La energía de un niño

¿Pueden los niños tener grandes ideas? ¿Puedes los niños tener proyectos? ¿Cuál es el proyecto de un niño pequeño? ¿Cómo afrontamos los adultos sus proyectos?

En muchas ocasiones tengo la seria convicción de que todas estas preguntas no son respondidas satisfactoriamente. La sociedad postmoderna no ha acabado aún, es más, no hemos tocado fondo, ¡nunca se toca fondo del todo! El marco es muy claro, la sociedad postmoderna ha interpretado la devaluación de la naturaleza humana hasta el punto de que su condición ya no es presentable, ni como modelo ni como ejemplo. Parece mayoritaria la idea de tierra de nadie, de sálvese quien pueda, de pequeñas islas para conseguir la felicidad epidérmica. Sin horizonte, con una sociedad errante y una política en estado crítico, el cambio es confuso y hasta errado.

Claro que el marco es claro, la idea liberal que hizo fuerte a Occidente, que posibilitó siquiera el desarrollo moderno y urbano ya en la Edad Media, dando al individuo oxígeno, creatividad, campo de desenvolvimiento, ha degenerado hacia una sociedad sobresaturada de bienes donde cada uno parece ir a lo suyo. Donde cada uno parece estar dispuesto a recibir, pero no a aportar. Donde la idea de servicio a la sociedad está anticuada; donde se prefiere el consumismo, la vivencia individual a la construcción de una familia, donde muchas responsabilidades son transportadas al Estado social, al Estado providencia (Alain Minc), y de esa manera se deserta de la vida personal, donde la responsabilidad personal, comunitaria, social, ha acabado por ceder todo el terreno a un hombre y una sociedad fragmentados y descohesionados.

No es un esquema que dé más de sí, por mucho que queramos. Las buenas iniciativas no serán más que ensayos individuales, loables, pero sin más rumbo que arreglarse cada uno de la mejor manera. En este escenario, la creatividad, la innovación, la energía y la motivación interna, el carisma y la posibilidad de inspirar con todo ello a los demás se convierten casi en una anécdota.

Todo esto necesita un marco amplio de trabajo y sensibilidad, desde certeras reformas educativas que lo incorporen, para ponerlo al alcance de la mayoría, y desde líderes sociales, administrativos, políticos conniventes que entienden el rumbo y se ponen en marcha cada día con nuevas fuerzas alimentando las ganas de todos.

Los niños tienen grandes ideas, son energía pura, adheridos a ciertos valores tienen un potencial inmenso. De no canalizar todo ello convenientemente perdemos una posibilidad de cambio en el mundo. ¡Son tantas las que perdemos cada día!

Pero basta de lamentaciones, la humildad y la sencillez son la antesala del éxito, la sensibilidad por la obra bien hecha y la energía personal son necesarias, cada día hemos de ser tan buenos como los niños lo son, tan buenos que ya no pueda nadie ignorarnos.

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  1. The children don’t fear about say what they think or want, they are still pure-minded and good, the world didn’t blemish them yet. They see the world in a different way, everything is new for them, nothing has got a fix function, and that’s why they can watch the world from another, new perspective. They own an amazing fantasy and creativity, and we must not put this down, we had to let them to use it, and give them everything (tools and helps) for their development. They are our future. We have to recognize that not just we can teach them, but they can teach us, better than we can imagine!

  2. Piotr Jaworowicz dice: Responder

    I think we are not using a potential which we can find in kids. Nowadays, some people are looking for a kid, and they think that «it is just a kid» ‘ I am much more smarter than him» hmmm…. maybe more experienced. In the history we can see that, a lot of young people played roles which were deciding about the human lives. The 10 or 12 years old boys becamed kings, girls becamed wifes in a very young age, sometimes deciding about historical alliance or wars. It was not so far ago, but nowadays it is unbeliveble to think, that we can trust a kids decisions… From my experience I think that all we can do it is start to listening childrens, because they are talking, but we are not listening.

  3. As we ascend from childhood to adulthood, we often lose our creativity and become part of the ever growing mass of zombies, which we like to call society. We tend to over think things and be over ruled by our fears and self-consciousness in what they think should be normal in our society. However, for a child, the world is their oyster. We need to learn to encourage and continue their creativity and imagination. It is these little thinkers that might one day become a famous architecture or scientist that will help create our future. Therefore, in the education system teachers are meant to encourage this behaviour and to enhance their intelligence.

  4. I’m sure that children have a lot of imagination, where people often lack an adult. However, often the main problem is that it is not the end of the longer able to convey exactly what they mean and adults thanks to its style of thinking is not the end of it considers it something interesting, not right. Adults should encourage creativity and imagination of your child, try to implement even the most absurd ideas of the child, it can convince him to do that in life, nothing is impossible and every dream with a little work can be possible. So let our children be children for as long as possible.

  5. Thomas Scheffer dice: Responder

    It’s amazing how young children think and be creative, precisely this kind of thinking we need at this time. There do not get too many question marks and looks at what would happen if there geberud something. But children are not one of them still think that their creativity as a fantasy that could happen.
    The youth will soon have the best ideas, which we will consider. All together on This is something we need to stimulate the students and therefore should give. Room for Of course, not all ideas always thought of young kids, but the adults can provide support to this cause I straight paths

  6. Not that children can have great ideas, they have them, for sure. They don’t have any fear, they don’t think their ideas are unrealistic or stupid and that’s why there are unlimited in their thinking. And in this way of thinking, the best ideas can be born. The project of children is simple, uncomplicated although it can sound unrealistic. The problem of the projects of adults is that we look everything through money. Yes, of course, if we don’t have a source and capital, we cannot make a project. But, the best ideas come from entrepreneurs that are so sure in their ideas, that they can persuade sponsors and get any money they need. Because they are acting like children-they think unlimited and nothing is unrealistic for them.

  7. Jasna Rovčanin dice: Responder

    Innovation and creative approach to the problem is essential in order to progress. Creative people have always pushed society forward. The only difference is in the attitude of society towards these individuals.
    Children have something very valuable and at the same time necessary for creative work, the process of invention. This is curiosity. They have the innate, as we do all others. Shown an in all activities, from eating to the game. If their environment and society offer encouragement, tools and understanding, it will be largely realized. Our mission is to not inhibited this curiosity. they need some guidance only in two cases: in the actions that can be dangerous, and in directing to sustainable solutions.

  8. The idea presented in this article is unbelievably true. We as adults very often neglect children. What I mean here is the situation when some kid is telling us something and we do not even try to listen, not mention understanding and then responding. In advance we suppose that they are so young, they do not know the life so how could it be possible for them to know something precious. The point is that we are completely wrong. Children are pure and innocent and their ideas are also so. Kids are not spoiled by the constant rush for money etc. They are very simple and that is the reason for which their ideas should be taken into consideration by the adults.

  9. Children are not yet part of our infected society, their thoughts are pure and they do not overthink. And for that very reason, they are the most cruel creatures on earth. They want something, they go get it, no matter how many people they hurt whilst doing so. But still, their ideas have the most logical structure for a lot of problems waiting to be solved, we should learn from them, we should learn how to think like a child again. Our experiences, fears are sometimes in the way for having something done; children always find the easiest way. In my opinion, in the beginning, all of them are intelligent. Their brains just need to be trained, teachers should know how to help them improve themselves. What a shame teachers are not well-appreciated in every country. But this is another problem our society is facing. All in all, we cannot let kids waste their very given talent, we are the ones responsible for their education. After all, they are becoming us soon.

  10. Children have a vivid imagination. They are the source of extreme ideas. What is important is that they think out of the box! To give an example, sometimes we hear a child saying something that we have never thought before or even imagined. It happens to a lot of people. They are blissed with an endless imagination. To apply this to education, we need to be aware of it and make the most of it by giving students chances to discover and learn with their curiosity. Teachers should kindle childrens’ interest and curiosity. Then we will hear different unthought ideas. I would like to share a quotation from Paul Harries, who is proffessor at Harvard Graduate School of Education; «The imagination is absolutely vital for contemplating reality, not just those things we take to be mere fantasy.»

  11. The children are our future! Beacuse of that we also have to support them like our future! For me the most important thing is to foster their creativity. We can support the creativity with music arts shooting and so on. I thinkt support creativity in the early ages in differnt ways is very important. We need creativity in all our live. In a lot of jobs it is necessary to be creative. Beeing creative means to have new ideas and have sucess in job. But not only for the job it´s necessary to be creative also for all our live! So we have to help the children with their creativity. We don´t need to tech them because they have it from the beginning. Important is not to «delete» their creativty!

  12. Children are everyone’s future. And disadvantaged children now, mean a disadvantaged society in the future. We can, and must, change this.
    We are all human beings and we share the same planet. Just as it is our responsibility to care for the environment for generations to come, we must also take responsibility for those children who were born into a world without the care and support that every child deserves.
    It’s really important to create an environment that stimulates creativity for the children. I mean expose children to diversity in the classroom by using decorative objects, learning materials and preschool curriculum lessons that are representative of cultures and ways of life from all over the world.

  13. Speaking about energy and creativity, there is no doubt that children possess these important character traits. There are many aspects where children can function as a role model for us adults. The immense creativity of a child is especially due to their ability of being curious about all kinds of things which for us grown-ups are quite normal and which are not questioned by us anymore. In this sense, children can see the small things in life and be fascinated by them while we do not see these details anymore.
    All these mentioned aspects should be supported in the childrens education making sure that they can develop their full potencial and make use of it.

  14. Children have something very valuable and at the same time necessary for creative work and the process of invention. They show this is in all activities,whether is involved eating or playing the game. If their environment and society offer encouragement, tools and understanding, they will largely realize their potential. Our mission is that this curiosity is not inhibited.Themselves therefore already have all the necessary tools, so they shouldn’t be guided too much or trying to achieve our ideas. I believe that we need only to listen and allow their curiosity to remaine as strong as it can.

  15. Lukas Schaunitzer dice: Responder

    The innovative capacity of children is indescribable. Do not even think in such well-established structures and thus have a different world view. You see everything through different eyes! A company with children in the research would be a very interesting project. Allegedly, 98% of all children are highly intelligent, only the school and education can our children be stupid with time (after school ~2%). A sad résumé

    Please watch this movie!

  16. En mi opinion, es vital en la educación de los niños que se les fomente y se les desarrolle la creatividad y la energía por avanzar en todas las facetas de su vida, ya que a través de estas, el mundo en su momento ha ido cambiando, gracias a las ideas locas en su momento que tuvieron grandes pensadores y científicos. Muchas veces oímos ideas de los niños algo locas, pero son ideas desde la humildad y la sinceridad de ellos, nacen de la humedad que ellos tienen, y si consiguiéramos nosotros los adultos extrapolar esas ideas a nuestro mundo real, con la misma energía que ellos lo hacen, esta sociedad cambiaría mucho, ya que estos pequeños pensadores no solo piensan en su propio beneficio como viene haciendo la sociedad de hoy en día, que solo mira por su supervivencia al coste que sea sin importar que o quien tiene que sufrir por ello. Por lo tanto es vital enseñar a estos niños desde edades temprana a no perder ese libre pensamiento, ya que con él, en un futuro posiblemente y si tenemos suerte podrán cambiar el mundo tal y como es hoy en día.

