievements but on their failings compared to the rest of their age group. Formal education is no longer geared towards providing children with a deep, meaningful ball of knowledge but instead concentrates on pushing them through the next national testing strategy. I am not saying that assessment for learning and assessment of learning are not important aspects of education, on the contrary development can only be clarified through a positive action, I just feel that education ought to focus more on an individualistic assessment using the personalisation chart; in order to have a deep understanding of any concept you must first understand what it is, then how it works and finally why it is and why it must be applied.

  82. I agree that education plays a very important role in personal development. Teachers are trained to tend to the needs of each individual child in order to help nurture their development so every child receives the attention they need in order to grow and develop as a person. Education can help us determine what our strengths and weaknesses are in some aspects of life which naturally benefits each individual’s personal development . However there are other things in life outside of education that help our personal development. Family and the society in which we grow up in has a huge impact on shaping our beliefs and how we view certain things. Religion and culture are two more areas that strongly influence our personal development. While religion may be linked with education, the focus is completely different as religion within education is generally theory- based, whereas religion outside of education is more practical. I believe that all of these things should be taken into account when talking about personal development, instead of just focusing on one aspect that influeces it.

  83. About this article I agree and disagree with it. At first point I agree that education is our basis. People need knowledge to develop themselves. You can get a lot of information from your teacher which you can use it later. But only theoretical things is not so good for people, because later they now how to do something theoretical, but not practical. I know lots of people who has not good education, but all the time they do some practical things and in the end they can do these things better than people who have very good theoretical skills. Education is that thing which you learn and use all of your life. In every country opinion about education is different and that is the reason why I come to Erasmus, to see what education level is here. What teachers prefer to be better. I like that here lot of teachers prefer a more do practical tings not so much theoretical and I like it very much.

  84. Aimesei Ismailova dice: Responder

    As I understood the article intents to indicate the importance of becoming a person first of all within education. It turns out that education and personalization are interrelated: education promotes personalzatio of a human being and a man in his/her turn studies to become a person.
    In my opinion I consider that to be true , as ducation is absolutely one of the main and important factor of the process of personalization. We can definiely mention other important factors of personalization such as family that is enviroment,also friends,heritage,trvelling etc., but even these4 factors contain in themselves parts of education: you copy your parents but aty the same time parents teach you the things you don’t know. Eventually education is an extreme power of our personalization and self-realization.

  85. I agree on the importance of education in personal development, because what makes a society a good society? Every person in this world makes a sociaty, I believe in what Socrates believed in – that to make the world a better place you have to start by making yourself a better person –good, kind, emotionally intelligent and in peace with yourself person, and if so, then every family is a happy, good, functioning family, if every family is like that then society is and the whole world will be better. That’s why there is no doubt on the importance of personal development, and of course that education is a very important part of becoming a better person or even a person as it self. . Of course education is not the only thing that builds or personality, there’s also family, social situation, society and other things, but education helps us understand how the world works, to see so many different things that were happening, are happening and will happen, and by knowing and experiencing that all we choose how we will funkcionete in this world, what will be our attitude to the world, what kind of person we will become.

  86. At first, every person has its own characteristics.Up a program, taking into account that the education system.Which subjects that every human being should know better educator.If the educator knows every student’s different behaviors, can provide convenience to meet the needs of all.the contribution of the parents in this regard should be.Educator with the parent should be in cooperation.Educator must educate students everywhere.Education system tailored to meet the every student’s needs.I have read the multigrade classroom primary school.So there were children of all ages in a classroom.Lack of teacher is one of the biggest reasons.In such conditions can not take kid a good education.Eliminating the all the deficiencies in the education of the child to fail upload kid wrong.

  87. I would like to agree and disagree with this article. Firstly, I believe that yes, «education is a motor for personal development». As an adult, some of us see education as stepping stones to help us advance in our careers, whereas others may see it is as acquiring knowledge. Either way, when we learn new things we are, without realising, developing our minds, opening them up to new ideas and concepts- it is the ‘Human Absolute’- there are no limits on human freedom, whether this be regarding education or not.
    Secondly, I would like to point out that I do not agree with the quote that is «more present-day attitude made clear that the educational system is unable to solve the problems of human life». What we are taught through the education system is nothing to do with how we solve the problems of human life- simply acquiring knowledge will not solve anything. It is how we take the knowledge we have been given and manipulate it and how we link it together with personal experiences that will help us solve the problems of human life.

  88. Firstly, I totally agree this article. As we all know, education is an ongoing process throught all life and the most important difference that separates us from the other creatures. This process that began our family, continues every step. I don’t think so much school educate us. Im my opinion life is educate us and everything is dependent our selection. School or university like guide, just show the way . Which way will we choose or how can we improve ourselves? This is in our hands. We do this choose according to own priorities and values. First of all, definitely we have to know importance of education. The purpose of education; happiness, indirectly healthy, well-being have the financial means and welfare. If we have this consciousness, improving ourselves will be easier. Everyone should be aware of own skills-capacity and explore their character -personality.Then proceed in this direction by taking responsibility. If we have the higher our level of education, we can see respect in a society and provide good relationships with people.

  89. Education is very important in our society. Building up a good and solid personality is the goal. When we look at education in schools, it often is just about collecting knowledge. Of course, that’s important, too, but often there’s a lack of learning about social responsibility for others and caring about others. I was at a comprehensive school, in each year we have an integrative class where disabled and not-disabled people learn together. Furthermore, children who will just reach a Substantive Certificate of Secondary Education and children who will do their A-levels are teached together and they learn to help each other. For me that is definitely the best concept of a school. Learning about being social and developing your personality in that way.

  90. At first I can fully agree with the idea of the person as the center, foundation , subject and likewise object of education. In my mind the person has to be the center of every educational process otherwise education would not fullfill what its ment to be.
    Furthermore education has to enable persons to think on their own, to criticise and most important at the end of an institutional education the person have to be able to learn on their own, without help of a teacher and discover , as you said, their own personality. In other words the teacher has to make him/herself unecessary. Maybe if its permitted to quote, this sentence would fit here perfectly:
    “the most important thing in every educational activity is not the mere technical qualification but making the individual a person through an adequate process of personal development».

    But at least I have got a question, what exactly are the factors of depersonalisation?

  91. Some people consider education as something where you should learn to be self sufficient. Part of me is agreeing on that but the rest of me kinda disagrees. To me many problems in the world is because of the self sufficient part. So that when we have reached that goal people who have not reached it are considered less. Some people have mental issues and can never reach that goal. The goal to me in development of myself and the people around me is working together. For the rest its important that you are on a school wich provide you with your needs. For example: if i hate music i wont go to a music school. Same counts for primary education where you have to be in luck your parents places you in the right school. But usually they will since they raised you and you ofcourcr have some gens of your parents. Once your on that school e teachers should reach out to you with diffrent visions of diffrent subjects so you can form your view on the world and so once your 16/18 can choose what study of work you will do so you can develop more on the path you choose.

  92. The educational process is a very complex process. Human form several factors, however, we must remember that this man is a central point in all of this. I thing that in today’s education need to focus on the human being as a living organism. Our development is important both in terms of mental and physical. We learn all our life and in all life situations. Not only during the educational process but also during all daily activities. However, I thing that man is mostly responsible for the self-education, and we should decide what to accept and what we throw out.

  93. Julia Budzich Bohdan dice: Responder

    I think education is important in the life of every people. It really takes it all life, from birth until old age. People are learning whole life. Important not to forget about the fact that even though the whole pressure for sound of education, diplomas, career which of person you are.
    Human values ​​and personal dignity are very important in the educational process. In my opinion, education has an effect on the school, society, the times in which he lives, the religion etc but most of all important is family. Because the family learns to live in society, behave social norms, to be helpful to the other people.

  94. Development of the person depends on environment. Huge role plays here school and society, which are crucial in developing human personality. It can be hard to reject the schemas, because we all live in society and it is needed to preserve the social order and cooporate with eatch other in order to avoid a social conflict. However, nobody should lost his own personality and be focused on independent thinking. Educational proccess is significant in building personality, that is why it should focus on the indywidual. Then, personal development through education leads to personal fulfillment. This educational proccess last during the whole life, not only in school, but also in daily reality. We need to understand things better to find ourselves, our own place and our goals in order to reach the personal harmony.

  95. I absolutly agree with the contention that « is at its best when it considers the person as its essential foundation,..» and I think lot of people realize this these days but the problem is with good teachers. Most of the teachers are stucked in their rutine and since they´ve become teachers they are not educating themselves in their major. How could these teachers help someone else to develop? Children are naturally curious, but I know from my own experience that lot of teachers kill this potential and only few of them can help with education and even fewer of them with personal development. I´ve met a couple good teachers during my studies. I consider them as a good teachers because they were able to explain the subject interesting and understandable way, they are still authorities for me and I greatly respect them, because they gave me a bit of their life wisdom. Unfortunately I can count them on the fingers of one hand.

  96. As education is a life-long experience it can have a huge impact on a person. As I child we’re very vulnerable and so education has a huge part to play in our development as we attend school every day and act as we are expected to. However as we get older other issues can impact our development for example the people we meet, the opinions from those we are close to and what we ourselves believe what is right. Our cultures can also impact our development in a huge way as different cultures expect different things. Thus we develop into the people we are for a number of reasons not just education.

  97. In my opinion the development of the person, unique personalization and dignity of each individual are the most important things in the lives of human beings and the society in general should become more aware of this fact. Modern generation is, from my perspective, too guidable, nondependent and after all it cannot think critically. From my point of view this is the consequence of the school system. If I quote your statement: “the most important thing in every educational activity is not the mere technical qualification but making the individual a person through an adequate process of personal development”. I think schools are preoccupied with all the scientific material they need to teach a students, meanwhile they forget on the essential thing that pupils should learn at the first place – shape their own opinions, be auto-reflexive, think critically, think about themselves, about their personality etc. This is the only way how the person can build their stable, unique and own “be”. And we’re asking why students usually don’t like express their opinion? Why they are afraid to expose themselves and stand for their opinions? Why is lately so hard for them to find a job? Why do they just follow the system even they are not satisfied with it? Maybe it’s because nobody haven’t gave them a chance – suitable environment, time and support – to think about themselves, work on their own essence and develop into the independent, critical human being, who is actively participating and so-creating the modern society. Of course family have a role here too, but the educational system should change a lot about how and what it teaches and be aware that it is, like it is written in the article, “as motor of the personal development” in which the individual person contribute his/her motives, which afterwards education put in context and this way help him/her to go a step further in his/her development which leads to both – external and internal growth.