  17. We have to put our energy in the children, they are our future. They have to built on what we have built already. So we can’t be selfish in many ways. We shoudn’t be. Children look at the world with a lot of simplicity, this is they key to success, right? So we better invest in the children and their uninfluenced point of view, their right opinions and their clear minds full of ideas, because children have a big amount of fantasy and creativity. These are the things that we should support and give space for in the education, in the schools. Without creativity, there won’t pop up a genius idea nor a well-thought project. You have to be able to be creative in you way to handle your project and how to work it out. That’s why the children may not be underestimated! Their opinion and ideas are at leat as valuable as adult’s ideas, if not, more.

  18. Egemen Tuncer YILDIZ dice: Responder

    Energy of a child cannot never get by an adult. If it would be, we see almost a perfect human. And I answer as yes these questions above. All innovative ideas come from a childis mind and are developed by mature minds. But why they can think beyond mature minds?
    Because they are pure, they did not hear enough «no» as an answer so their imagination is limitless. Losing imagition means growing up. So lets not take «no» as an answer, lets be brave think, lets use our energy like a child and use patience like a mature.

  19. Cathérine Jové Skoluda dice: Responder

    I think it´s true, that children have lot of imagination which often is missing in adults´ life.
    Often adults have a very strict and deadlocked way to think in their daily life and in the way they try to solve problems. Sometimes we have lots of possibilities to react in different situations, but we don`t see all these possibilities anymore, because we have learned to be rational and always follow the same pattern. Children are more open for new experiences, they are curious and without prejudices. We should learn to support their creativity, imagination and an optimistic attitude, that could be useful skills for their future lives and not try to destroy these character traits. We should let them be children as long as possible.

  20. It`s true that the kids have the biggest and purest imagination and they can have way more ideas than the adults but I must say that I`m not so sure when it comes to the idea children to participe in some projects. From one side it`s good for them because the project can be a good opportunity to develop their social skills and creativity. But from the other side there are some projects which can more do harm to the child instead something good and usefull. I think that if you want to make a project with the participation of childern(especialy little ones) you should treat them very carefully and give them enough free space or otherwise they will feel presed and they could not be able to use all of the creativity and imagination they are capable of.

  21. I think that child can have great ideas. Children have such imagination that adults don’t have. They have creativity and because of it they can product good ideas and projects. In my opinion children can’t achive this ideas because adults don’t take seriusly. They think that’s just a child. That children only play games and that’s all. But I think that children have such creativity and imagination and we should use it in our lives. When we grow up and we’re adults usually we don’t have the same imagination and creativity as we had when we were children.

  22. Children have the biggest ideas and dreams. They have no limits of thinking, they are open minded and do not leave in the box like adoults does, they do not orient to the others, they say what they think and they are the most honest persons in the world. For their thinking and learning are responsible their parents through taking an active interest in their learning at school so that they can support and build on it at home and has positive effects on their mental health and wellbeing. Although children are born with some inherited tendencies, an environment that stimulates learning and development is necessary to ensure children reach their learning potential. Adults play a vital role in providing stimulation and support for children’s learning. Opportunities for children to be actively involved in learning from their experiences are especially important for their development. Children’s knowledge grows over time as they build on earlier understandings. When they encounter new experiences, children look for information that they can use to confi rm, add to, or change their ideas.

  23. Margret Oberreither dice: Responder

    To value the energie and potential is one of the most important condition of a teacher. A good methode for useing this energie in the frame of the institution school is the class with pupils of different ages. In this frame, the children can learn a lot from each other and get in my opinion more skills. Pupils get responsibility and are able to use their knowlegde, so they teach and learn at the same moment. Actually this types of classes are common but not usual. Many teachers are to worried, or know to less about the implementation. Centralised pupils need a lot of individual responsibility to be able to use their energie and potential.

  24. Karolina Brodowska dice: Responder

    Childhood is a time of very rapid growth and ease of acquiring knowledge. It is the best time to develop creativity, provided that we give children the opportunity of expressing themselves and their ideas. Children need to have a chance to speak freely and to build their own personality. More individual approach is needed instead of following the same scheme to everyone. Kids need to learn that having a different opinion doesn’t mean anything wrong and both at school and at home they should be allowed to say it. If we teach them how to make use of their ideas in childhood, I’m sure it will be easier to make it also in the adult life.

  25. This is an extremely interesting topic, children, are of course the future of society, as a child you have very little influence of negativity (generally speaking) and they have a freedom of speech which is unlimited, they do not fear opinions as much as adults as well as having an endless imagination. The only shame is that we do not utilize, or learn from this ability of free thinking as much as we should. As adults we are afraid, I think, of dreaming too big, and too much focus upon the impossible rather than the possible, there is a lot we can learn. For instance, in America and England there are cases of children testing out products for mass market, which proves the opinion of a free-thinking child is highly valued.

  26. Creativity is an important human characteristic. It is perhaps best thought of as a process, requiring a mixture of traits, including personality traits, abilities and skills. Early year’s staff can help young children to develop their creativity by providing a creative environment, for example helping children to build up their skills through play and praising children’s creative efforts. I think it is important to never underestimate a child’s imagination. I agree completely with this article that children have extraordinary ideas that should not be ignored or blocked out. When considering young children, it is appropriate to adopt a broad, democratic definition of creativity. In this way, every child can be considered to have creative potential and to be capable of creative expression. It is important to consider what might constitute ‘originality’ in the work of a young child. After all, only a child prodigy could be expected to come up with something new and valuable to society. Moreover, each child’s creative abilities can be related to his/her personal stage of development. Although most people see that creativity is often associated with “creative” subjects, such as art and music, creativity is not subject specific. Creativity is a way of approaching problem solving that can be exercised in different areas. On the other hand, creativity does not take place in a vacuum: the way in which children express creativity will be different in different curriculum areas.

  27. Early childhood is a time of remarkable physical, cognitive, social and emotional development. Infants enter the world with a limited range of skills and abilities. Watching a child develop new motor, cognitive, language and social skills is a source of wonder for parents and caregivers.
    We all have personal experience with development, but it is sometimes difficult to understand exactly how and why people grow, learn and change. Every stage of the childhood has something special so we can adapt from there because nothing has influancedthe children so heis or her ideas is still clean and creative.

  28. Krisztina Szeman dice: Responder

    Children have pure energy, and they have great ideas, ideas what adults cant produce. They have a special creativity, but people dont really care about this, because they think that they are the adults, only they can be smart enough to say a good idea. But its worng, its absolutely not true! Kids can be just as smart as adult, or more! Adults should listen to the children, but really listen, not just look at them, and pretend to be listening. Because a lot os people do this, because they think: „Oh they just kids, they dont kow anything about the world..!” And this is the main problem, that the adult people think like that, and dont give az opportunity to the kids to prove, that they was wrong about them, they really know something about the world, not just th ebig ones..

  29. A child’s energy is like a new light power.So the children are our future.Children should be allowed up to provide the creativity.Because children are vulnerable in any context.They are curious, they are straightforward and rational.Children should be able to tell their ideas freely and without fear.For example, a situation in which many adults see children can draw attention.We are missing a thought or idea that they can complete.In some cases we may be more constructive and analytical.Ultimately each of them is a young brain.The creative young minds, fresh, inspiring ideas can produce.

  30. Children have sometimes the best ideas ever, because they are open minded, have no fears of the unknown and are unbelievably compassionate about something they find interesting and care about.
    Adults sometimes give themselves obstacles and think about why something can not function or why this idea is not so great. Children however see mostly only the postive things about something and don’t think about the negative stuff about something too hard or at all.
    They just have the kind of imagination and creativity thatis so precious and they don’t even know that.

  31. In my opinion, the concept of creativity plays an important role in child development. The concept of creativity generally means to produce or create something new and different, and to put new ideas and explorations forward by taking advantage of what is known. I believe, it is important to start education at an earlier age and provide them with various learning environments enriched with stimuli to improve their creativity. The awareness, sensitivity, social communication, and critical and creative thinking skills acquired at this age either at home or school are goods for a child’s future life. Development of creativity influences child’s personality traits, and thus, her/his future life.In my estimation, to develop a personality, it is important to prepare pre-school children to life by offering rich.

  32. First of all I want to say that, when you are a child, you have the most clear ideas, and you think more creative. Because you don’t care what people think about your ideas. You say whatever you think, you don’t have any fear or any hesitation because people which are around you, don’t care about what you say. Moreover, when you are a child, you can create lots of new ideas because your brain works better than an adult. So, for me, we should encourage the children to create new ideas. They should’t have any hesitation or any fear for creating new ideas. Then, we can start with our education system because mostly, our education systm doesn’t encourage us to create new things.

  33. Childhood is very important for all people. You can learn something in childhood. People should be relaxed when they are child. Because its necessary for creativity. If you make it that time children can improve themselves. Generally some scientists learn something about their working area when they were a child. In Turkey there is an organization about creativity for children every year. And a lot of child make a new invention for humanity. Some companies are using this if they like. Consuquently if you are supported and given the oppurtunities when you are a child and than maybe you can make something for humanity.

  34. The main idea of this article is not only exalting the childrens creativity, it is telling us how human being became a consumer. It is telling that we all are accustomed to using and consuming what is given to us through life and it is so settled that we don’t even realize this. Strictly speaking, going to school to find a job, earning money to make a living, doing all these requirements of life separates humans from children and makes them a consumer rather than a person who creates new ideas, improves himself, shares his energy for good and acts without any intentions..
    So this article is giving us ‘the energy of a child’ as an example to state the situation that humanity came into.

  35. I do think that children still have a lot of possibilities and that they are being encouraged to experiment and learn new things. If I take Belgian schools for example, children from 4/5 years are learning how to work tablets and in primary school how to program stuff. This can stimulate children and make them open their eyes about what they would like to do in life. With these modern technologies they are getting a lot of opportunities. Considering that the environment stimulates and helps these children to achieve what they would like to achieve. So the ideas are individual, like mostly of our societies are individualist, not caring about other’s futures but yours. A lot of competence, but still we have to work together to be stronger.

  36. Sandra Maloversnik dice: Responder

    Adults can`t understand a child`s imagination. Children are absolutely creative and it would be so important to support that creativity. But we strictly hold on our old habits. For instance when children are asked to draw a meadow with some flowers and a sun we expect them to colour this things in the right way. We expect them to colour the meadow in green, the flowers with some colours and the sun certainly has to be yellow. So we already disturb their creativity instead of letting them colour the things how they want. But this is only one example. Children get disturbed in playing out their creativity and imagination. Schools really should support that skill otherwise they lose their creativity and imagination. And later on in university or in their jobs it would be so important to be creative and to dare try out new things.