  98. In todays society, we live in where each individuals has their own values with the culture they grow up in, and dignity that is developed through out their lives. Growing up within where we live now, every person has different values. Growing up from childhood, to become an adult, we the people choose different methods of our own way, because of the value we believe in ourselves. For example, I want to become a lawyer, because i believe i have the value to become a lawyer, and i believe in myself to give the best i can and use my value to be a successful person to the society. Dignity of course plays a big role along with values. Dignity is the foundation of moral vision for society and it makes us who we are and how society accepts us. In conclusion, it is clear that we have to realize our values and dignity, in our daily lives to give back to the society what we have achieved throughout our education and life experiences..

  99. Education and Learning is for me lifelong porocess that can never be fully completed, since we learn from experiences we have, people we meet, books we read… And of course our personality is shaped to the education we get, starting by the one we get from our parents. But education is not the only thing that can shape a person. There are also the features and dispositions that everyone has by birth.
    Despite that i think it should be the goal of every formal education, and for that the also the goal of schools, to encourage students to find there own identity and be confident with whom they are. They should be able to life a self-determined life. Sadly i don’t really see this in our educational system today.

  100. When a young child enters the school for the first time at the age of four the teachers job is to provide children with an environment that educates them holistically. A good teacher will closely watch and assist the children’s physical, emotional, social and intellectual development constantly and by doing so will allow them to begin their personal development in finding out who they are and what they want to do within this world. An education plays a huge important role on personal development from a young child entering education to a trainee teacher leaving higher education. As a trainee teacher I am educated by reading articles and develop an understanding about education around the world, in doing so I am still developing personally by my education helping me shape and form the teacher and person I want to be. I believe that education never ends and will constantly aid personal development which I believe also never truly ends.

  101. In todays society, we live in where each individuals has their own values with the culture they grow up in, and dignity that is developed through out their lives. Growing up within where we live now, every person has different values. Growing up from childhood, to become an adult, we the people choose different methods of our own way, because of the value we believe in ourselves. For example, I want to become a lawyer, because i believe i have the value to become a lawyer, and i believe in myself to give the best i can and use my value to be a successful person to the society. Dignity of course plays a big role along with values. Dignity is the foundation of moral vision for society and it makes us who we are and how society accepts us. In conclusion, it is clear that we have to realize our values and dignity, in our daily lives to give back to the society what we have achieved throughout our education and life experiences.

  102. Marta Serdakowska dice: Responder

    I think, firstly, to understand the issue of the article, we should think about what is education to us. In general people consider education only as the skills we can get at school or university. But real education is our experience, these are things that we learn from in everyday life.
    From my own experience I can say that I’ve never learnt more than during traveling. This is like school of life. While traveling (I mean real traveling, not sitting in a 5 star hotel, where you could get only thanks to travel company) I had to overcome many obstacles, deal with stress and unexpected situations, face new sutuations, get along with other,very differential people, break the boundaries of culture, language and so on. This is the education that really gives results. And this is what influence the value of the person and what can increase the sense of our dignity. Only education understood as your own experience can lead to real development and formation of the person.

  103. Education is at every moment of our lives, and continues throughout life. The most important task of education can recognize oneself. However, I think the schools are given more than theoretical knowledge. A lot of education systems usually is evaluated according to the exam in the evaluation process . According to the performance evaluation is very little. The personality of the students develop according to this. İndividuals have got rote and knowledge of theoretical, but they can not application. And of course, self-aware individuals are raised. if a person tries things, know what you can do. Education should help children in this regard.

  104. I have to say, that i agree with a lot of commentaries here. The education in the school is an integral part of each child, especially for its personal development. If we are speaking about the personalisation in education, the form of learning process is very important. I know four levels of personalisation: standardisation, differentiation, adaptation, and finally personalisation. This process is very complicated and lenghty and is influenced by the attitudes of teachers.
    But my opinion is that the family background and own experiences during adolescence are the next important issue in formation of personality. For the proper development of personality is important to see a pattern in the family whether with regards to relations, emancipation, the behavior to the others, priority, and so. Another thing are the basic needs of human, which makes them do things to achieve their goal (Maslow’s pyramid). On the top of this pyramid is so-called seberealization, which should be the highest level of humen needs if we are speaking about success in the work or in personal life. But in this article is described some kind of being the best, perfect which, according to my opinion, is individual and its formed more by family than by school.

  105. Education is very important for personal development.Humans are born with a lot of talent.Education process teaches «How to use these capabilities?»This process is a challenging journey.Education always should be individual-centered when the people first training smilar to a dough.If it is given right shape,would be nice result.In the same way if the peoples take correct education could be successful.So teachers and families plays an important role.Education system should include different opinion.Last of all I think people always need to get more and more knowledge.Everyone should try to learn something during life.Finally education,affects human life continuously.

  106. Santa Mandelberga dice: Responder

    Education is like a main living for people, for each person. Education role is not only give knowledge to people, but develop them like persons. Its important to remember that each person is different, and therefor education role is more difficult, we have to raise persons who are not the same, all is unique and we have to think how to develop all personalities. I agree that education can`t solve all problems in people life, but with education people learn how to deal with problems in there lifes. Education goes hand in hand with personal development, but ofcourse that takes a step-by-step. We learn how to live, how to ‘’ survive’’ whole life and education is the most important thing in people lifes, because all the time in education we are learning how to develop us a person. Educational process is the process where develop our social skills, our attitudes and view of life.

  107. Gulsum Busra Dura dice: Responder

    Process of education personal development depends on the reading. Reading habit express rate of development in communities. Understanding would be possible with listen. But only listening is not enough. Listening is the other half. Repeat, exercises and etc.
    Other factor is observation at learning and having knowledge. These the knowledge gained from convert to skills with practices. And person ready for possible surprise, develop of problem-solving skills. All these create the dynamism of motivation at individuals and communities. After finally prepares the way happinies and success.

  108. Lukas Petrulaitis dice: Responder

    Education is the process, which we are learning all our lifes. For example when we are born, we are so powerless, we can‘t do anything. The process of education is going step by step, you can‘t learn this in one day, year or etc. But this not the most important thing. I think, we all are so different, and we see education in the way we want to see it. Nowadays education problem is that children are not able to learn everything at one time as everything is strictly organised and they must meet deadlines. Every child has different abilities in learning new things, therefore, it is not possible for everyone to learn everything on required time of period. The biggest problem in education in this century is that teachers do not consider the possibility of every child having different levels of knowledge and different skills in learning. The new way to educate people does not allow to cherish our personal development.

  109. Ramune Nemeikaite dice: Responder

    In the all ages people are learning from everything. When there were no educational institutions in the Earth, people were learning from their own lives’ experiences. From the generation to generation people were transferring their experience and knowledge. The more they had knowledge, the more they knew about the surrounding. Now we have many different types of educational institutions where we could learn many things. We are learning from the books and other type of sources. However, we get only the information from there. The main aim of educational system should be teach not to remember all the information but to teach how to use (or how to understand) that information in our lives.

    Important thing is that the educational progress is always developing but there is so many information that nobody of us could know everything. That is why we do not need to try to remember all of that. In my opinion, the main thing in education is to learn how to learn.
    Every person is unique. All the information he gets, he understands it through the prism of his own life experience. So there cannot be one particular way how to educate person. That is why the best school is life-school. How much person learn depends on his motivation, life experience, desire and consciousness that all-life-long learning is the engine of his own personal improvement. Everyday is like a one more lesson in/about our own lifes. If we know how to learn from it, that is good. We could take what we need and improve ourselves. It is important to recognize that the life is the main teacher. Do you want to be the best student? 🙂

  110. People are diverse and everyone hold different levels of motivation, when it comes to personal development. I am convinced that a good teacher can bring out the curiosity of an individual, for wanting to explore their learning process and their personal abilities. It is just a matter of creative leadership, a person that has the skills to inspire an audience into action. I believe, as mentioned in the article, that all individuals can favor from doing some self exploration. Many of us go through life just glancing on the surface of our identities. In order to grow as a person we have to dig deep and answer the questions within ourselves, first then a person can truly understand their objectives and how to continue building a strong personality.
    It is a question of mutual responsibilities.

  111. I do agree that education has ha huge impact on every individual. Not only in learning the subject that one is studying, but also developing as a person. This is because of the environment, the teachers and the way they are studying in. It begins early in every ones life. From the very first day, the parents are the one who teaches us how to be and how to behave and how to react to different things. Of course, every person has their own personality, but the parents have ha big part in developing their child.
    The education is something that never ends. I think that you could never be «perfect» or «fully trained», no matter the subject. Because the hole life is a life long process of education, and even if you can read yourself to very much information these days, it will always be something that you have to experience as well, and every experience is different. So every person will develop differently, based on all their experiences. And I think education is one of the greatest experiences for many people.

  112. We learn during all of our life. Formal education is important part of personal development. But this is just one phase of learning in our life. Educational process helps develop and improve the skills and attitudes. We learn a lot during our education but not all what we need. We learn a lot from our parents and our friends (which encourage us when we make mistakes, support and motivate us..) and from everything what surrounds us. Our personal development needs to be continuous beyond formal education. I think that life is the best teacher. Through it we learn to see the good in every situation, think positive and to respect different opinions without judging people. Learning should never stop.

  113. Manuela Allgäuer dice: Responder

    People and personal development must be the foundation of all thoughts about education. Because that’s what it is: People educating other people (in school, the social enviroment, the family..) That is socialization, it happens a life long and no matter what age you are. Education and self-improvement doesn’t end. People always try to achieve excellence and perfection, I guess that’s in our human nature. But what is the «perfect» person? And who could define what a perfect or excellent person is, who could evaluate? That’s how I think about it. Values can change – different times and different cultures have got different values. Like it was mentioned in the text, excellence is not what is truly important. Permanent personal development, a wide-ranging education and social values count much more.

  114. Education is centered on people, their individuality, because the only ones who are able to educate is people. Therefore, each person is responsible for self- education. This is a lifelong learning, so, every one choose way how to develop and improve themselves. Education is the way how to do this (improve and develop) . The reason why people are educated is the aims, which they wish to achieve, because with no aims nothing is happening, people stands on the spot. In nowadays education follows the time, that means, that education is being modernized, with standarts, it adapts to the personality and job preferences. For public benefit is smart and developed people who are able to extend into the labor market and society. Personalization is a way how to make yourself in a different person in the society, it is essential to be able to understand yourself and develop throughout their lives. Motivation is a very important concept in the curriculum , because it leads one to self- improvement and education . Each person sees something else in education and that is why it is so individual. Each person from learning takes so many how he can take, and most important thing is that people can see why he need to learn this or develop themselves. It makes their personality.

  115. Education can be found at every step of our lives.
    I think that education is related to personal development. Parents, grandparents, friends, kindergarten, school, environment, peer influence educate us. All begins with the birth but in my view the first major step of education is the primary school where the child is experiencing the biggest changes in the socialization.
    I believe that education gives us some of the most important basics of life: social experience – for example: enter the school, rules for how to behave, values, their first experience of relations, etc.
    The most important thing for me is life-long learning and it’s never too late for education. Every day in every situation we can learn something new. Education is never ending story.

  116. Education can be found everywhere. Starting from an early age (learning to walk) at school age (where we learn to finish the year) to the present day (in which we find ourselves today). Personal development is closely linked to the process of education. We will not achieve excellence if we do not learn. Therefore, we need to choose wisely knowledge and we know how to use it properly to bestow personal excellence. Education (knowledge) is the engine that drives us. As we learn it for all of our life, whether we like it or not

  117. Jérémie Gauthier dice: Responder

    This text clearly explains what is going on with everyone one of us. Yet, being too close, we don’t see or realize it. I didn’t really think about it until I read these lignes, but it is clear and obvious now: Education feeds on people as well as we feed on education. Once we taste it, it comes with us anywhere throughout our daily life, including our personal life.
    Education gives us the main keys of society and its functioning, and then we all have a different way to deal with it. That’s why I particularly approve the use of the term «personal development». We can use education to reach many goals, but we are not compelled to do it by the same means. Everything dépends on the person and its personnalisation.
    This is what makes us different from animals. They all have a different potential and yet they haven’t got any instrument to assess it and use it afterwards. We, on the other hand, have got education to better ourselves without making disappear what we truly are inside.

    However, I do not really understand the meaning of «Well Made Work»: it is supposed to link education with personal fulfilment and results. According to me, the there could be a contradiction: What about grades ? The grade is a constant when it comes to education, yet we can say anything except «it is personal». It dépends on another person, the teacher who marks a student’s paper. Plus, a student can be really satisfied of his or her job and end up with a bad mark. Will we still talk about «Well Made Work» then ?

  118. Education is a lifelong process of human life, based on the changing needs of acquiring the knowledge, skills, experience, to enhance or change their qualifications in accordance with labor market needs, their interests and needs. Lifelong learning combines informal learning with formal education, along with an innate ability to develop new competencies.
    In my opinion, learning to understand your resources is a prerequisite to allow for sustainable human development. Education is as a tool and basis of culture and personality for the further development, its ability to realize the society activities shape and condition for the existence.

  119. KEVSER NİHAN MEMİŞ dice: Responder

    Personal motivation is important in increasing the development of education. When people motivate themselves, when they prepare themselves psychologically, a great education occurs. The importance of education in completing people’s personal growth can’t be ignored. I think the most important aspect of personal education is social experiments. The formation of a person’s personality begins with education in family and in later years it continues at school. Personal growth takes place in every stage of life. The main goal of human in the life is to complete his/her personality. An individual who has completed his/her personality formation becomes a helpful individual. The most important thing that parents and teachers will do, the most important heritage they’ll leave for future is individuals who have completed their personalities

  120. Wioleta Pasternak dice: Responder

    I agree with the article that education is inextricably linked to the personal development of every person. But I think that the biggest impact on our personal development is our family and the environment in which we live, then education.
    I know that through the process of education in the school, we become more aware of who we are but I would like to raise a very important and frightening issue for me.
    Now school environment, which should be a friendly place, giving not only education but the skills needed in adult life, where everyone should be treated equally, often is a place where a lot of young people is persecuted by his peers, and creative thinking is replaced by thinking imposed from above. It makes that in your adult life people are not able to make decision by themselves, they have low self-esteem , they have pessimistic attitude to life.
    That can tell that this bad experience has an impact on their whole future life!
    And the worst thing is that they couldn’t find help in school because the teachers are often helpless in such situations and students don’t respect them.
    It shouldn’t be this kind of situations! We should change something because this phenomenon doesn’t lead to good things.
    And school should be a place where we can focus on learning about oneself, gaining knowledge and skills that will enable us with courage and dignity to enter into adult life.

  121. Education is not only a models and knowledge that we take away from school. For me it is also a process which accompanies our life from the beginning. First, we are educated by our parents, later by our peers, but all the time we educate ourselves depending on how much we want to deepen our knowledge We find ours passions and interests. We need to discover our personal talent and cultivate it, so that later helped us to gain a coveted job. The article says that each of us as this increases the personality must be put on personal development. According to the personality I have to say be yourself one hundred percent in every situation. Think individually and express your views. Each one of us is looking for perfection, want to be a professional.

    It is very interesting that the article is talking about the very close relationship between education and personal life. Well, I think that every personal development process depends on education. We are born in order to be educated later.

  122. A. Doğan Yalçın dice: Responder

    As far as i am concerned, the most important gain of one’s education process is the term «personal development». There are a lot of people in our country that have university diploma but don’t know the name of the president. Thus, in in my opinion; aside from the formal education, devoloping yourself is more significant. There are a lot of easy ways to develop yourself in that sense like; reading, following news, or in some cases even watching a movie…But for a concrete example, everbody can think of himself.. For example we can understand that only the formal education will not be enough to be selected for a job. For instance, I study Foreign Language Teaching in my hometown. I have 60 classmates, and thousands of other people that will graduate with me next year and when we apply for a job I need to have some other qualifications than the formal education; because otherwise there is no reason that employers want me to work for them.

    Let’s think that way;

    +if you don’t know how to drive, the company that employes you should hire a driver for you.
    +If you don’t know English, (or the required language) the company should hire a translator for you.
    +If you are not familiar with computer programs, the company should hire a secretary for you.

    However, İf you have all these qualities the company only employes you and they wouldn’t make so much expenses plus it would be guaranteed that you will get the job. At least I think that way.

  123. It is very easy to explain importance of education. No human beings are able to survive properly without education. By the means of education only one’s potential can be used to maximum extent. Education tells men how to think, how to work properly, how to make decision. Through education only one can make separate identity. It is most important in life like our basic need foods, clothe and shelter. With the beginning we learnt how to interact with others, how to make friends because of education only. So, education should help us to discover lasting values; but unfortunately, the present system of education is making us submissive, emotionless and deeply thoughtless. Systems, whether educational or political, are not changed without explanation; they are transformed when there is a fundamental change in ourselves. The individual is of first importance, not the system; and as long as the individual does not understand the total process of himself, no system can bring order and peace to the world.

  124. Tuba topalbekiroğlu dice: Responder

    Education is the bedrock of social and economic development. Throughout history, philosophers like Aristotle and Plato recognized the importance of education. They had said about education words. For example; The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet. (Aritotle) Ignorance of all things is an evil neither terrible nor excessive, nor yet the greatest of all; but great cleverness and much learning, if they be accompanied by a bad training, are a much greater misfortune. (Platon ). With the move from here ın my opinion education start with thinking. If you can produce idea,you develop yourself education. Morever the self –actualization is very important. There is working Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. He wanted to understand what motivates people. He believed that individuals possess a set of motivation systems unrelated to rewards or unconscious desires. Maslow stated that people are motivated to achieve certain needs. This five stage model divided into basic (or deficiency) needs (e.g. physiological, safety, love, and esteem) and growth needs (self-actualization). One must satisfy lower level basic needs before progressing on to meet higher level growth needs. There is self-actualization in the top spot. This hierarchy can realist. Because If we meet the our needs of ,we think healty and positive. Thereby humans communicate healty. ıt is reverberate to education,education’s quality improve. The second important point is educationists. they start education and sustain. Educationist be a good friend and help people when their down. also set a good example. For this reason ın my opinion there is the three important links in education process:
    1.The educationist recognizing the student,
    2.the student adopting the educationist.
    3.the teacher and student convening around common goals. If this roads break,education be unsuccessful at that time. Teachers should pay attention to this link.

  125. Sarah Jane Mallon dice: Responder

    Education is about much more than producing good grades and gaining bachelor degrees. It is not restricted to the first 15 years of our lives when we pass through the different levels of the education system of our country. It starts the moment we enter the world and doesn’t stop until we exit it. That said, schools’ contribution to education is invaluable. It is here that many of us begin to read and write, form opinions for the first time, learn the proper etiquette for dealing with strangers and interact with people of our own age for the first time. In other words, we develop personally during our years spent in the education system.

    In my own country in the North of Ireland, there have been major cutbacks in government spending. The education department is suffering as a result and the education of our kids is at risk. Many rural schools are being amalgamated or closed. This has resulted in the growth of town and city schools where the student-teacher ratio is growing enormously. I feel that this is having a negative impact on the personal development of the children. Too much time is being given to academic studies and teachers are finding it difficult to get to know their students on a real personal level. I feel the government need to reconsider their priorities. It is up to us to have our political parties voice our concerns that the value and dignity of personal development is being lost.