  37. I think this topic is very important, children’s minds have many different adverse fantasies, not being afraid to speak their true mind is very important. Children should have the opportunity to speak freely, without hindrance. Children speaking so freely and purely is one of the reasons why children come across so honest. children say exactly what they think and they do not think about what they are going to say, it’s pure. Children need to be guided and encouraged, so that they can become confident speakers allowing themselves to express themselves thoroughly in front of other people and even large public crowds. Children’s self-confidence and creatively is a skill that should be developed at such a young age so that the future education and employment will benefit from such a rich skill set.

  38. The Energy of a Child

    Anyone who has ever worked with children will agree that a child’s imagination is so vivid and detailed that it hard not to become jealous on occasion. Children do not see the same obstacles that adults see when gathering ideas and completing tasks. They often see the finished product and can often show adults an easier or better way to complete the task. This is because children are not concerned with red tape and the official ‘do and do nots’, that adults are wrapped up in when they try to complete a task. The reason that the children’s ideas are so vivid are because children are not concerned with the opinion of others in the same way of adults, if a child has a good idea he or she will voice it and not hold back for the fear that people will laugh at this idea. This is one trait that I wish more adults would have as it would lead to a more inclusive society for all.

    Damien Tumilty

  39. Sylwia Białas dice: Responder

    I completely agree that children have got the best ideas. Young children are very creative, full of ideas, imaginative and energetic. You can notice that while observing them playing or drawing. The pictures they draw are very often unconventional. They use unconventional shapes, colors etc. that makes their pictures unique. The same situation is with playing. Children are full of ideas to invent a new game. They are great in modifying old games into different ones. They are very original. Unfortunately I strongly believe that school system kills their creativity and orginality. For example in a primary school teachers ask their students to draw pictures according certain canon e.g. if they want to draw a cow it can’t be pink. That kills their innovative ideas. I think that school should help children to develop their creativity and originality instead of killing it.

  40. I couldn’t agree with this article more as it is extremely true. Children have very interesting imaginations through this they can spread creativity. This allows them to explore the society in different ways than adults do and it is very interesting. Children always have something to say, they always seem to be curious about certain things in life that they want more and more information about. I think that adults can learn a huge amount from children. Children are bright and the influence of technology spreads news and ideas to people especially children which allow them to gain more knowledge. Children can be fascinated and easily entertained from the plainest and most random thing that you can think of, this surprises a lot of people what children think of and get entertainment out of. The personality of a child is shown at an early age of their life and this can be seen through different ways. Children see things through an innocent aspect and I think that a lot of the time people do not take children’s views and opinions seriously.

  41. I agree with this article. Children have a lot of creative and interesting ideas. Especially younger children create ideas with a lot of imagination. The job of parents and teachers in school is promoting children’s ideas with interesting exercises and activities. The problem is that sometimes teachers in schools do the opposite. They teach them in the same way all the time and they do not consider children’s opinions.The problem is also that teachers and parents do not listen to them or ask them, they also do not give them opportunity to express opinion, because they treat them as too young and too childish for understanding society. The only role for teachers in school is curriculum. We should really listen to children’s opinion and point of view. Their mind is different and more pure. We should also believe in this that everything is possible, like children believe in fairytales.

  42. Freedom of Thought that’s formed in the family first as a concept car.A child presents to family members should know clearly what they want..Children starting from the age of 2.5-3 motion, speech, perception, understanding abilities are growing rapidly.Children have great imagination and creativity.A case of children according to the constructions of very different from adults.Childhood what is beautiful isn’t it?Children’s request to stay forever, simple problems.Everything else without any stone to be happy and have fun.Children are impatient, energetic, excited and happy person.They do not think very much that it is from the words which He speaks such as ,It tells.

  43. I agree that children have extraordinary talent through their thoughts and ideas. They are creative far beyond what adults can imagine. They have thoughts so simple yet brilliant and it’s the teachers and parents job to ensure that this is encouraged in any way possible.
    In todays world, it is too easy to keep your thoughts to yourself and often is discouraged to be creative. This can be seen in many educative systems in the world where there is a much bigger emphasis on academic subjects such as maths, language, science etc, with a major lacking in creative areas such as drama and music. This can often lead to children focusing on different areas as they feel it is of none, or of little worth to pursue a creative side. This can remain to be seen later, in university education where there is a much less uptake of creative areas.
    For this reason, all possibilities need to be looked at within education with all areas being of equal worth to a person. It also needs to be strongly encouraged if a child wishes to look into their creative side.

  44. Agnieszka Mączka dice: Responder

    Kids have really wild imagination. It is surprising because, from the little they see, they are able to imagine so so much. Such is the power of their mind. They have a mind which is optimistic. A mind which fosters bold and unconventional ideas. We can guess how much they expect out of life from their lofty dreams. They are so hopeful of the future. Kids are generally curious. They want to know what is behind the corner. They give keen attention to detail and sometimes ask questions, for which we may not have answers! So that’s why pupils should be encouraged seek out and experiment with new things or ideas. They should be taught to ask questions and investigate when things do not make sense. The need to learn to view mistakes as an opportunity for leaning rather than something that was unsuccessful. The classroom also provides an opportunity for children to play with ideas, to share thoughts and is a safe place to propose new ideas.

  45. Aleksandra Jaszcz dice: Responder

    It is really interesting article! I totally agree that children can have extraordinary ideas. Children’s way of thinking is usually simple and pure but in the same time wonderful and innovative. Teachers, parents and all environment should encourage children to think, not to be afraid of saying what comes to their mind, because that helps to make them more creative and this is extremely important in everyday life. Another thing that comes to my mind is that in general teachers are the one to teach children, but it should be remembered that from children we can learn a lot: sincerity, plainness, positive thinking and optimistic attitude.

  46. Lisa Hammaräng dice: Responder

    I belive that children have great idéas and I as a teacher wants to help those idéas become true. In Sweden today we talk a lot about that children has to explore and discover by them self. They also has to be allowed to use thier creativity. The teachers has to encourage the children. I agree with these thoughts. I also belive that the childrens idéas has to be lifted in the classroom and that the children might need some help to make these idéas «real», and it´s the teachers job to be a helping hand in these occations. As the article says in the end «the sensitivity for the well done work and personal energy are needed, each day we have to be as good as the kids, so good that one can no longer ignore». I also belive this, we need to make an effort to make well done work and personal energy, it will help us and is a long-term goal.

  47. Nuray Yalçınkaya dice: Responder

    For childs,project is about engaging, inspiring and challenging our children to develop aspirations and plan proactively for their future. Hope and positive thinking could motivate them to learn continuously and work for a better life,parents, we want the best for our children and this includes helping them discover their interests, develop their strengths and guiding them to make informed education and career choices to positively impact their future.What can parents do? You can help your child realise his/her dreams for example,Spend time to discover and understand our children’s strengths and interests through various activities to help them identify their preferences in working with people, things, information or ideas.
    Even kids want to make a difference ,and they don’t like to be told they can’t do things .Getting kids interested in project isn’t always easy.they are usually more focused on sports ,tv ,video games, or just being a kid . But one classic way to get them about other kids.
    Stories about people their own age are definitely more exciting to them than the boring world of adults.So,to get kids more excited about project

  48. Jannike Vester dice: Responder

    During my education in my home university I learn one thing that I really took in and always think of. And that is that as a teacher it´s really important to let pupils try things on their own and give them the courage to do creative things. If a pupil comes up with some idea or a project then the teacher should encourage this instead of like saying “No that´s not a good ide” . We must let the pupils develop their creativity. I think it´s important that pupils are creative and thay develop it during their life time and then we get citizens that can take the society forward, and not backward. Because many children have great ideas but if they never can work them out, then maybe they stop having ideas,

  49. Mitchell ter Haar dice: Responder

    I believe that children when they are young are very strong mentally. Still unaffected by outside influences and do not allow themselves rapidly to the point next time. These are the right qualities to understand business. They are generally open to new ideas, and are almost always motivated. This restlessness may at puberty or in the adult world very much reduced, and that is sin. Just then have children who need strength to show what they stand for. The beauty of working with children in primary education is that you can tap into the power of the children themselves. Every time use Without their massive urge to learn the teaching will not nearly be as powerful.
    If children or students no longer so driven can feel for a teacher like flogging a dead horse. That is precisely why we should try to create so that children at all times remain motivated to learn and explore the area. Use the power of the children.

  50. One great thing about children is that, at the certain age, they are so unselfish. They will share their food with you, paint you a picture, bring you whatever you´ll ask them from the other room. They don´t really expect any prize for this, just a smile or ´thank you´ makes them happy. They feel proud because they could do something for others and that makes them feel important and needed. It´s a pity we have lost this sense of selflessness, that we no longer want to help people just for the sake of helping, sharing our knowledge or skills. Maybe we are afraid we will lose if we do something for others for free? Looking at the example of children, the answer seems to be the contrary – they not only gain our sympathy or gratitude but also learn to perform certain tasks, learn to live in a society where one is dependent on another, they learn to give ans ask for help.

  51. Sevde Sena Kuzucuk dice: Responder

    In my practice days in a primary school, I have been in classes from 4 years to 6th grade. I can clearly say that, as age increases, introversion and timidity also increase. Little children can easily join in every activity, they can easily claim what they want, they can easily tell ideas. They are more creative. They have no hesitation and also no psychological barrier. Adults are afraid of making mistakes so they mostly keep their ideas to themselves. Children mostly has no fear so they can be more creative. I totally agree with this article. We can say that, I am also included, unfortunately adults are full of barriers. The reason can be the fears, timidity, educational system or teachers. We can not easily externalize our ideas, thoughts or claims so children are generally more creative with their unlimited imagination.

  52. When you are a child you have nothing to lose no matter how ridiculous an idea or suggestion you make is. You are unafraid of innovation and imagination therefore we should always value the creative thoughts they propose instead of dismissing them. They have the ability to think freely without any fear or pressure which is an important reason why society must listen to them more often. For me, i would rather a genuine opinion (a child’s) on something, in oppose to an adult’s who is perhaps afraid to give their honest judgements because they fear what they say may incorrect. Children have the ability to use their open minds and do not refrain from taking risk and being wrong. Therefore, the key is in cooperation where the childs innovation contributes to the adults perspective and maturity obtaining a creative but solid idea to move forward.

  53. Maria Bartyska dice: Responder

    I think that when we are children we are able to have the best ideas. Why ? Because our imagination and creativity isn’t stopped by the inflexible rules that we are taught during our education. What I want to write may seem like a paradox but I think that we can learn from children. We can learn from them to believe and follow our instincts more. Fortunately I can see changes that schools are trying to put more emphasis on self thinking and using more our creativity. So far we made that mistake that for every question we wanted children to have just one answer that fits the answer key. However the truth is that the more answer we can think of that means the more ideas we can create.

  54. I think children have the greatest imagination and creativity. As soon as you are getting older you lose some part of this imagination. Adults are somehow limited in their way how to find a solution to a problem whilst kids have no blockades to find solutions. Therefore I think kid’s ideas can be some of the brightest; children may solve problems and have ideas where an adult might struggle to find any solution to this as they think to technical. Some problems are only solved by using no technological skill whatsoever and being trained in universites in school somehow decreases your skill in straighforwardthinking when it comes to imagination and creativity. Kids are unspoiled, they didn’t have any scientifical education and are as pure in their capability to show creativity and imagination as possible.

  55. Rebecca McClean dice: Responder

    I believe that the answer to this articles’ question is a very simple yes, of course children can have great ideas. Children are full of questions and curiosities and can imagine things more extremely than adults can. Therefore they can imagine things that are possible that adults couldn’t imagine. Also children don’t care what people thing about their ideas or opinions and therefore are more likely to share them and believe in them. I believe that children’s ideas shouldn’t be disregarded and their ideas and opinions should be listened to and considered carefully. Most importantly a child’s creativity should be nourished and allowed to flourish.

  56. Alexandra Mc Gurran dice: Responder

    I agree very much with this article. Children have amazing imaginations which allow them to explore the world and view it completely different than that of an adult. As we grow older I believe we become a lot more closed minded and sometimes over think things. I believe we need to learn to listen more to children and their ideas, as they are not afraid to state them. Adults may have good ideas but a lot of these ideas stay hidden as they do not have the confidence to come forward with them. This sometimes can be the case with children, however I feel young children tend to not experience this lack of confidence to the same degree.

    A good example to illustrate when children’s ideas are considered is on the UK programme junior apprentice, where children come and pitch a unique idea while competing with other children. There is also an adult version of this show, however I feel it is interesting to analyse both shows and see how the children really do give the adults a run for their money. It is also interesting to note how confident and mature the children are compared to the bickering adults, who at times seem to lose confidence and focus.

    Embracing children’s imagination and ideas I believe is the way forward for future generations. We no longer live in a world where a child should be seen and not heard, therefore we should make the most of this and listen to the children we are surrounded by.

  57. In the article there is a question: “Can children have a great idea?” in my opinion answer to this question is very simple: of course that children has a great idea. Children are full of curiosity, questions and fantasy. There are not afraid of fail and what is the most important they are not afraid of other people’s evaluation. In my opinion this I the key to children’s success – they do not care what people would think about them and their ideas. That is why they do not close their imagination and do not know any limits. Unlike adults, kids complicate nothing with scientific or social issues; they do everything in the simplest possible way. And very often the simplest way is the best way.

  58. Barbora Beňová dice: Responder

    Efectivamente. Yo creo que podemos aprender mucho de los niňos, en realidad el mejor guión sería volverse a ser un niňo otra vez, simplemente ser el Peter Pan en el mundo real, mantener su niňez a pesar de los aňos cumplidos. Porqué los niňos vienen puros, natural, conectados al fuente más profundo y aún despues cuando la sociedad empieza domarle, «enseňarle» somo ser un humano, lo poco a poco olvidan. Es un gran disparate en general y solo nuestra pereza y soberbía creer que solo porqué ya llevamos unos décadas más en este mundo, sábemos lo que es mejor, lo que tiene el niňo aprender, lo que tiene que olvidar. Todo el mundo es un profesor y un alumno en el mismo tiempo y el edad es muy muy irelevante.

  59. There are several things we can learn from children, because they have an open mind to most things. Some companies, for example Google and Facebook, have even integrated playgrounds in their building and time for their employees to play on them in their daily schedule. The idea behind putting employees in a child’s environment is that they remember their inner child to be more inventive. I think it is enviable, how children hardly have any fear, but a huge imagination and are constantly asking questions and keep dreaming. Their energy and endurance should be supported and in my opinion, it is a great idea that companies are trying to think like children do, because they see things from a different perspective, are creative and have a high internal motivation, not like most adults with external motivations, but rather doing things joyfully because they are full of interest. Furthermore, children act selflessly, love to share and care about others. This is another significant point, which one can hardly see in our society, where there are individualistic and selfish people.
    As we get older we tend to forget the way we used to see the world, maybe due to parents or teachers who told us to grow up, maybe through our peers or colleagues or just the everyday stress and problems, but we should try to remember the way children think or would act.

  60. Danique van 't Spijker dice: Responder

    I personally think this article is very important.
    Children have the greatest fantasy. They are not afraid to fail, they can say what they want.
    This is also the reason that children are always honest with others. They say exactly what they think about. We must ensure that we support this slowing.
    They need to be guided in their thinking process. Give the child the confidence that dares to express.
    Sometimes it can be difficult for a child to speak. They are afraid to speak in public, or to fail. Then you can optionally choose to allow them to express themselves through drawing.
    Make sure the child’s self-confidence and creativity at a young age develops well. This will help in the afterlife.

  61. Ashling O Neill dice: Responder

    Children can set good examples for adults. Adults think too hard, the child’s mind is more imagination therefore is easier them to ask the questions or state what they want. Adults are more reserved as life ha brought them to be shy or too strong minded to ask the questions they need. Kids are great at coming up with ideas for example, there is an Irish programme once a year called «the late late toy show» and on this you can see them all on the stage showing off their toys and also explaining and saying what they liked, didn’t like and what they would have liked if they didn’t think the toy was great. People don’t like to think that kids can come up with great ideas because some adults would be too proud to say that a hold came up with their product. The world will be looking into kids for ideas soon because they are the only innocent and pure minds in the world anymore.

  62. Being a child has its own benefits. In general, they do not have many problems, they can focus in creating new ideas, to getting know the world, which is quite brand new for them.
    Their minds are clear. That is why, personal coaches very often say about clearing our minds, to feel like a child.
    That is why we play games, which from the beggining might seem very childish, but have a big meaning in adults life.
    We play it in order to become a child for a second. Sometimes the most stupid ideas are the best, but adults are just affraid to say them.
    And children are not affraid of anything. If they fall down, they’d just stand up. If they have an idea, they implement it in life. The children are the inspiration.

  63. In this times that everyone is thinking about themselves and the old fashioned I think that we will need some new ideas and fresh minds with new innovative ways to make our society lively again. Where can we better search for these ideas than by the kids. Their brain is working on a new level connecting our way with the technologies of the new era.

    I think we can learn a lot from them when we start to listen to their ideas without rejecting everything that they say. Of course they need guidance by the choices that they do but still, they are more innovative and have good ideas. They have an imagination that the most of the adults will never have and that is what we need in these times.

    I think that a child’s creativity and innovative way of thinking comes from the curiosity that they have. I think that the government should make projects so they can listen more to the children and understand the way of thinking.

  64. Katarzyna Grabska dice: Responder

    Childhood is part of our life, when we are curious of everything. We just start get to know the world, the environment. Everything is new, we discover something every day. Children are asking a thousand of questions. Sometimes they have really good thoughts, apt observations, but very often they are not treated serious. Adults don’t want to listen to them, because they are just kids. They have totally different look at life, they are looking from different perspective than adults. Sometimes they are very creative but adults kill their zeal, don’t believing in them. We should give them more voice, and sometimes we could learn from them. Take from their energy, they are full of life. They can teach us how to be pleased from small things in the life. How to enjoy simple moments.

  65. As a child you get to know the environnement we live in first, the 4 elements, the nature, the animals, etc. This makes kids so loving and so thankful to have the very comfortable and good position that we have in our world. This should always stay like that, because at this time, all you think about is pure creativity, pure simplicity, cohesion with the nature. But after you get to learn about the society, the choices the human made, to control the nature, to use it, without caring about it most of the time, to be selfish, our society makes us consumers and individualistic, things that a kid is not, that’s why he can have better projects, better ideas, but most of the times they are not possible in today’s world. As a kid grows up his creativity starts to reduce because he sees all the barriers in front of him, this is sad, but this is how the world works today for most of us I guess.
    It’s true that children have great ideas, are pure energy, have more values than us, we should learn from them, not always teach them how they should be, but the role from parents is kinda making them fit in our society …

  66. Çilem Suna Akar dice: Responder

    I see the grown-ups as somebody got used to the world, people and environment, therefore have behaviours and personality accordingly. But children not yet have these features yet. They are just getting used to the world. That’s why they have the higher probability of having creative ideas and limitless imagination. We sometimes hear something different from them and amazed. Why? They see everything from a differend perspective and reflect it to their lives accordingly. Moreover, they have limitless energy. The situation is this clear. So if we connect this with education, we should be careful about something. It is very important to keep their imagination and even improve it. Education system should support this constantly. We should let them live in their own world. Of course, eventually they will see the truths and learn about life. But before that, it is better for them to maintain their dreams and keep creating.

  67. Emilia Michalska dice: Responder

    Adults should learn from children how to enjoy life and be happy. Despite the fact that children often ideas are not real, that ideas are very true. Any idea of the child have to say something to us to say is important and the happines from every child is indescribable. We can not restrain children because they are too active or do a lot of noise. Children are exactly like that! We need to enjoy the time with the children, while showing them the proper way, for example, during play. The key is to spend with your child as much time together and actively. Children are our future – let’s enjoy the time with them and then we will be happy too!.

  68. In my opinion children have the greatest mind that they can have. They are freespirited, not limited in their thinking, they see the world from a perspective that is completly unknown and weird to us because we are the grown ups and we believe that all they do is childish and don’t really pay attention to what they think. But we should! Their mind is pure, full of ideas, creativity and especially imagination. Can you imagine having a tea party with not living teddy bears like most of the children have? We can only imagine what is going on in their little heads, when they are talking to them and having a very serious conversation about something. We can’t do that now. We need children’s imagination, it is one of the bases to use creativity in for example education. We have to listen to ideas that children have, bacause they are usually much more original than any other ideas that we ever had.

  69. Edvinas Leščinskas dice: Responder

    I belivee children can have great ideas. Many of them have lots of energy and are creative. Futhermore, they are definitely more curious than most of the adults. If they found something that they are passionate about, then they can spend a large amount of time working. What is more, all the children think outside of the box. If they are encouraged, their potential is very great. There are many special schools for the gifted children but unfortunately they cost a lot of money. But what happens when kids become teens? Well, most of them lose their creativity. Parents must protect them from bad culture and teach have the right values, such as hard work. Teachers should also play a part in this by helping them developing their talents.