  126. Julia Rodziewicz dice: Responder

    Education has undeniable influence on everyone’s personal development , especially when it starts in kindergarten and primary school, but before as well.
    First of all it is important because of knowledge which is pass on by teachers, thanks to it every child can select the most interesting field, form interests and discover talents. It helps to find a job in future.
    In my opinion the most important advantage of education in personal development is obtaining social experience and social graces. The beginning of learning means that child make an entrance to different than family social order, which is totally different and has its own rights. Child knows how to behave in society and learn very useful skills like for example respect, acting in group, winning and loosing, which preparing he or she to adult life. Education also help in ordering values, extremely important issue in everyone’s personal development.

  127. Anastasija Korolkova dice: Responder

    The first and main independent step of the child is primary school. It is the base of formation of the person. My first teacher always said very good phrase that the school is the second house. And only having graduated from school, I understood all depth of this phrase. At school the child receives not only knowledge of subjects, but also vital knowledge that is much more valuable. Friends, enemies, the mistakes, new undertakings – all this does the person stronger and wiser. Certainly, each person is born with the character, the identity which nobody is capable to change to 100%, but the school helps to correct it. As very important role is played the teacher. Children, like a «sponges» which absorb everything that the adult offers them. Therefore each teacher has to be an example!

  128. After family, school is the first serious place where to get information about world. This is the place where child should be prepared for life after it, where he needs to think and decide on his own. Like it was said in the article – the goal is personal development, where child grows to be a personality. And to be a personality you need to think, to have your own opinions about life and be able to decide in situations. In my school I had a very strong but fair physics teacher who always said that thinking is a very difficult process. And you can remember all formulas, even learn some paragraphs from book by heart, but if you don’t think and don’t understand the task, you can’t solve it and get the right answers. And physics is the subject which is very strongly related to reality and the world around us. It is possible to pass the subject by remembering the formulas and some definitions, but without deeper thinking is not possible to understand the world around us. If the child learns to think and decide how to use his resources to solve the problems, he can understand the situation and chose his way further in life.

  129. I think education has big influence of the improving of your personality. As a child, your personality is still improving, so first of all it’s really important what will you get from you teachers in the school. Therefore it’s also really important what kind of personality has the teacher, because children learn from them. In my oppinion the most important is the teacher in primary school, because during the years in primary school your personality changes a lot and thess changes depends a lot on your teachers. But of course it’s also important what your parents give you as values during growing up. I think your parents are the most responsible ones what kind of person you will be when you grow up and also you relatives and friends, but education has also big influence of it. Of course your personality is not complete with finishing primary school: the process of improving your personality is continuing during your whole life.

  130. Personal development is all stages of life. If you contribute to the personal development of individuals in the education system does not provide an incomplete education system. Individuals in the education system not only science, art, and so on, but also should support your personal development. While reading this article, I remembered a teacher had to say. He said,» We offer training and education to you here. We need to do is not only to teach lessons. At the same time to contribute to the how individuals’ll become.» To complete personal development of individuals, teachers, doctors, lawyers, etc. How much is reasonable? Will it be enough to just take the lives of business information? I think not. For this reason, the process of education and other areas of life, personal development is a very important part. Life-span development should be supported.

  131. Every person has a personality, not depending on education. You are born with personality, you are raised in a certain field and experience uncountable situations which engrave your personality, … But education gives more selfconfidence, you have more chances to reach higher goals with better education, you are more able to extend your own horizon. All these things also engrave your personality. Everybody has a personality so everybody should have the right to get the same education and therefore the same chances in life. It’s impossible to finish the process of learning, experiencing and growing. You are always in a state of development and that’s the reason human beings should always try to make the best out of their lives. Life is going on and on all the time – and we have to find ways how to live it with satisfaction and contentment. Therefore education opens us many doors and we can chose so many ways to reach contentment. Education is a manor that – once you’ve reached it – nobody can take it from you anymore.

  132. Lorène Fauconnet dice: Responder

    I think that education is the pillar that will form you as a person. Each person is different and it also depends of the way you were raised and of what values your parents Each person is different and it also depends of the way you were raised and of what values your parents have taught you in your childhood. I believe that we learn a lot more when we fail or do something ourselves than when we do everything perfectly from the first time. This is what we call experience. And with it, you will become a full person because you will get the «good» way to live your life how you want to, with your own expectations and dreams. That’s why i think that teachers should be more close from their students because each person is different, and has the potential to learn but not always in the same way.

  133. François Glénat dice: Responder

    Everybody is criticizing the education way of some or some people. But to me there is no good model which is better than another. An education is made up with differents things and not only a school system or parents ideologies. You have to take into account various parameters : spirituallity, well-educated, curiosity, philosophically, … And for that you can follow so many masters. Education is an hard and thorny problem : everyone has received an education and normally should be proud of it and will try to give it to his children. But how can you be sure that you’re in the good way ? This is the real issue. At one very moment you have to let the child chose, but when he feels ready to take decisions which will follow him for the rest of his life and be part of him forever. So, in my opinion, the parents are the best educators because they know their children better than anyone and are able to give them what they need.

  134. Personal development and education are intrinsically linked. The purpose of education, in my opinion is to aid the person in discovering themselves as an individual. The person realises their own unique strengths and also their weaknesses. They discover what they are interested in persuing as a career in later life. The educational environment is both an academic and a social one. Many people from all sorts of different backrounds are educated together. They learn about the lives of others while also receiving an education. Interraction with one another is also a form of education. It is invaluable life experience. I believe that education is a different experience for everyone. While modern education systems strive to shape the best out of those who enter it, it does not always succeed. In my own experience with education, I’ve seen so many people who have slipped through the cracks of the Irish education system. I believe this is as a result of poor personal development. Many are from disadvantaged areas with poor emotional and educational support at home. While in education, the teachers try their best, but with large class numbers many are left behind because they don’t recieve the individual help they need in order to develop themselves properly as strong individuals. This leads to many people dropping out of the education system and making many poor decisions in their life. On the otherhand, the majority of those who have had a more stable family background flourish in the education system and become individuals they can be proud of. Education is much more than just an academic concept. It is also a social one. Learning who you are and how to treat others in society are predominantly important in developing as a person. Education in Ireland is more open to the individual needs of the person now. There are specific training cenres for those who did not fit into the mainstream education centres and many have utilized this second chance and developed into independent, strong human beings. Everyday is a day of learning, and throughout life we will always be educating ourselves through life experiences, and developing further as human beings.

  135. Agnieszka Głowacka dice: Responder

    In my opinion personal development in the educational process is the most important. It should be known that educational process helps develop the skills and attitudes. It should helps enhance self-awareness of strengths and weaknesses and directions for change. Greater self-awareness also enables an individual to relate what they know and can do.
    How can it be possible in the school nowodays?
    There are proximately 30 pupils in the class and teachers who don’t want to motivate their students.
    Educational process is not only education at school. Life is the best teacher. We can learn from our parents, our friends, from place where we are living, from everything what is surrounding us.
    We should trying to understand other people’s opinion and improving your knowledge all the time.

  136. Education given at schools is always trying to dictate somethings. But the real education is not that. Real education is to help children to recognize themselves,to show the way.Actually education like a pleasant journey but they are taking this opportunity from the education and the result is stereotypical education.But the teachers are very important in education. If they aware of real education they can do good things and help to childs.At the same time education actually should give to being human. It is most important thing in the world.

  137. I think Personality is including many of things for example education,live of family,relationship of friends.So The person is creating own personalization.Espacially school education shapes us.The school can give very good informations about science,literature,history but persanolisation is behaviours and ideas.Lets we think about someone who is a good doctor or succesful engineer but If this person doesn’t respect for the rights of humans and animals, other religions and cultures;he or she hasn’t good personalisation for me.And yes I am accepting sometimes we can have bad conditions and we can meet impersonal people however we have choices at the same time we should use our senses and brains and we must to choice good options.Finally Personal development will continue during to our all life because we will meet new people and new situations.

  138. Hatice Şeymanur KURT dice: Responder

    Our quest for knowledge is something we should never complete; it is a desire that we should never resist. Education should empower us to answer such questions as how and why are as important as what, when and where; ask more questions, and then start over again. With an advanced education you have more choices in your life and more chances to make a difference for your community. Higher education pays you back: graduates of higher education programs earn more, have more leisure time, and live happier and healthier lives.
    First of all, education can help a person lead a successful life. Success is defined as the achievement of something desired or attempted. By means of an education, a person learns many things, which he or she uses later on in life particularly in a career. The more education a person has, the greater the chances that person will have a higher paying job. With that, their family will be well supported and hopefully happier.
    Secondly, an education can help society develop into a better place. There are a number of people who are illiterate or have low literacy skills. This accounts for a majority of the impoverished and undeveloped people. With an education, these people could get a job and make some money. The money earned could help pay for food or a place to live. As a result, there would be fewer malnourished people and fewer people living on the street. In short, cracking down on poverty would benefit in upholding our nation.
    Furthermore, with an education a person can satisfy his or her dreams. An education provides people with information and knowledge for getting a job and pursuing their dreams. With an education, decisions can be made for what the future holds. There are many careers and job opportunities that can help satisfy what a person wants out of life. Many people want to have a job that pays them enough money to pay their bills without struggling. They might be happy with the job they have, but to climb up the career-ladder, and work in a position they would make more money in, they need education. Most people I know would like to work in a job that pays a higher salary than the job they have right now. To achieve that goal, is the reason they continue their education. My friends already know that it only takes a little effort to accomplish their goal, and be more successful afterwards.
    In summary, I think people always need to get more and more knowledge. They learn day by day to live and to advance their life. That means we spend all our lives on education, it is a lifelong task.