  70. Children can learn all the necessary aspects that would later shape their personality at their early age. «During the preschool period, and particularly in the first three years of child’s life, The foundations for thinking, language, vision, skills, attitudes and other characteristics are already builded,» says Ronald Kotulak, author of «Inside the Brain.» For example, recent studies show that the best time for learning of another language is in the first three or four years of child’s life. This learning process is also related with children’s imagination and creativity. Children at a young age are far more creative than adults because they are not focus on stereotypes and also can combine things together, which are different and illogical for the first sight.

  71. I think the children have the best ideas ever. They are not limited by anything, they are open minded and fearless in their thoughts. It’s funny how for the children everything seems possible, while the first thing grownups notice are many obstacles and barriers on the way to their goal. We should take them for the example and let ourselves dream and discover the unknown. I’ve heard about so many young discoverers with such amazing inventions that just a child could come up. Adults are role models but we should not ignore the fact that the new generations that are coming are going to rule the world one day, and we can already learn so much from them.

  72. I think that yes, children can give us amazing ideas without even giving it two seconds thought. Why is this? Unlike adults, children are free spirits- they have no stresses, no worries, they are just full of creativity and imagination, and the majority of children are yet to experience the real world and all it’s problems. Children do not care whether they give a new idea to somebody- half of the time they might not even realise that they. Children see things from a different perspective to adults, and I believe that this is helped because in schools in the UK, the students are continuously subjected to learning through experience and through play, helping them keep their innocence for as long as possible.

  73. Maria Betekhtina dice: Responder

    Of course, children often have extraordinary ideas. The fact is that they have a fresh outlook on life, they don’t solve the problems as adults. And sometimes problems over which many minds have fought are solved unexpectedly easily.
    A striking example is the 15-year old teenager Jack Andraka, who developed a method for the diagnosis of cancer of the pancreas. For his development Jack Andraka was awarded by Gordon Moore by 75000$, and concluded an agreement about further cooperation with Intel company as well.

  74. Natalia Chernykh dice: Responder

    I think that children can create the most intresting and wonderful ideas. The motto of Apple Corporation (one of the most successful corporation nowadays) says: «Cause people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do» But we stop thinking that we can do it. We have a lot of daily problems, a lot of thing to worry about so we are just not able to try to shoot for the sky. As for children, they still can. They are still the dreamers. They still believe that they can do everything and they are not afraid of the rules or circumstances. So we should listen to them very attentive and try to help them to turn their ideas into life.

  75. Children have nothing to lose, so that’s why they don’t be afraid to think outside the well known box. Children often nog think too long about certain solutions, most of the time they come with a solution which people ( adults ) don’t expect. The thing is, adults often not listen to what children have to say. Children have the ability to think without fear, stress and pressure, adults have to deal with those facts which at the same time have influences on their way of thinking ( 3rd article ). For me this is the main reason why the society should listen more often to children. Why should we listen to people ( adults ) that are afraid to give their own opinion, instead of children that have an open mind and are not afraid to show their emotion. Children have the ability to use their open minds and they are, with out noticing them selfs ) taking risk of maybe being wrong. BUT in this case they are never wrong, fortunately children are often NOT judged, compared to adults. So lets just listen to what children have to say and always to ask for more, because maybe they will come with GREAT creative solutions that are making this world a better place.

  76. Of course I agree with the statement that children have good ideas.
    Their simplicity and open mind makes their ideas are also simple and thus better. Because the simplest ways to solve problems that are the best. We should encourage all children to develop their vast imagination, creativity and spontaneity, because they develop useful skills, so very useful in adult life. It is important to develop imagination, which in adult life will no longer have the time. We should learn from children their optimistic attitude and great energy, because it makes their ideas are always good and can become.
    For children everything is possible!

  77. I think that kids have the most creative and innovating ideas of all people. They aren’t scared to think out of the box; they have an open mind, they aren’t aware of what is able or not (lets thinks about rules or money), they have the biggest fantasy and they see things in different perspective. Most of the ideas are mixed with realistic ideas and fantasy, but the great line of their ideas are mostly amazing.
    I think that kids aren’t supported by delivering their ideas, which means that their ideas will just be ideas and they will forget about it again.
    I would like to refer about the movie of Ted you’ve posted about the bee’s for example, but also an other movie of Ted where a young child is talking about him leaving a traditional education and creating his own, which is very amazing and inspiring to watch.
    He created, a young child, a new school-system and different and new views about education. He also tells us about the energy and creative and innovating skills of kids. You can watch this video on the following link:
    My conclusion is that kids have the best creativity and innovating with the greatest energy.

  78. The fantasy and the energy of kids are awsome. I remember myself as a kid how i could play with lego for days and have entire book stories in my head.. Even Tolkien could learn from that. The problem is we dont take the ideas of a child serious enough. You should have an analyser and a room were kids and give their ideas so someone else can make them happen. I have had some good ideas as well but my knowlege is to small to actually make it happen. In class we once spoke that for good ideas it is not good to be blanc but i think it is because kids are and their imagination has no boundries wich are created by knowlege.

  79. Kübra Nur Turhan dice: Responder

    Every children has got limitless energy and limitless imagination. Those without adults restrictions, children play freely the game, further expands the boundaries of imagination. Games, toys, tales improves children’s imagination. But; postmodern society dulls the imaginations of children. Kids prefer sanal games. ! this tecnology narrowing their imaginations.
    Any new information, creates a new image in the mind of children. The best is toys that enhance child’s creativity. İf child meet how different games and toys, that wil win new ideas.
    Children’s every ideas should be supported. İmaginative children are more succesful in written and oral communication. İf children has got good linguistic development, itself better expresses.

  80. Great idea! It seems sometimes very hard to find any idea not to mention a good one, the same is with children. Every person could be creative, innovative but not everyone would’ve, that’s because of education both at home and school. So the children, some of them have ideas some haven’t. Why?
    In one way it depends on a child, but not utterly. There are children that are geniuses but even that will not help if we do not surround them appropriately, help them.
    My point is that if we wanna get some ideas from anybody we should at first put something in, develop some skill. I think that without that there could not be any ideas at all.

  81. My answere is also yes, children are capable of producing great ideas, but I am confident that children still need some helpfull guidance from an experienced person, which has not necessarily to be an adult. As the «Blackawton bee project» ( a «TED» video from one of the last articles) showed , children can also work in a sience similar context, but still with guidance from a person which is experienced. So they can produce new ideas and with help they could also publish their ideas and results.
    So I think what we could learn from this example, is that we have to provide the right environment for children, that they can produce new ideas and even write them down, eventually publish them and set new perspectives in the scientific discourse.
    Maybe this is even the rigth way to change the education system towards a more childfriendly one.

  82. I think sometimes a child’s imagination is much more worth than the logical thinking of an adult. Children search for creative solutions and think «outside the box». That is so important and many adults forget about that and sometimes even punish children because they thaught in a different way. Different thinking should be appreciated in school and children should just be lead and can learn from each other. Creativity should be encouraged and supported by their educational environment, such as teachers and families. Children are also more optimistic and more playful with finding solutions.

  83. Even if a cubes sides all seem the same, it might not just be that way. I think it’s the same when for example solving a problem or trying to do something that you usually do, but in a different way. At first it seems like its just one right way, but when taking a closer look, a line of different solutions may appear. Grownups tend to choose the first solution that comes to their mind, just scratching on the surface instead of diving into the deep. I believe it is important to keep young at heart or reawaken the inner child in order to be able to think outside the box and be more creative.
    Children tend to be more daring and they focus on the opportunities instead of the obstacles.
    By not letting your mind getting occupied by the difficulties, one could truly overcome the thoughts about unrealistic matters and instead focus on and develop ideas over and beyond the ordinary.

  84. One of the important functions of the family is the task of educating children. Every family that this task must be fulfilled.At the same time this is a public duty for everyone. The first step in the formation of a healthy society is thrown in the family. Each family is a school. Understanding of the family on children’s education, culture and norms of the society they live in varies. Family’s educational environment, consolidates or reduces the information in the student’s school. Freedom as freedom of opinion emerges today. People should be free for to produce free ideas. This condition develops creativity. Creativity starts with communication. The child’s voice was heard, listened to children in families where children grow creatively. Is the largest power of imagination of children. In this way they can save the world with teeny thing so we mustn’t inhibit and let us support for them.

  85. Like it is said in this article, i think that children can sometimes be a good example for adults. In our society, which is becoming more and more egoistic, because the people are in general more willing to receive, than to contribute, and this concerns not only material goods, but also ideas and inventions. To solve these problems, adults should be more like children in many ways, they should give more of themselves to the society, like creativity, innovation, energy, inner motivation and charisma. Children are normally like this, they are not as selfish as many adults are, what means that they do not think in the first instance, what profit they themselves will have from any action. They normally just act as good as they can and they are willing to share good ideas with a community, like for example their class-mates, to bring everyone a bit forward. Just as we should take this charitable thinking and acting of children as an example, we as teachers in schools also have to let them keep these abilities, which means that we should give them more freedom in the whole learning process and that we shoul try to encourage them in their curious, creative and caring way of being and acting.

  86. The ability of a childs imagination is different from adults. I think what makes a child a child is their imagination. They think everything in the purest form. Their thoughts are like liquids and without specific shape or form, they can adapt. Children take the shape of its container. Whereas, adults have more concrete thought processes and ideas which are more difficult to change. The adults provide the childrens container and therefore must monitor their approach to enhance the childs imagination. They should do this by respecting the childs different opinions and supporting them without breaking their confidence. if the child loses their imagination because of the transference of an adults uniform though process, the child loses a part of themselves and their individuality

  87. The children are our future and their aducation is so important and I think children are more creativity than adults for example a child can learn a new language faster than adults but I think we are killing our children creativity because a child has infinite imagination world and they are asking very interesting questions but adults are always telling dont ask this question it is so bad dont speak like this because it is rude but for who ? and they are explaining their future plans and we are always telling thats impossible and they are asking us again why ? because nobosy has done it so you also cant do that so even dont try so we are killing their imagination worlds .I read it on newspaper last year in the world two people says trusth ; first drunk people ,second children . Once a upon one of king wants to take exams with his people and he didnt wear any clothes and he was naked and he asked to everyone how I look ? how is my clothes? and everybody asnwered to him ;hey sir it fids up you .you look great but just one of child told to him hey King you are naked and it is unsual and everybody tried to close his mouth then nowadays teachers are telling new generation is not asking so much question because always people are trying to close children ‘s mouths so children forget to speak ….

  88. In my opinion children have one advantage over most adults nowadays. They just think and use their imagination without before thinking about if something is possible or impossible. They don’t care about the from the society given rules and conventions, so they are able to reach places and ideas with their minds in ways, most adults are not cabable of.
    I think the ability to use imagination and creativity without mental borders is a very special gift, that has to be protected. Sadly i have the feeling, that right now the opposite is happening in the society. Children are more and more forced to start their learning carrer earlier and earlier. With the age of three for exaple, they start to get english-lessons in kindergarden and they are showered with so called «learning games», that prepare them already for beeing a good student. I mean it is also important to feed the curiosity of kids with information and knowledge, but it is very important to let them the freedom for experience, imagination and creativity and to watch out that thesecapabilities are not extinguished.