  139. Most likely to most human beings and me, Education is at the center of improvement for oneself. Always striving for the betterment of oneself is definitely something anyone would be attracted to, this idea that you can get closer to perfection and reach new heights. Through Education, one will have the chance to learn how to behave in society, to understand it, to gain skills that will enable finding what one would like to strive for in life. From the young age of 3 to 4 years old (depending on the country’s start to Education), you will simply act as a sponge which is evidently both a good and bad thing given the fact you’ll absorb whatever comes your way and in turn, you will start to form a new side to yourself on the personal side of things. You will intuitively find yourself creating a personality around your peers that will adapt according to the situation and circumstances. Obviously, from one person to another, that ability to adapt will undoubtedly differ and be more or less flagrant and that’s where personal development will take place. But even if Education is without any doubt extremely important, if not vital, it can only really work along the upbringing you get from your parents (and/or siblings you may have). Surely, one learns to write, read, speak (to be graded,…) and so on through the years but thanks to your family you will have learn how to behave in a set of situations, you will inherit the way of thinking of the people close to you (at an early age) and choose whether to respect their point of view when reaching an age old enough to figure out how you’d like people to view you and acknowledge you. Personal development will always be there no matter the circumstances but it’s in my humble opinion that I think it will only flourish properly if we have both Education and Upbringing closely intertwined.
    Unfortunately even though, for me, that’s the ideal way to develop oneself on a personal point of view, it is much more easy to discuss it than to actually find it happening for everyone. That is why you find people from different levels struggling more or less than others. Education sure is something anyone should cherish but that way of seeing things will only be partly true if not completely wrong depending on the circumstances. You will find areas where we gather people having the same kind of background and that for any and everyone. That is at that exact moment that you pretty much condemn people from reaching that perfection, that ability to go for what you’d like to go for, you create a separation between people, you install into the minds of people stereotypes that will endure whatever may come their way. You pretty much “brainwash” people into thinking, because of given factors, one should behave like this, do this, and whatnot…

    In any case, to conclude, Education and Upbringing earn the master seat when you talk about personal development. You will need to incorporate other ingredients to make it the better and always aiming for something better but essentially, these two factors will play the most important part. One will have to struggle more or less depending on their background and from such way of thinking, you can only hope for their success until a real change comes turn upside down the actual way doing of things all over the planet.
    Equality is but only a dream as things stand and we can only aim for more but certainly not expect to get it all.

    That was my two cents!

  140. When we’re thinking about Erasmus experience, the majority of the ideas that come to an average mind is traveling, partying, meeting new people etc. and that is great for us young people. However, having said that, we should keep in mind that we are here also to learn something, we shouldn’t become to hedonic in current situation, nor should we do it in everyday situation.
    It’s about time that we understand WE are the ones who have to do something in the future and for the future. For our future. Because no one is going to give us anything on a silver platter unless we try hard for it and earn it.

    I found it refreshing how you emphasise a human being as a key subject of education. No matter how advanced the technology gets, nothing can replace the humans creativity and determination to improve and progress. Precisely for this reason, I believe we have to do our best during our education, the classical part of education which is the focal point of learning; highschool, college etc. but also look to instigate and initiate actions that will be useful for us in the long run; socialize with people with similar views on life, career, business; gather as much information as we can and put our knowledge to practice, because we can’t rely solely on theoretical part. We have to pursue our dreams and goals proactively, because nothing is impossible if you are driven towards your goal.

    All of us have different aspirations in life and mine is to do something which I will look upon with pride in a couple of years, or better yet decades, because as someone once said, we learn as long as we live.

  141. Education has a great social and cultural importance in all periods of our lives. It is a lifelong process using our potential through different situations. We gain the knowledge, ability and then we use them to maximum. I’m a student and for me education is a «big» word, it’s a key to success. Learning new things and gaining new skills can only improve the quality of my life. Furthermore, quality education presents our human rights and dignity as well as it teaches us the importance of manners in every day life. The most important of all facts, education is untouchable.
    Personal development through education includes discovering our talents and potentials. Developing that skills we are stepping on a higher level of personalization. Our whole life is about learning and discovering new things, for example, my actions will reflect me as a person the way my education will reflect my discipline. Quality education is fundamental thing of people’s personal development. I will quote Nelson Mandela who said «Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.». It means we can all make some difference in the world by applying our education through our goals and ideals.

  142. From my point of view, personal development is long-term life process, which helps us to develop as a person and to build specific attitudes, desires and objectives. I agree that personal development and education are very closely linked because education occupies an important place in the life of a person. In most countries education is defined as a constitutional right. This fact shows the importance of education in the development of the person. From elementary school all the way up to higher levels of education we gain some basic knowledge and discover ours skills and capabilities, but what built as a person I attribute less to this formal part of education. Making new friends, getting to know different profiles of people, mutual cooperation and sometimes even quarrel is part of educational process which helps us in personal development. I could also say that Erasmus experience has meaningful influence on that process because we have opportunity to live in a foreign country, learn language and meet people from different part of Europe which all defines us as person later in life. As we age, we appreciate the education more and more and realize that it really has helped us to find out who we are and what we want in our life.

  143. Bridgeen Campbell dice: Responder

    In my own opinion, education should, if not already, have a significant role in the personal development of the individual. Education provides a basis of knowledge and ideals within the early life of the pupil which in turn become personal to that person and are subject to external influences in our modern-day lives such as politics, religion, celebrity culture, social media, globalisation and the merging of cultures through all of these. Influences such as politics and religion may become embedded within the curriculum of a certain type of school, be it state or independant schooling, also depending on the country of residence of the pupil.
    Education within the early years is considered important as these are seen as the proximinal time for development within the child. The values and beliefs gained during this time provides a foundation for the pupil to base the rest of their lives on and be able to compare these with the external influences they recieve throughout their lives. In my opinion the educational process of personal development is not solely restricted to that within the schooling institutions: it is a life-long process which is brought about by the experiences a person has in their lives.
    To say that education should be only regarded as a period of time in your life in which you purely develop your knowledge of facts and figures would be unreasonable as within our school lives we learn how to interact with other pupils, work with others, solve problems and make decisions- something which the Northern Ireland curriculum is currently striving to achieve. The teacher should have the role of facilitator in a learner-centred environment which caters to the individual needs of the pupil and shapes them to become their own independant thinkers. Such skills play an important role within the lives of the person, especially within the workplace. Afterall, a person would not get very far in life if they had the brains of a genius but no morals or beliefs and the social skills of a ham sandwich.
    It is debateable whether the education system to envoke the values of the government in power into their curriculum in order to co-incide with the state’s preferred values. If we are aiming to create independant thinkers then why embed values of the state within the curriculum, to mould pupils to fit into society as to how the government wishes them, so they do not become a threat?
    I think the education process should emphasise the idea of teaching lessons for life, preparing pupils for a life of work and social interaction because depending on their social, religious, ethnic or political background, they may not recieve these sort of opportunities. In conculusion, education should mould a pupil to become an independent thinker, so that they may use their knowledge and skills gained through education and apply them practically within their day to day lives.

  144. The education of a human being can develop the person and set the foundations on how they live out the rest of their lives. The education system should develop the child socially, cognitively and physically. The education system in Northern Ireland develops the child socially but it is more focused on facts and figures and on getting their students good academic results. The Northern Ireland curriculum is focusing more and more on the development of the individual child. Teaching them problem solving and decision making and areas which will benefit them in later life and develop them as a whole person. Good academic results can only take a person so far, Without good social skills the person might not interact well with others and not work well as a team. This can hinder their chances of gaining employment.
    Early childhood is the most rapid period of development in a human life. Therefore majority of the persons beliefs and characteristics are set in this period of time. However other factors can develop a persons values, Such as social media,cultural backgrounds and religious believes. If a person learns about different cultures or religions then they might develop different values. They can change their outlook on life and react to situations differently. Social media can massively change peoples values as they can try and change themselves to become more like their favorite celebrity.

  145. Blažević Andrea dice: Responder

    I believe that education is very important part of personal development. When we were kids we didn’t understand the meaning of personal development. Our obligation was to go to school and that obligation for most kids wasn’t a joy. We thought that the lessons we study are meaningless and that they won’t help us in life. But as we grow, we started to think more about what we want to do in our life, what knowledge we have to have in order to be capable of doing the job we like. For me that is the point when we really start to understand the meaning of personal development. Education is no more a obligation. We want to improve our self, we want to do more, to be more. We are developing our talents, improving the quality of life and trying to fulfill our dreams and aspirations. That is why I believe that education is a important part of education. First we are „forced“to go to school, do homework and later we do it because we want something more for our self. We want to live fully and experience everything.

  146. Patrycja Perzyńska dice: Responder

    It is hard to imagine today the situation that you do not go to school, because science and education in the current system is something inherent. Someone who does not want to learn is badly perceived by the public, in fact there is no other choice, because without completing at least high school, we cannot count on finding a good job.
    Primary education is essential, because that’s where we learn to read and write and do basic math. It is also important because we learn there to work in a groups, we can find our talents and interests etc.
    But on the other hand not only at school we can study. Even while doing a daily activities we learn new things. This is not a study, but of course we gain new skills. In my opinion education cannot prepare and teach us everything. It is important to “learn from mistakes”, gain experience and generally we cannot do it at school.

  147. Man develops throughout life. It is important not to cut back on their development, all the time to live up to the front, to try to be getting better, not to rest on our laurels.
    At the beginning of his intellectual development, we are guided by their parents, guardians, teachers in schools, sometimes colleagues. Over time, they begin to decide their own development, the views of the direction in which we want to go, what we want. At high school we begin to make independent choices, we try to imitate their parents, teachers, idols, etc. until eventually see its pros and cons, what we feel is good, and what does not suit us. We try to choose the best option for our life. There are not always a choose good decisions, but we will know it in a future, with the passage of time, now hard for us to say whether the decision will bring us benefits in the future, only after a few dozen years, we will be able to determine whether the choice was correct or not. Although we choose in the lives of many decisions for a short future or for a all life, but a decision on the education, training to develop is for life.
    Education is very important because it allows us to rationally look at the world, allows us to make appropriate choices that are made exclusively for us, are not manipulated by other people who are trying to draw us to the idea of looking at the world and gain the purpose of your life, but to make your choice is not manipulated by the sect, the media and religion (not always in a good idea of other people).
    Educated man is able to make good decisions and can get out of any situation that it meets on its way to the top.