  89. We are apparently agree to say that children have huge creativity, and they are able to have project ! So how consider it ?
    Nowdays, that seems difficult to me to consider it without any influence. Too much system are in fonction, and are use to teach «the good way of life». Due to that we restrict the place for creativity.
    Of course i don’t have the solution, but i just would to remind the most important point for me, is freedom ! In every act, in every thing that we do for children, we have to think about the liberty of the child.

  90. As a trainee teacher I find myself learning from children every single day. This may be because at a young age children can look at things through innocent, creative and imaginative eyes, they take risks without thinking about consequences and constantly explore which as adults we struggle to do. Children should be always given the opportunity to express themselves and give the chance to talk. I believe that all children need is the opportunity and if we give that to them then the possibilities for adults to learn would be endless. This does not mean that all children’s ideas are on an impressive intellectual scale however it does mean that their ideas will be completely different to ours as adults and allow us to look at anything from a different perspective.

  91. Yes of course children have great ideas. There minds are full of imagination and through this they can express creativity and feelings. It is children who can come up with great games and ideas to entertain themselves out of nothing. For example if you give a child a simple cardboard box within seconds they have come up with three or four different games in which they could use the box for. Adults lack this imagination and creativity. why? I believe modern day society has taken the imagination from them. Growing up they were subjected to boring text books in school and expected to behave in a certain manner which would not allow them to follow their own mind. Instead their minds were full of things that education and the government think are important. It stopped the natural flow of creativity. we need to change this. We need to create an atmosphere were imagination and creativity is valued so that new ideas may be formed for our future generation.

  92. Do children have good ideas? No. They have the best ideas. Children are even more creative than an adult. Their imagination is working 24 hours per day. And they have the most efficient energy wich can help us with projects. A childs head is like a popcorn – the ideas are jumping outside the head, and because they are so hyperactive, they could make a difficult project in less time than an adult. But yet they would need some help of adults with paperwork etc. We can see their ideas also on their drawings. They know everything – who is in love, who hates each other, who is smart, who is funny, what is what … If you have a delinquent child, just give him/her something to do – a project – and a child will do the best that he/she can. The task will be done in almost-perfection. And the last thing about it is that children will start to feel more important, grown up and powerful in a positive way.

  93. Gulsum Busra Dura dice: Responder

    The imagination of the children pure, clean and most importantly is very valuable. If we show to understand of them dreams they will be more open to our. But imagination and exrawort directly proportional. It shoul be careful that. Children are different seeing situation and they’re different meanings takes off. In the past, affect the imagination of the children had fairy tales, books and heroes. At the present time replace them took on the internet, television and social networking sites. Unfourtunately; nowadays imagination and develoos a child’s approaching too lazy to life. Internet and television defraud characteristic of researcher of their. Consequently kids are getting very passive. Every children have a imagination but devoloping imagination to dependent on the family and the external environment factors.

  94. I think there`re a lots of adults who think they know everything better and considering their way of thinking as the only desirable one. They don`t take the childrens` world and their fantasies serious because they don`t know how to integrate it in their daily lives in a helpful and enriching way.
    Children are formed and socialized in a way that rips them out of their own world which is full of fantasy, spontaneity and unconcern – which are the features making children so brightly . Our way of living shows them how to conform to society and how to function in it. But in this way there`s no space for being originally and for dreaminess. No space and no opportunities for trying new, daring things – society equalizes them.
    I think we should recognize that children are more uninfluenced like we are and that this is something valuable and we should learn from them!

  95. Children’s imagination is very important and healthy. Parents and teachers should not restrain and limit it, but support it.
    The first few years of child’s life are extremely important. Children have the best imagination between 3-5 years old. They can see things in different way and they put different meaning them.
    I think, that today it isn´t good time for developing child´s imagination. Everything is going so fast today. Even small children become adults so soon.
    The children developed their imagination from fairy tales, stories by their parents or grandparents or from books earlier. However, today all telling stories and reading books replaces television, computer´s games. There is everything so exactly shown and similar as reality, that the child hasn´t opportunity for develop his imagination. For example, drawing is a very good activity for children. They engage the right brain hemisphere and they develop their imagination and creativity.
    Children have an innate imagination. The amount of imagination is an individual in every child. It is important to develop it.

  96. Julia Budzich Bohdan dice: Responder

    I believe that’s humility and simplicity is the key to success. I also agree with the words that we should be as good as they are good kids. I think also of the big role played by trust – because the child has trust in parents can also ask for everything and they do not lose thei creativity. However, often I see for example, on the street – the ideas of children are suppressed by adults which means that children are closed and little creative. Of course, we can not allow the child to have the right to everything. But also we have to take care of his safety, but in a wise Amplifier his creative ideas.

  97. I fully agree with the opinion that children are often more creative than adults. Children not yet tainted world problems often have more courage and inventiveness than we.
    I know what speech mode when I have 4 brothers and 2 sisters and myself nearly the oldest. My youngest brother is now five years and I see how much I can draw from it. His world is pure and simple. When you do not understand something – ask questions without worrying about whether to ask you something falls or not … If he had some idea that it performs. Often, of course, unaware of the threats and dangers but his simple life is often astonishing to me. When he see that someone is crying – hug, when he see that someone is happy – laughing with him.

  98. Persefoni-Fenia Chatzinakou dice: Responder

    In my opinion, children not only have many good ideas but also have energy, have enthusiasm, have the desire to create and make their own ideas come true. Unfortunately, nowadays instead of being motivated to realize their projects, they are inactivated due to the modern life and the system that we live in. The capitalist system and the modern intensive society are the reasons of the individualization, the individualism, the mass and uncontrolled consumerism, the apathy, the indifference, the anxiety, and the competitiveness between people, the social cannibalism and generally the intensification in all the sectors of our life. As a result, because of these conditions, values and abilities such as solidarity, creativeness, innovation and the inner motivation do not exist in our society.
    These days, children, instead of enjoying their childhood – being one of the most creative periods of their life- are forced to learn every type of knowledge from a very early age, in an extremely intensive way, in order to quickly find a place in the labor market. By this way, because of lack of real creative time, in part, they lose their opportunity to make their ideas come true. Most of the time, the environment in which the children are growing up, constitute an obstacle to their creativeness. Family and school, instead of letting children be free, helping them formulate their own ideas, and develop their talents, force them to learn specific types of knowledge -sometimes really useless- without caring about their interests, their abilities and their opinion.
    ‘’We don’t need no education, we don’t need no thought control, no dark sarcasm in the classroom, teachers leave them kids alone. Hey! Teachers! Leave the kids alone! All in all you’re just another brick in the wall….’’
    It is very important to give children as much time as they need to think and create. To allow them to be free to make their own dreams, to make their own choices, to set their own targets. To let them release their creativeness, their ideas and their energy. To give them all the necessary equipment to realize their projects. To listen to them and help them overcome the difficulties that they may meet during their effort. Otherwise, it is indisputable that we will kill their most creative age, their free spirit, and their creative and unique ideas. Ideas that can change the world that we, by ourselves, have destroyed. We have to give children the opportunity to live how they want to live, in the world that they dream. In a world that is possible to exist provided that we do not destroy their dreams, their ideas and their desire to create.

  99. All children need to be truly creative is the freedom to commit themselves completely to the effort and make whatever activity they are doing their own. What’s important in any creative act is the process of self-expression. Creative experiences can help children express and cope with their feelings. A child’s creative activity can help teachers to learn more about what the child may be thinking or feeling. Creativity also fosters mental growth in children by providing opportunities for trying out new ideas, and new ways of thinking and problem-solving. Creative activities help acknowledge and celebrate children’s uniqueness and diversity as well as offer excellent opportunities to personalize our teaching and focus on each child.

  100. Children’s lives, just like those of adults, should be compartmentalized. And yes, children need to be taught to regulate their behavior according to situational and social needs. But there should be some sense of balance between the times when children have time for creative exploration, experimentation, and innovation, and the times where choices are restricted, where direct instruction is given, and where children are required to obey rules and conform to social norms. Unfortunately, what happens is that there is usually a lack of balance for children and life becomes an all or nothing proposition. Thus, many children go through childhood learning only about competition, rules, control, and conformity, and learn they little about the joy of exploration, how to innovate to solve problems, and the art of discovery as these elements pertain to creating something.

  101. I agree with many comments before, that children can think different and therefor find a solution which isn’t expected,not like many adults, where you often know before what their solution is going to be.
    I think it’s very important trying to keep the ability to think different, not just in the same routine way we do everyday, because if we do that, we can find more creative and figure out which solution is the best (something children are not supposed to do, always picking the best solution). Important to keep it, is in my opinion, that children never stop to investigate, like Einstein said «It’s important, that you never stop asking», because if you do, you will fall in a corset of thinking and lose the ability to think different.

  102. Are children capable of producing good ideas and projects, which can potentially make the society better? Yes they are. Kids are realy creativ and if they get interested in something and you let them do it could get great. The only problem in the society is that this ideas and «projects» dont get recognised and discovered because the most parents, teachers, adults etc. dont realise that this ideas, this methods are a great beginning of something huge.
    We need to pay more attention to give parents the opportunity to support thiere childs.
    If we could manage this, a lot of new, peacfull and easy ideas could generated.

  103. Children have much more energy than adults have, that´s why they can discover the world day by day. But unfortunately, they are forced in patterns which parents consider to be best for their chil-dren. The older they become the less free space they have for their own ideas and so they stop spending energy on it. They prefer using it for the things they are forced to do, for example for school.
    Adults should watch their children and (re-)discover what it means to be creative and to get an idea of what would be possible if children can be how they are, how they want to be. Children are the future of our society and they are the only ones to improve it.

  104. I think we can often learn from children, it´s good to consider how they think. Small children do what they WANT. We adults do what we think we SHOULD do. And this is a pity. Sometimes it´s important to be like a kid. If we do what we enjoy, we are able to expend a lot of energy – like a child. Children’s mind knows no boundaries. We are used to „thinking in a box“ with stereotypes and we believe that the only correct option is that we have learned. I read the book about Summerhill school not long ago. In Summerhill childhood is playhood, children are allowed to do what they want. Parents don´t influence children by their fears and wishes. Children learn to think freely and they keep this to adulthood. Later they are able to work hard, responsibly, but they still have a courage. I think it isn´t a bad idea. It happens that we immediately answer the child: „this is a nonsense“. But the idea of a child can have more sense than the stereotypes of an adult.

  105. Of course, children have great ideas! Their behavior and action is authentic. I think it can be profitable to inspirate from children behavior, especially from children´s play. When children play, they are motivated inner free energy. Nobody tell to children how to play. In their action dominate pure energy, which isn´t marked of worries, problems and stress, which demage meaning, behavior and action of adults. That´s why children´s play, ideas and projects are creative and can be really inspirative. For adults it´s important to find a way how to recognize what could be useful for them and how to expoit it in correct way.

  106. Children have so much energy that they make me even more active during watching them. Fun is the way of discharging that power and this is the time when many brilliant ideas are made up. We should not ignore them and just the opposite, let’s join them and allow ourselves to be surprised. Their imagination is endless. We can learn so much from kids, for example clear thinking not dominated by the schemes and overwhelmed by daily life, finding easy solutions on complicated tasks and also how to be honest, enthusiastic and enjoy every little thing. Usually people who have a contact with kids or who work together with them (like a nursery) are more easy-going, open and friendly. For some it can be a kind of therapy. Children are the future. That is why it is necessary to work with them and strengthen their creativity.

  107. In my opinion children can have even more creative ideas than adults have. Because the imagination is completely different. Children are more dreamers than adults and children ideas explore something what can be unreal for adults thinking. Nowadays adults society are depressed and they do not thinking colorful, because they most of things see in dreary shades. And it is the biggest difference between adults and children. Children mind can make nowadays society more colorful and inspiring than it is.
    Children is full with different energy and society should let them share this energy with whole world.

  108. I have the same opinion with the fact that children have great ideas that are pure energy. Adults because they often over thinking things too complicated, although it is easy. Here in the Czech Republic is called «make a mountain out of a molehill.» Adults often overlooked Tumors young children to the idea of ​​»they do not understand,» but their minds are still pure and unspotted from outside world, criticism and fraud. Children are not afraid to say his mind, and we also did not have worry because a good idea or project consists of several small ideas that attack us in every moment. Children are curious and often ask the most common question of a young child is «why?» Feel free to ask and get the answers to your questions, thereby increasing their options performance and motivation, because education is a prerequisite for the development of productive citizens.

  109. Santa Mandelberga dice: Responder

    Actually, sometimes, adults are they, who damage children thinking of life. Many adults just ignore children thinking and they thoughts about things. And in schools we want children to be creative and so on, but how they can be creative and say they thoughts out loud if in childhood many parents just dont listen to there children and ignore all the qouestions that they ask. Actually when children are thinking something, when he want to tell there knew ideas to other, he learn how to make decitions, how to be creative and how to explore knew things all the time. And when adult are listening to the children, asking questions about children thoughts, thinking together, giving advice, then children will understand that they want learn something more all the time. First they will feel like it is game, but later these children ideas will become in real, greate ideas, children all childhood can learn how to be creative, we just have to let them think and tell us their ideas and let them share with us all their thinking. We cant broke this one rule for children, we cant ignore children dreams, because in every children dream is something more, when he grow up, he will always think that everything is possible and he will fight for that and every little idea of children can become in real thing, if only adult won`t ruin that with thinking that children thought`s are just stupid and silly.

  110. In this century we see many examples for that there are many little inventors contribute precious information on science, maths, daily life because they are thinking the basic things. They dont make the situation tough. They are trying to find important point. So they are the snipers. And also they have enough energy to complete those projects. It all depends, many adults dont have projects because of lacking of energy. They dont know how to finish but how to start. It is the point. Children know both how to finish and start. And finally yes, they can have great ideas, they can have project , they can be better than adults , they can think from all aspects and they can see the missing parts.

  111. I would rephrase the idea that „children have great ideas” to „children have different ideas”. Children can think of countless various answers to questions or solutions to problems that most adults couldn’t even think about, because they don’t have divergent thinking.
    When a child says something that isn’t possible or doesn’t make sense for parents, teachers and people in general, they shouldn’t just deny it, reject it or even worse – tell a child that it’s total nonsense and that they should „grow-up”, „stop being stupid” or something like that, but they should explain why it’s not possible, but encourage children not to stop thinking in that way and don’t stop sharing these amazing ideas, thoughts. Maybe then child while growing up will tend not to replace creativity with theory but will know how to integrate both. Some say that it seems that children are creative, but actually they just don’t know that much about world, everything is new for them and they are just guessing things… if that’s true then we should still think like children. Child is so curious about the world that he guesses how everything is and how it works, but somewhere over the time we stop guessing and thinking of our own theories, we just listen and read, the information is already given to us, in time somehow we lose the interest and enthusiasm in knowing „everything”.

  112. There is no such thing as a not for children. Therefore children think very comfortable. For example; When children are painting,trees does not have to be green .May be, they are in the pink for children And the children are asking constantly questions. We always heard that old people often say that today’s children are different . Adults are now stuck between stereotypes of thinking. Great people just think of things that might be. And they left to investigate. Adults often silences children asking the question . Therefore children’s self-confidence is broken. They’re giving up to investigate. And a high probability children feel worthless. However, children should be welcome to ask questions. So children’s creativity, self-confidence will develop. This is a prerequisite to develop productive citizens.

  113. I agree with the statement that children have great ideas!!
    When I read this article it reminded me of «The little prince» by Antoine de Saint Exupery. The author shows in a masterful way the difference between kids and adults. He shows the power of kids. For kids impossible doesn’t exist, their mind is pure they dont think schematically. They see the world in a colorful way, they think positive, they dont have worries and boundaries. This is the power of kids! Adults very often cannot understand kids, their happiness, sincerity and dreams. Over the years people changed,they became more responsible, cautious and boring. In adult life we have to deal with situations and problems, that don’t concerne children. Adulthood kills the childishness in us and all the power, we begin to look at the world with distance.

  114. When you are a child you don’t see any limits at all. When you ask a child what they want to be or going to be when they grow up, they can tell you anything from an astronaut to the president. When you ask someone older in the age between 16-19 what they are going to be the answer will be totally different. That is because they are answering the question after what they think is logic to be doing, what they have been taught is logic. Even if they still want to be a president or something like that, they would not even think of saying that, in fear of looking like a fool. Because we teach our children what they do wrong and all the rules that they should follow , instead of telling them all the good things that they are doing and to keep on dreaming and to have high goals.

    People today are so afraid of doing or saying the wrong things, because of all the restrictions and because all everyone has been taught «how to act and behave». But if we can be better at telling people and our children what they do good, we can get a better at believing more in ourselves and to think outside the frames more like children do we will be able to creat so much more and to use our imagination.

  115. Some people use to say the world would be better if children would be in power to govern. In a way there is a truth behind it. Children can do much more than adults would often think, this is especially concerning parents and teachers. I really like Ramona’s sentence: ‘It seems that the older children grow, the more limited they think.’ I think so, too. As we already know, there are many different ways of problem-solving, so we should give space for free thinking. Teachers and parents need to trust more into the children and to know that every child has its strength. And also, every child has its talents and strength somewhere else. At work with children we need to boost and support also the positive things, not only the weeknesses. In my opinion this is the key to happiness and motivation, because children need to know that they are good in special subjects, so it can develop self-confidence and happiness.

  116. Adults are role models for children. They are watching and learning from us and I think we should do the same. If we let them, they can inspire us.. They are full of energy, they adapt to the environment much quicker, they have open eyes and minds, different view on life, they are curious and constantly searching and exploring, they have great ideas, dreams and ability to take risks, they don’t have preconceptions… The system of education still didn’t reduce their ability of divergent thinking. So we should listen to them, give them opportunity to express themselves, encourage them in their great ideas, creativity, cooperate with them and help them to realize the ideas.

  117. Children have a lot of great ideas but it seems that the older they grow the more limited they think. One reason for it might be that the way our school and lessons work kind of restricts their thinking. There is too little space for free thinking, open minds etc. although this would be such an enrichment. It is more about getting the right answer than critically thinking. Although I also have to say that there are schools that steer into the right the direction. Schools that provide inviting environment for childring which encourage them to share their ideas and motivate them to believe in theirselves. The aim for their the future should definitely be to motivate our children and give them more self-confidence through that.

  118. All adults thinks in the fix way. They cant go through that line. No matter how they try, no matter how they want that. But there is someone who can do that. Who thinks in a very simple way . Those are the childrens. They creativity, they curiosity, they energy is outstanding. They think fast, and in so easy way that there is no problems for them. Really. There is no problem that cant be solved if they cant solved in one way they will find a new one and it will be no hard one, just a simple as the other one. I think that adults should listen to the kids becouse they are the future. If we will give them questions and problems right now then in the future they will be more creative and clever. Sometimes we have lack of thinking like a child and its bad. We have to give chance to them now so in future we will have a wonderfull adults.

  119. Todays in this life full of different problems that must to be solved I wish to be a child again. No stress of the work, of the school, no questions about your future, no worries about nothing, just living. So easy. I am sure that in this part of our lifes we had the best and the most clear ideas. If you don´t need to think about anyting else and your mind is pure you can get the most creative and unique ideas. For adults is not so easy to divert their thoughts from the reality. Here are so many issues which we think that has to be sort out and are very important. But mostly is not the true and we can not see it. That is the reason why we should spent more time with the children and learn from them. Because just they can see the things in the right light.

    1. I disagree to Jolanas point of view.
      She writes «I wish to be a child again. No stress of the work, of the school, no questions about your future, no worries about nothing, just living.»
      And actually it is like that, because other people have to deal with your shit. The fact, that you do not have to do the work or answer the questions about your future (by the way: One of the questions most asked to small children in germany is: Was willst Du werden, wenn Du einmal groß bist? / What do you wanna be, when you’re grown up?) is only plausible in a childish perspective. Only because you don’t realize, that other people (like your parents) to the work for you, doesn’t mean it is not existing!
      That is a naive half of the truth and in a word: a big glorification of the childhood.

  120. All the time kids have a lot of great ideas if they forget some ideas they fast can think new ones. I think the reason is that children see more things and more peoples than older people. They see what is happening in their families, they go to a friends house and there they can see what is happening there. For kids all the time happens something new. That is the reason for their creativity and their ideas. Children can realize their ideas just playing with their friends or staying at home and make some models of their creative ideas. Adults do not take these children’s ideas seriously, because they think that it is not very serious and kids do not have experience in this. But sometimes the kids’ ideas are the best and they could make great things.

  121. I agree that children are the best example of making new opportunities and no limited ideas. This is because they don’t have a stop in their imagination, everything is possible! They don’t have to deal with responsibilities or rules why something is not possible instead of possible. On the other hand when they grow up we are killing this imagination because we want the kid to think «logical» and «real». We tell them which color a crocodile needs to be or that a hand exist out of 5 fingers and not 3. Sometimes adults need to get back to the basic, imagine that everything is possible like kids do. They’re a really good example for this. They still have the thoughts that not killed yet by adults. Thinking of options that you never thought it will be an option. Also called as thinking «out of the box». Everybody needs to have a little creativity back. It will make people more curious, risk taking, improvise and having new ideas and thoughts with a refreshing mind. We exactly need kids for giving this mindset to us, because unfortunately our mindset died a long while ago…

    What i already said before is that i think that creativity is our word to develop and build a better future!