  148. I think personal development and education have close connection, but I would consider personal development to be a lifelong process. Of course education plays very important role in our lives. When a child goes to school or kindergarten, he or she is like ,,tabula rasa». It means they don’t have built-in mental content. Everything surrounded to this little kid has a influence of his/her development. People affect people, so teachers have a big influence in education. School is only one aspect of growing. And how much school is helping to develop one human being, depends on a person. As we all know all human beings are very different. For the perfection school should be take into consider all the different aspects of every kid. But to be honest, It’s not working excatly this way in schools. In my opinion we learn more when we get older and we get more clear in our consciousness that the most important thing is the inner mental development.

  149. Education appears in many different forms like institutionalized education (school, university, work etc.), private education (family, also friends etc.) and autodidactisism (Internet, books, newspaper and so on) and can influence a person in his personal development. And all this different forms can be conected to each other which I think is important to make clear for the students and pupil. Everything we learn, hear, see, experience can be an important inspiration for the course of our life. Institutionalized education can also help to orden the enormous knowledge nowadays and can help to improve the interaction between people because I think that education is mostly also an interaction between persons and groups. This is important because the most humans live in complex social structures which is called society. A big opportunitiy of institutionalized education is the possibility to advance social skills and of course professional skills which is definitely important for the personal development of a human beeing.

  150. As we know, there are lots of new principles in primary and secondary education (schools with group-work specialisation, multipurpose homeworks and so on…). The majority of these improving tools was set up because of personal identity lag or «producing» of wishy-washy students. So there is a big effort to improve it and to stop «production of lemmings». Building of the personality is a lifelong process and education as well, so these two pillar are related extensively. However, it is dependent on lots of other factors e.g. upbringing, vicinity behaviour and other factors of which result can be a personal being with personal developent opportunity.
    Furthermore sometimes people are not able to encourage to improve their skills, so it seems that they should just join the crowd. Unfortunately it usually is their decision even though they are inspired and motivated to get off the crowd.

  151. Claudia Diaz Fernandez dice: Responder

    In my opinion education and personality are very related. Every human being has his own personality, character, talents,… education can help to extend those talents. As a teacher it is very important to see every child separately and to help them develop in their own way. There are a lot of external factors that have an influence on our development like for example friends. I think that those external factors are very important because they will learn you how society works and it will help people to develop a critical look at the world. I also think that values and dignity are important things in life, those things are part of education and this education can be at school but extends further than the school walls, it becomes part of your way of life and your personality. So what I mean is that education is always present and a person can change during his whole life because of new experiences and values. As a teacher it is important to keep those things in mind so that they can help every child in their own personal development.

  152. A learner centered pedagogy should be one of the aims at school. For me it’s the most important thing for teachers to support each child in the development of it’s unique personality. This is why it’s fundamental to follow the principles of individualization und differentiation at school. It’s beyond debate for me that the person is the essential part in this process: there are different types of learners, different types of personalities with different talents, strengths and weaknesses. Furthermore in a school there are children with different cultures, religions and special needs as well. So it’s the teachers duty to respects all the individualities. Only then it’s possible to offer them an autonomous personal development which is essential for a self-fulfilling life. I guess this is also the base for teaching them all the important subjects. But education is not only a thing which just takes place at school – the family, the society or the friends are involved as well. So education and personal development are ever-present processes which influence the people all the time.

    1. I think a school is some kind of miniature society where kids from the beginning are faced with differences between each other and where they are getting ready to be thrown in the ‘big’ society when they are older. By differences, I mean that kids differ in features such as interests, talents, home-situation, pre-knowledge and initial situation. When the teacher recognizes these differences and appreciates them, he/she can make the kids aware of those differences between everyone. But not only it is important to be aware of those differences, it is also important to cherish the differences. When the teacher cherishes en encourages the differences between pupils, the kids feel respected and they are more able to make their features more perfect. When the kids are aware that they can do something that someone else can’t, they get a feeling of dignity. By looking at someone who can do something that they can’t, they give that person respect. This way the kids receive and give values to each other. This process is according to me important for their personal development. By being aware and appreciating the differences between persons, the kids acquire values and own dignity that will be important for them to have and to use in the ‘big’ society they will be thrown in.

  153. Marika Tauriņa dice: Responder

    Qualities like value and dignity are important not just in educational process, but also in our lifes. It is more easier to communicate with other people, if you know, that they feel dignity to you. It means that they appreciate our opinion, our personality, our wishes. In educational process it is important to feel, that teacher, professor extand to us not like for student, but friend, and then is easier to make contact between professor and student.
    You can talk not just about studies, but also about life, life experience, latest developments etc. Teacher can give more then just information about subject, because he has experience, and for student it is significant.

  154. I think that to many people still think that education means the teacher standing infront of the class and lecturing about the subject. The education in my opinion is everything that is going on in this class and all the people are co-creating the process of education. It is not just the teacher and his way of giving the informations, it is also his values, believes and response of the students and their values. And maybe also to bear in mind that education is not just here and now but this is something that might starts in class but than is influencing all areas of life and sometimes you realize the influence after months or even years.

  155. I believe that the person should always be the object to which education education revolves arounds. Education is vital for a human being with no exception in terms of subject; it allows them to survive, to progress themselves personally, enabling them to participate within society and it also helps avoid unwanted circumstances. I believe education allows a person to find contentment as the person can apply what they have learned with their own moral perceptions. Education is closely linked to morals and society as it portrays a vision of what is expected and accepted within society; it provides the tools to enhance their personality and what they become in the future. Education helps a person in terms of knowledge, but it is this knowledge that helps motivate a persons drive in life, resulting in the creation of their personal aspirations. These aspiration can be constructed around personal happiness, hobbies, society, history and even a notion to be different from everyone else. In conclusion I believe it is important that the educational process should be linked closely with personal development, this is due to my belief that it shapes people of society and paves the way for a democracy. This is achieved through visions received in the educational system which are shown to be acceptable with the use of discipline but as it also engages the mind to achieve personal aspirations within reason.

  156. Matthew Dempster dice: Responder

    Within my experience so far in life it is clear to see that education makes the human a more personal person, it is through the educational system that we meet friends and within the third level education we often meet future partners. This article has focused on the point that the driving force of the human beings life is often through education. I would second this as we as humans are often keen to improve and learn new skills, bettering ourselves and discovering personal boundaries and limitations; one can only try their best and their best will get better. Also if at the heart of the educational system is the concerns for the development and growth of the personalities and personal qualities of the student then I further agree that this is when the educational system is at its best, because it no longer cares about results and is no longer figure focused and driven, which in many situations is the case today. Through education we better ourselves and become a more well rounded person, wanting to achieve in life and go places, if this is not the outcome for students then the educational system needs to be re-worked to focus on the personal development of the human being, in my opinion.

  157. The education process is including not only the theoretical part of knowledge, but it is important to apply it practically, while understanding the real meaning of a case-study, which is obtained during lectures. The main aim of studies is not to learn things by heart and put them far away, but to use it adequately and adjust to ones personality in real life situations so that the acknowledgment has some worth in reality. This is how the personality is being created and made more worthy during the obtained knowledge. To get the right outcome of every studies is to be aware of learnt things and make the correct connections between old and new; it could be the notion of learning, that it never ends, the knowledge that is to be learnt always become broader and make the mind more open. This makes the dignity of person more rich and allows the person to make work on own personality in much deeper manner, while at the same time the knowledge could be used in different other ways, but the importance here is the right use of it practically.

  158. There is a well known expression that ‘We learn something new everyday’. I think this saying is fundamental in understanding the importance of education within the context of the definition of a person. Although texts and classroom materials are crucial in ones educational development, many agree that it is often through life that a student learns how to face real challenges and difficulties. Humans learn from experience and from one another. Therefore, I think it is important to understand that children learn from life as well as from the educational structure of the classroom. We, as human beings need to be educated in order to enhance our opportunities in life. Without education our opportunities are limited. It is important that both the teacher and the student are willing to play their role. For example, the student needs to be motivated and have goals in order to successfully receive the awards and benefits of the education the teacher has to offer. Likewise, the teacher must also be motivated and willing to do everything in their power to educate the child regardless of the child’s economic, social or cultural background. As stated in the article; the good of the person, personal growth, internal and external growth and the human person in the educational context, all need to be taken into consideration in aiming to achieve this goal.

  159. Education is vital to our development as human beings, while our humanity and our ability to develop is what drives education forward. However, it is in our nature to need a driving force to motivate us in our actions, which has already been outlined in the article as being the achievement of a particular goal – that is, personal development and the search for perfection. As we have been able to accept our limits and realise that we will not be able to understand and solve all of our problems as humans, I feel that we have come on leaps and bounds from the post modern epoch. This understanding that our human nature and thus the person only has certain possibilities and so, are limited. It is because of this that education is necessary in our own lives and our own sense of self. I agree whole heartedly that it is in learning in general that we discover more about ourselves, and our own possibilities; and limitations. Personal development is an on-going process, as is education, even though we may have left a formal school or university setting, we are, as human beings, life-long learners and developers.

  160. Rodoula Gavalidi dice: Responder

    Education includes all the activities that their aim is to influence with a specific way the thought, character and physical education of the person. With the process of education is acquired specific knowledge, skills, abilities and values such as honesty, responsibility, sense of justice etc. Also, the education influences and reflects the values of our society and the kind of society we want to be. So, it’s really important to understand the aim of the education.
    In conclusion, we should remember that school is a building that has four walls with tomorrow inside (magazine Education International)

  161. Aisling Arundel dice: Responder

    I feel that the essence of this particular text is the correaltion between a students values and education. People’s views and attidtudes are determined by the values that are enforced by the educational faculty. The deeply engrained values of society are apparent in all forms of education, which engenders the passage of these vaues to the students who are exposed to such views. The educational journey that students undertake mould them into the people that are today. From an early age in primary school, children are shown how to adapt to the expected decorum in society through the form of discipline. In addition to students merely grasping a sense of apt behaviour, they delve into an environment that is pro active and includes continuous socializing. Educators strive to share their knowledge with the students which in turn provokes thoughts and opinions in students. The education that students obtain is unutterably invaluable and has an integral effect on their personality and approach to life.

    1. Johannes Nitschke dice: Responder

      I think it is very important that the person is the centre of education. There is always the danger that the teacher destroys the dreams and aims of the students when he doesn’t reply to the needs of the students. I agree with that.
      But on the other hand in my opinion a good technical qualification is very important to every student, even when he doesn’t agree with the topic or he doesn’t like the course.

      I study for example psychology and a lot of my friends doesn’t like statistics because it’s only math and it has nothing to do with humans. So, regarding to the article, statistics wouldn’t improve the personality of a person. But that is not correct because the statistic is a tool to measure and to execute experiments and tests . And that is very important for the human well being and the work for example in a hospital.
      I think, like in this example, basic skills are necessary for the improvement of the personality.

      My second point is the word «perfection». To be honest I don’t like this word because you could never reach it. It’s true that a person needs to have a goal but I think it’s a lifetime work for a person to accept that life is not perfect and you can’t reach it, independently how hard you are working.

  162. Aisling Arunde; dice: Responder

    I feel that the essence of this particular text is the correaltion between a students values and education. People’s views and attidtudes are determined by the values that are enforced by the educational faculty. The deeply engrained values of society are apparent in all forms of education, which engenders the passage of these vaues to the students who are exposed to such views. The educational journey that students undertake mould them into the people that are today. From an early age in primary school, children are shown how to adapt to the expected decorum in society through the form of discipline. In addition to students merely grasping a sense of apt behaviour, they delve into an environment that is pro active and includes continuous socializing. Educators strive to share their knowledge with the students which in turn provokes thoughts and opinions in students. The education that students obtain is unutterably invaluable and has an integral effect on their personality and approach to life.

  163. Personal development and education are two elements of life that work in tandem with one another. While education does come to an end at some point in your life, personal development is a long never ending process as you devlop more as a person every day of your life. Education can shape us as people and the things you learn while in education can reflect your personal development. As a human being we are designed to learn from our past doings and make decisons based on reason. This process develops through education as you learn to have motivation for things and have the drive to move forward and develop. Education also teaches you that through situations you can become depersonalised if you let people influence you and your personal decisions. As a person there are no limits and endless possibilities but sometimes education can contradict that as you are restricted in your freedom as you grow up within the educational system. In my opinion your personal features come to light as you grow up and become an educated individual and while you are not technically qualified in life after education comes to an end you most certainly have developed as a person and you have gained potential to develop even more.

  164. I agree with the thesis statement of this article: ‘Every educational activity is not the mere technical qualification but making the individual a person through an adequate process.’ I believe that the person should be the core and the main objective of the educational system. Indeed, it is quintessential that the pupil/person is of utmost importance. From my experience of teaching in a secondary school last semester, an educator has a responsibility to educate the pupil but more importantly to nurture his/her moral and personal maturity. It is imperative that one reaches their self in order to achieve self-fulfillment and happiness in life. A teacher must realise that it is not just about intellectual ability. However, I believe the education system has failed in this regard especially in my own country. The Irish educational system consists of cramming as much information as possible into the student’s brain in order to get the best results and marks. Personal development does not fit into the equation. Therefore, the educational process must alter radically in order for personal development to be considered its main goal.

  165. Kristína Kamenská dice: Responder

    Education as one of the pillars of our lives helps to develop and forms human´s personality. The life, which we try to build up is linked with the education which we get through our lives.
    It is a part of personalisation (of our personal development). We as a human beings set up our own personal goals, which we are trying to achieve due to effort and motivation. All this system is based on education that we get. Then the results of Well-made work motivate us to continue and set the new goals which can be even harder to reach, but this process is part of our internal and external growing. But the definition of education does not mean only a school or university or the information that we can learn there. It is is a lifelong process which forms our personality, and the up-bringing of our parents and the values that we are learnt at home .

  166. From the moment a person is born the education of the person begins. Their a many different forms of education which can shape the personality of the student. The family unit is a person’s most important educator as it provides a child with the basics such as walking, talking and personal values. Schooling is also very important as it gives a person invaluable skills such as reading, writing and mathematics. However,personal experiences also play a major role in the development of a human’s personality such as who s\he meets, where s\he goes ect. Therefore, personal development comes not only from what a person is taught in school but also from his family, friends and other life experiences.

  167. Personal development is a vital role in the educational process, however we must understand that personal development is a life long process in which we grow and learn something new every single day. School and education combined is a major factor in the personal development process as a human mean, however i used the term factor, leaving room for many more.we participate in the educational process for many years where we learn how to develop academically ie reading and writing. This system has many deficiencies where for example learning a passage off by heart and memorizing numerous amounts of data does not develop the student as a whole. On the other hand in my home country and on this erasmus experience through education i have made many friends who i believe have helped me to develop as a person . the Irish language is something that i love and feel very passionate about, this is something i learned in school, and also through the educational process i have developed as a person with the confidence and opportunity to speak another language. New technologies and methods are necessary in teacher training in order to overcome these problems. I believe an adaptation of processes from the original ‘what to teach’ must transform to ‘why and how’ to teach. personal development occurs through living, we must live and experience our lives in order to develop as a whole.

  168. Dovydas Jasiūnas dice: Responder

    This is very important because we are people there are very different and differ from one other. But how do you go to school a little bitwe are moved closer together because of the same things we learn the alphabet, math, biology, etc. But in my opinion there is not important. The most important thing that we learn in school to survive and become self-sufficient.
    Very good if parents or teachers need to teach you to be a high level of education, and high culture. because as you’re high culture you can make it much easier to survive in this world.

  169. Johanna Kantalainen dice: Responder

    Personal development is a life-long process. Every day we grow and learn something new. School is a part of everyone’s life many years and that is why it has so significant role in everyone`s personal development. But how can we see the effects of the school for everyone`s personal development? We learn many important skills in school: reading, writing, calculating and social skills. But in my opinion in best case school can help students to develop their self-esteem. These days our society is full of information and it is impossible to know everything. So in my opinion school should encourage us to face new things and remind us that it does not matter if we do not know everything. But we all have some special skills and every day we all have an opportunity to learn something new.

  170. Helena Wenzelová dice: Responder

    Schooling for children from 6 to 12 years was at the czech territory mandated by the general school rule introduced by Maria Theresa in 1774. Maria Theresa stated: «We would like to see the parents of children aged from 6 to 12 years send them to school.» This is considered to be the beginning of the mandatory basic educational system in the Czech Republic. Currently, there is a compulsory education for children from 6 to 15 years which consists of 9 grades at a primary school. After finishing elementary school it is very likely to continue at the secondary school. Nowadays, there is a trend that after finishing the secondary school young people from a grammar or secondary vocational school usually apply for the university. This can be considered to be a new trend as in time of our parents, just few of them applied for the university and they usually started to work instead of keeping on studying. Currently, there is almost a need to have an university degree. Maturity is considered to be the basic, bachelor degree has quite a medium weigth. Master studies already receives more weight in education but e.g. doctoral studies are highly appreciated. It seems to be that the society set up quite a high goal regarding the educational standards. But here arises a question whether the absolvents chose their direction because of themselves or it is just that they feel responsible to fulfill the requirements of the society to be competitive at the labor market.

  171. We all now how important is education. We know that we have to learn some things, get more knowledge… So, we know what we have to do. But sometimes we forget why and how. The most important is motivation, then is a process and after that is product. This concept is valid for teachers and for students. And if both of them are doing things in this order than education become better. Because teachers know why they teaching and students also know why they wanted to learn things. So, both of them have their own motivation and both do their best. If you have enough motivation everything is possible!

  172. Education is very important in our life. I think that many people do not realize that we learn all the time. Not just in school but everywhere. And education and personal growth go hand in hand. And for every person it is very important not to stop growing. Once I saw very interesting short video about personal growth and our comfort zone.
    I think that it really is like that. People many times say that we learn the most from our mistakes. And if that is true, mistakes are not even mistakes any more.

  173. Education nowadays is very important. Starting with pre-school we put in children a lot of knowledge and skills, continuing it for several years. Child is studying and sometimes he can get confused at that moment when doesn’t understand “why he is doing it”, “whether it makes sense at all”, “what I will get from that? ”Do I really want to sit in this chair, in this classroom for several years, studying something completely uninteresting and earning grades for the teacher? Why do they have these questions? Does the child shouldn’t be sure that he is attending school for himself? Unfortunately, the real situation is different. The educational process is modeled after one sample – one size fits all. The same aged children are in one class, learning the same thing. But each of them are a personality, they have their own interests and dreams, their strengths and weaknesses. In these classes, where everything is guided by one model, mostly without any creativity, personal development is not possible – if only we are not making big robot army.
    If every teacher will be guided by the principles of emotional education, will make his/her lessons with more creative approach, if he/her will listen to children’s views and ideas, maybe then this situation can be improved. I really hope that this will improve in following years and, as a teacher, I will try to follow these principles.

  174. I think that education is inportant in life because more you know more person you are….but is it like that now days everybody are competing they want to be the best and to get to that goal they are willing to do everything. Even if it goes over the moral issues…now days people don’t have moral issues anymore they are rude they think just on their self and If they need to destroy a human life with competiting they will. Look at our generation in the beging we where normal we had some moral issues but now days less and less do we really want this? I now I don’t and also for my children of course I’m young and I want to change the world but if I can change the world to my family that I’m sure I will !

  175. Christine Schiffmann dice: Responder

    Many people say education is the most important thing in life. I go one step further by saying: life itself is a constant education that never ends. Education not only includes schools and nurseries but we also receive education by our parents, grandparents, peers and colleges etc. Our environment is the factor in our life that forms our character, lifestyle and thinking. Because of this variety of influences on our upbringing our school education needs to be as individual and customized for every pupil as its surrounding. Teachers have to stand beside the pupil and guide it in its development rather than trying to push it in a predetermined direction which is not suitable for the child. Furthermore they have to support the pupils by encourage them to be creative and to trust themselves.

  176. Education is very important, nowadays more than ever. I think that learning should be more personalized, and adapted to the needs and capabilities of every child, but at the same time the child should at one point have a certain freedom to choose the direction they want. I think that the best way to determine this is by good guidance, because for every child this will be different. But even when they choose their direction of learning, their interests might shift, or they might realize that it isn’t as they imagined it to be. The most important thing is that they keep on learning and improving themselves.