  122. I think kids do have great ideas. Kids have first-hand creativity and imagination something that many employers look for. These two things are very important for most companies. I think adults underestimate children’s ability to have successful ideas due to their age and inexperience. Children are so innocent and have not been completely moulded into having a certain opinion. I think children’s opinions need to be taken more seriously and they should be given the same chance as anyone else. A lot of the time children’s ideas are probably better than adults because they see the world so differently to adults and they think about positives rather than negatives. I think a child’s creativity is very important and should be explored by adults.

  123. Can we unload the task of making our society a better one to the shoulders of our children?
    On the one hand those children (=the young generation) is full of energy and ideas, some childish, some uincomprehensible, some realizable. It’s up to a educational reform to leave a bit space for the improvement of childrens ideas. Of course some of them will fail, because it was a good thought that failed to reality.
    On the other hand we, as adults, should not only give this responsibility away to our children. We have to be a good model for them, also we need to try making our society more social, more tolerant and after all more open for innovation.
    I know children might have another way of thinking, but do not misuse them for the aims you haven’t reached. Give them space to improve their thoughts and maybe you can learn something that ables you to reach your personal aims too.

  124. As children, we’re constantly learning new things and asking questions. I have 2 younger sisters and I’ve seen them both grow up, two completely different people with completely different attitudes and two completely different personalities. But as they’ve grown up, they’ve both asked surprised and impressed me with some of the ideas they come up with or some of the weirdly profound questions they’ve asked that make myself or even my parents think more deeply about. My whole family has learned not only to appreciate but also to never disregard the thoughts and ideas of young children as we can all learn something from them. We should make a big effort to nourish children’s imaginations because it’s a real shame that we lose that as we get older

  125. Of course the kids will have great ideas.because they are out of this world are not faced with the their minds, feelings, have ideas for when viewed from the inventions that many children have their needs educatinal try and use as many of the children were scientists.
    and obtain very accurate determinations of etmişlerdir.Bruno, Piaget, Rogres, Heinz etc..
    Piaget s particular experiments are based on the idea of a child and it is true.
    because the children’s own world, dreams and hopes are huge formed within the framework of these hopes and big ideas failure of many families is to give importance to the children’s ideas
    There are actually great ideas in their own world

  126. It’s seems magic for adults that children have so many good, new, fresh, different ideas. But in my opinion is not magic but real world. Children have dreams, beliefs, hopes because they are not limited to governmental laws, general society’s beliefs about what is right and what is wrong. I think, the best way to introduce different ideas, are games. Children are playing all the time. Also, they inspire us daily. They are full of energy, innovation and have ability to think creatively. Parents always say: “Children are our treasure.” – it is true. So, why they are never considered seriously? The reason why they are too young, know nothing about real life? Nonsense! We don’t have the courage to think differently, we are too limited. I believe that children should be more respected, laws otherwise set, than we may be would be one step closer to energy of a child.

  127. I see how children’s creative ideas in today’s society are a powerful resource to use. Unfortunately, the majority of adults are victims of popular ideologies and they are no longer able to use their creativity, hence to see the unseen and the unspoken realities of the world. Children, on the other hand, do not yet belong to any ideology or group and they are normally not attached to their own nationalities. I think that this is important, because most adults identify themselves with their countries or nationalities, and this, from my opinion, is an obstacle for being more open to the world, to be creative and to act differently in the society. As the child does his first steps, every minute and second passing, he forms new ideas, which become later his adult personality. I believe our task is to be curious about their experiences, their new ideas, and to give them the right to express themselves freely. I also agree that in our times, not everyone is ready to put outside their creative ideas and do something with them. The children should be taught from different points of view, to be ready to contribute as they grow up, as we all have the task to teach, inspire the new generations.

  128. We all grow up as children with great mindset in life. As we all grow up as a child we generate ideas, goals, and many more things in life to become a successful person. One cannot say children cannot generate ideas. Most of the time kids know and make the best decisions in life to success or have positive affect in the stage they are. Their opinion should count just like everyone else’s because they are one of us. We are all created equal and we all have brains.

  129. I have much younger sister so I’ve been watching her growing up for the last 8 years. What is more, I worked as a nanny with many children in different age. After that all I have just one conclusion, children are geniuses. Their imagination, their creativity and enthusiasm, their curosity and determination are unbeliveable. This is what we all luck. This is what we loose during growing up, during education, during following others. Children have such a big power because they are unblemished with other’s opinions and philosophies. For children all is clear, all is easy and all is possible. They are not limited by any prejudice. This is why we shouldn’t ignore them. Even in the most prosaic situations. Children should be respected the same as adults. Their opinions and ideas too. In fact, we could learn a lot from children.

  130. I agree that the for kids have great ideas because for them have not yet formed an ideas or a stereotypes about things, so they make up their own ideas. Problem is, that, by the time, children take ideas, examples, reviews of different things from adult, so many child loses their ideas, creativity. Adults should not show one particular example, but give a problem and listen to children’s ideas and visions. Children’s ideas are often not taken into account because they have no experience. This is wrong because children often have a better view of things than adults because children have not formed ideas, they do not know what is right or wrong, good or bad. By the time they learn it and then bring their ideas dependent on it. Of course, there are also good examples when adult inspires children to create new ideas. I think this depends from creative learning environment, offering problems to deal with. Of course, there is some companies, which produced various projects such as games or competitions, which are involved in the children’s ideas, because companies are worried about their future, as well as human development. Adults should trust in children, their ideas, because only adults can make children to produce and share with their ideas.

  131. martin siostrzonek dice: Responder

    Do we give children´s thoughts and opinions the same value as we give to adult´s ideas? That was the first question i asked myself after reading this article. Very often it seems to me that in these days we are always searching for experts to resolve any problem. In many cases we don´t feel able to find our own solution, so we have to ask experts, who in our imagination always have the right answer – just because they are «experts». If we follow this thoughts, a children can not be an expert of course, because – as it just counts some years – there is still a lack of experience and anyway it does not have any formation or title..
    Especially when it comes to finding new ways to resolve problems, new ways to handle with something, etc. children could offer a lot of ideas. This potencial we are using rarely, because we don´t give the children´s thoughts any value!

  132. Raphaëlle Touraine dice: Responder

    It is really a pity that society does not let children speak more. They have so many things to say, so many things they can explore and invent by their wide imagination, their innocent eyes. Children do not have restriction in what they want to create. For them there is no barrier built by society. So we really have to consider the contribution of children.
    For this, several organizations should be set up. I especially think of The United States, where we can notice that the word is more given to children. The time for the recognition of their work can be long, but finally when people see how good their work can be, children can eventually have a real place in society, and can become budding scientists, publish articles which can further research.
    We really should promote children’s work, and recognize they can help, and that, in every instance, we learn from children.

  133. This is commonly known that children’s creativity seems to be much bigger than the adults’. It may result from the fact thet they don’t know what is impossible,what is ridiculous or silly, they are not afraid of the opinion of others. I don’t want to discuss whether the ideas of children are better than the ones of the adults. Instead, I’m wondering – why do we have this differnce? Why aren’t adults more innovative than children who are just starting to learn about the world and life? And the answer I can think of right now is that maybe our system of education does harm to our creativity and potential? We are not allowed to solve the tasks choosing whatever method we want to, the correct reasoning is the one predicted by the examiner, if you analyse a poem you are supposed to cite your notes from your language classes. Maybe if we allowed more creativity in classroom, more free thinking, maybe it would bear fruit in the future.

  134. Our world needs now more than ever the children’s creativity and simplicity. The children have voice and we should really listen to them. To show them that we appreciate their opinion, their point of view. Children are without doubt full of enthusiasm, improvisation, energy and always willing to offer help and to smile, no matter what. Apart from the economic crisis, i think that we have to face a crisis of values and human behavior. People are now full of problems, worries, things they have to do, a lot of work. They do not have time and will face the reality with more joy, respect to other people. We have forgotten to face life as the way the children do. They always believe that everything can become true, just like things happen in tales. I totally believe we need to imitate children, to let them talk in our hearts, so as we will have the power to change things, but also the belief that the things CAN change.

  135. Jérémie Gauthier dice: Responder

    There’s no doubt children can «produce» powerful and creative ideas. «Creativity» also means «fresh blood» and that’s exactly what children embody. They are full of different and great ideas because unlike adults, their minds are still pure and blooming. Adults have been brain-washed by society and customs, so I think they no longer have the capacity to produce ideas far away from their own norms, and therefore to be creative.
    I’m thinking about how we could implement anything which would allow us to emphasize and use children’s ideas.
    For example, teachers could regularly give questionnaires to all pupils asking how they would want to study or learn. According to children’s answers, we could create for the next years different classes according to their different needs and learning styles. If a pupil only wants to learn by picturing things, he /she will join a class with others students like her/him. In each class, the academic program would be the same, but the teaching method would differ. Thanks to children’s imagination, we could even find out new pedagodigical methodologies. Not only would they be innovating, but also much more motivating for both teachers and pupils.

  136. I relate the child’s creativity with curiosity, wondering, positive discontent, the ability to take risks and ask questions, tolerance to anything what is new, enjoying the fun of games, also with wish to related all interactions, thinking pleasure. Creativity as a personality trait in the same time is the human emotional attitude and the aggregate of ability, to set that forms to the creative process and practice of the creative thoughts, ideas, imaginative characters, and the resulting of creative work. After all it can be concluded that the creative person is a researcher who is constantly searching and exploring, and in the process formed the creative new product that could be associated with cognitive ability and curiosity. With all this I want to say, that any new idea and creative way of thinking, is one of the main key to success. And it’s well known, that sometimes the best ideas come from child imagination and of they different way of thinking and the way how they see the world, because for child every day is like new explore, new journey, we just need to listen and catch and realize the best ideas from them.!

  137. Are children capable of producing good ideas and projects, which can potentially make the society better? My answer is straight, YES they can and they already do this, everyday – through playing, artistic expressions etc. – they’re creating small projects, aims and try to achieve them.The problem is that we don’t listen to them, we don’t ask them, we don’t give them opportunity to express, because we treat them as too small, too young and too childish for understanding and processing the issues of society. But I think that here exactly is the reason why they can and why we cannot. Kids have dreams, which the majority of adults have suppressed, moreover, they believe, believe that anything is possible. Like the article said, children are the treasure of energy, fresh ideas, innovations, creativity, motivation and inspiration. And we should take their ideas, we should take their perspective on life, we should take and learn as much as we can from them. But first we need to create environment where their opinions, their suggestions, their thoughts and ideas would be appreciated and supported. I think the key is in cooperation with children – they bring new and fresh perspectives and an adult can supplement those with his rationality and maturity. This can lead in great projects, based on cooperation, listening to each other, respect and some other values, which nowadays society needs to awake.

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