  177. In my opinion is education one important thing. Another one is building your own individual personality. I think without personality you cant educate yourself. How do you know what you want, what you like, where you want to go without personality?
    Of course forms our education a part of our personality but there is much more in our environment for example family, friends and the country we are living in. I think that we discover and form our personality while we educate. We find out what interessts we have and hopefully try to get there where we can use our talents combined with our interests and who knows maybe we will end up with our dreamjob.

  178. I remember one of the lecture that professor Bautista Vallejo gave us in general didactic class. That video changed everything in our mind about education. Video showed us what is the biggest mistake about consideration of education and teaching style. In today education we first worry about ‘what to teach?’, than ‘how to teach?’ and finally we worry about ‘why to teach?’. But that video said that order is completely wrong. The order should be completely in opposite direction. First of all we need to consider about ‘why to teach people?’. So at the beginning we have purpose and very clear vision about our goals. That way we can be more consistent about our act. Second consideration should be about ‘how to teach?’. So after we know why to teach people we need to find the best way to make them understand things better. Finally we can consider about ‘what to teach?’ . So far we know why and how to teach people. After these facts it is easy to find people’s needs and figure out what is the best for them to learn.

  179. Tereza Gemelová dice: Responder

    Education is the most important thing in the life, without education we are nothing, will be more difficult for us to find a job, we have a problem to make a living and make a career. but on the other hand, how many people today doing what studies? Especially when we have satisfied basic education, reading, writing, basic information in each field. school prevents me personally in what I wanted to do it quietly now. but I know that if I do not have a diplom will be so hard to find well-paid work. School takes me but my desire to work takes me creativity and ideas. sometimes «school of life» seems interesting and rewarding

  180. Kristīne Mauriņa dice: Responder

    I don’t think that education have to make personality, educations is a tool, but person use the tool as a help to become something they want to be. In my opinion very essential is to show young children that the education can be creative and interesting, because at that point person can get the feeling that education not forces you to learn something you don’t like or something that is boring and person will have this feeling about education all his/her life. Teenagers/students already will have their opinion and vision and at that point education have to give practical knowledge with what they can solve problems of human life and develop their personalities.

  181. People becomes themself, mostly, in studying period, when they are only teenagers, that is why it is the most important period of their life. It is necessary to make person feel good in every situation, otherwise, if person feels unsafe, that is the stop point for self development, he/she will not make any suggestions or be active in school, what is even worse, person’s mind closes, and don’t feel good about itself. In my opinion, that is teachers main goal – to make students feel good and comfortable about them and then, that is the starting point of students personal development. If student feels safe in the class, he/she starts to realize importance of study field and gets the needed motivation to become self respected person.

  182. For me the education in schools or university mostly is not really true-to-live which is a pity. In my experience teaching especially in schools is cut and dried and has influenced my personal developement just periphericly. Of course I have learned how to write and read and got some basic knowledge but I think school can be more than ever the place where you can get more inspiration. This world is full of oppurtunities and the globalization makes more life models possible. Why does school not show us more possibilities and encourages us to be creative in living. I’am sure that for every person on the world exists a individual way of life, school or university, your parents or friends can’t tell or teach you which one is the right one for you personally but school can show you more alternatives in life, different perspectives and can give inspiration. Furthermore you can of course learn in every situation and age in your life. I study cultural science and have to say interdisciplinarity is for me very close to my perception of the world. Why shouldn’t we try to teach a little bit more like that, maybe a pupil will understand why it can be important to learn grammatics or math – it is connected to lot more thinks than good or bad grades…

  183. It is very important that we see the students as who they are, not just a number or a name, but a human beeing with endless possibilities. My impression is that this is what teachers nowadays are struggeling to do, to «see» every student and to help them reach their potential. However i think that this must be very hard for teachers. They not only have very many students, but in order for a teacher to follow up on every student they have to put alot of effort and energy to it. For some children, their schooltime is the most important time during the day. That is when they meet stable persons, and are able to interact with other people who care about them..

  184. It is very important so that we-the-people develop throughout their lives, so education is very important. We begin to learn from the child, the parents depends on a lot of things. I think that is a very important issue. It is true that parents should see to it that their children are developing. Children should be taught some things early on that in the future you could see the effects. Later begins with primary school where we learn how to live in society – with other children. Not only did we acquire this basic knowledge, such as learning the alphabet, etc. but also learn how to handle different situations. I think that more and more young people are aware of the fact that education is very important these days, we need to ensure that in the future have a good job and I think the awareness that we educate rather than to remain in place is very important.

  185. Education is a lifelong process, the first needs for education and knowledge we receive from parents. After arrival to school is a very important personal approach teachers to student. If the teacher is able to induce a desire for more knowledge, this is the start into the future.
    I thing that lately is educated rather bysnys. Young people desire for education or knowledge as such, but want to have the title. The title is based on what is today’s society. There are lots of jobs that require a university education, but for the performance of this position is not important in practice. In our country receive university money for each accepted student. Since I started teaching is reduced by half, a subject I therefore once every 14 days. I have a feeling that a lots of graduates have title but with half-knowledge. So it would be not.

  186. Personally I agree that education helps the person cultivate ones self. However, when we talk about personalisation and individualism we must take into consideration the family upbringing, which is the prime stage of creating a successful character. Parents must insist on the childrens education and not leave it up to them, because they have less years of experience. Also parents should teach manners and how to behave, this helps them later on to be more focused and responsible in education. It will help them absorb more since they should by now have understood about personalisation. I think we should forget about stereotypical behaviours in the professional world. Each person is an individual with a different background, therefore different ideas will be heard from this individual. However, there should be criticism on the way a person has personalised himself. He should be respected for the approach one has chosen, and if necessary even learn something from each different person. Education should allow free will as well when it comes to ideas from children. In this way each person will have their own theory about life and its aspects…!

  187. Katarzyna Stawrakakis dice: Responder

    I mostly agree with this article. In my opinion education is very important in life of every human being. We need it to find a job,to understand the world and to co-exist in it. I think that it is also essential for every person to develop themselves intellectually at every age but starting at the youngest, we should being prepared for that,they should encourage children to be good in what they do and to want to be good in that,also to be curious in life and to be interested in getting new knowledge. That’s a start, and i think that if they teach that in schools,the new generation will be much more intelligent and educated.

  188. Both in earlier times and nowadays, many representatives of political and financial power belittle humans, by treating them as a mass. Great leaders ignore human life in the name of an ideology, capitalists do not hesitate to lead whole countries into impoverishment for their own profits, mass media underestimate the mental level of humans and see them only as consumers. Very often they themselves are knowingly misleaded and do not react, because they settle into a state.
    Education has to be the first to react to this. It must help them cultivate themselves, find out their own powers, talents and abilities, be integrated men, as well as conscious citizens. In that way people will be able to be masters of themself, to strive for the improvement of their life and not becoming puppets of others.

  189. Lucie Kancianová dice: Responder

    This issue is part of ethic aspect of education which we shouldn´t forget. Education ought to direct to personal development and to strenghten the veneration of human rights. It is important that education learn people how to behave and what is ethical and right not only theoretical knowledge and information. In the past most of ethic questions were formed by religion but nowadays it is quite difficult because of various opinions in the field of morality. The border of morality is moved beyond compared to the past. We should try to develop our personalities and to be more tolerant to other people. This can help to make sense of different kinds of ethnic and religious groups.

  190. I think education is a lifelong process, because people can learn something in any age. By me education is not only about memorizing in school, but it is especially about solving common and less common situations in life. And first and foremost this learns people the most. It is a practical experience and according to me it is easier to remember. That is why I would prefer a more practical teaching in school. In my country young profesors are trying to do thing this way and I hope they will continue and will be more and more such as them.

  191. It`s very interesting article with many ideas about impact of education on personality and conversely. Education is different according to momentary time and every nation has a different approach to education. We must not forget, that the personality affects particularly the upbringing in the family. The family is the headstone of everything ( socialization, empathy, habits..). So every nation has own approach to education. Someone prefers the theoretical knowledge and the other the knowledge in practice. I think, in my country ( Czech Republic) is more important only theoretical knowledge and it`s maybe this problem. Majority of the czech population tests their knowledge in practice subsequent direct in the first job and it will be maybe the same in my case. But I think, it’s not so different approach as in other countries.

  192. i little bit don’t know how to comment this article.
    i agree with this that the most important is person, personal view of others and ours way of development. We need education, work, strive for perfection and looking for answers to fundametalne questions.
    it’s idea. but for me the biggest question it is how to show it young people which maybe i will be teaching.

  193. I must say that I agree and i don’t agree… First I explain you why I agree. I think that school can sometimes bring you a good personal development. The teachers teach you about how you have to behave, how to learn etc. In our school in Belgium there are also ‘CLB’ it’s a group of social workers and psychologist that help children with learndifficulties, personal troubles etc.. That’s really good because then the children know that there are not alone and there are people who wants to help them. Every school in Belgium has that, and I think it’s a good investement. I think you learn a lot at school. It’s a good start to begin you life. It’s a base that every human has to have. But I’m sure that even people who didn’t when to school for a long time they still can learn a lot. For example, I have the feeling that I learned a little bit from being at school. But… Still I have the feeling that I not learned who I want to be. I don’t know what I want to do in my life. And I tought that school would help me with that. But that’s actually something that you have to learn on you own. So i think that you can’t furfill your whole personal development in school. Yes, they can help you for a little bit. But I think that the whole personal process will start after your years you’ve been to school. Then real life will knock on your door. I’m sorry that I couldn’t write my opinion between the 7/11 lines.

  194. It is known that education has a big influence on people, their thinking and their personal development. We are educating ourselfs whole life. Even if education has a big influence on us, we mustn’t forget about influence of our family, envirolment, firneds, people which are living around us. And all of these factors has certain influence on us. My opinion is that the school system inhibits critical thinking, creativity and with that it is moving away from the main goal – personalization. That means that the school should be more closer to students and teachers interest and their goals. In Slovenia I think that our school system in primary school and highschool is not enough develop to reach personalization in persons live. And in a lot of university I can also say that the goals are far away from reaching personalization (but not all of them).

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